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Trump's for-profit company invents new grift to more directly suck in Trump campaign cash

24.July » Daily Kos
Everything Donald Trump does is a scam. Everything Donald Trump's family does is a scam. It is all just one big grift, from top to bottom, sucking in money from the gullible and the supplicants and "mostly" from Russia, if you believe his weird bu...

Jeffrey Epstein 'statue' installed in front of Albuquerque’s City Hall

3.July » FOXNews
A piece of guerrilla artwork meant to represent pedophile Jeffery Epstein showed up in front of Albuquerque’s old City Hall in the middle of the night.

Critic s Notebook: Tiger King and The Last Dance Were Quarantine Breakouts, But Are They Emmy-Worthy?

With a nation in lockdown, these two shows gave us communal TV moments as an escape. Next, they're likely to go head-to-head for the nonfiction/documentary series Emmy.

The Summer Without Rodeos

Around the country, but mostly in small towns in the West, hundreds of professional rodeos have been canceled.

For Ellison, Floyd case brings pressure -- and opportunity

12.June » ABCNews.com
Taking over as lead prosecutor in George Floyd's death is giving Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison a national platform to talk about race in America

Market making: Too many iOS exploits

19.May » Macworld
More reports of iOS security flaws are circulating so let us now turn to the staid analysis of the Forbes contributor network and unicycle refurbishing plant. Zak Doffman says “New Apple Security Blow: If You Have An iPhone, Look Away Now.” (Tip o...

The real value of the coronavirus protests

15.May » The Week
With the country in the grips of a debilitating global pandemic, is there a group that it is more fashionable to ridicule than the anti-lockdown protesters? These are the people who show up at state capitols, especially in blue states with strong ...

Fauci Hearing: Who Were Those Masked (and Unmasked) Senators?

The proceedings, billed as Dr. Anthony Fauci’s high noon, became a surreal pageant of dystopian government and politicized face wear.

Unearthed Ancient British chieftain and probable shaman reveal secrets about old burial rituals

23.April » The Independent
Exclusive: The key evidence for his high status is the unusually fine material buried with him for his journey to the next life, writes David Keys

Coronavirus could end Trump's presidency. Populism could save it.

23.April » The Week
President Trump's 2020 campaign has a lot going for it that it didn't four years ago. This time around, Trump has money. Despite being an incumbent battling for re-election in the midst of a global pandemic and an accompanying economic slowdown, h...
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