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Are libertarian Republicans misreading the political climate?

15.března » The Week
All it took was a noncommittal response to generate a little 2020 buzz. "I would never rule anything out," Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) told CNN's Jake Tapper earlier this month when asked if he would run for president as a libertarian. "That's not...

What animals can teach us about politics

12.března » The Guardian
Decades of studying primates has convinced me that animal politics are not so different from our own – and even in the wild, leadership is about much more than being a bully. By Frans de Waal In July 2017, when Sean Spicer, then the White House pr...

How Trump's emergency declaration will help progressive Democrats trample the Constitution

8.března » The Week
A lot of conservatives who can usually be counted on to invoke the Constitution can't stand Rand right now. That would be Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), who broke with President Trump on using national emergency powers to fund border wall construction. "...

A new anti-Trump publication is the last thing conservative media needs

1.března » The Week
What if we had a center-right publication, broadly in favor of globalized free trade and deregulation and hawkish on foreign policy, whose columnists really hated President Trump, even when he does things they otherwise agree with, like spit in Vl...

Morning mail: boat scare founders, Brexit delay, Dolly Parton's world

24.února » The Guardian
Monday: Coalition fails to turn border protection into electoral lead in latest poll. Plus: the UK could stay in the EU until 2021 Good morning, this is Helen Sullivan bringing you the main stories and must-reads on Monday 25 February. Continue re...

The battle to save Lapland: 'First, they took the religion. Now they want to build a railroad'

23.února » The Guardian
Will a railway across Europe’s last great wilderness create new jobs – or destroy the Sami people’s ancient way of life? The frozen white expanse of Lake Inari stretches off towards banks of dark birch and pine trees marking the distant shore line...

Gunman kills 5 people, wounds 5 police at Illinois business

16.února » Boston.com
Police identified the gunman as 45-year-old Gary Martin and said he was believed to be an employee at the Henry Pratt Co. — which makes valves for industrial purposes.

Winners Take All by Anand Giridharadas review – the elite cashing in on the status quo

14.února » The Guardian
The hubris and hypocrisy of the super-rich who believe they are helping the world makes for superb hate-reading Davos is no place for fighting. It is where chief executives fly to in private jets to discuss the dire consequences of climate change,...

A New Breed of Hunters Focuses on the Food

5.února » The New York Times
As the ranks of American hunters dwindle, millennials like the chef Wade Truong are taking up the tradition, seeking a direct connection to what they eat.

Thai forest rangers train to tackle wildlife crime

2.února » The Times of India
"Go!" team leader Kritkhajorn Tangon yells as the group tackles the actors, who had near them sambar deer antlers and a blade covered in fake blood. Thailand's conservationists are struggling to stamp out the multibillion-dollar black market in an...

How Democrats' tax obsession could backfire

30.ledna » The Week
When Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) announced her candidacy for president, she promised a laundry list of new federal programs — Medicare-for-all, universal pre-kindergarten education, debt-free college — plus the "largest working-class tax cut in ...

Show Us Your Wall: It’s No Secret That Espionage Is This Collector’s Passion

29.ledna » The New York Times
When governments are crumbling, H. Keith Melton is knocking on the doors of intelligence agencies with cash in hand to buy devices and memorabilia.
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