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Republican faces new Texas reality: He has to actually try to win reelection

18.August » CNN.com
Rep. Michael McCaul does not have to be here, at Carl's BBQ on the side of a highway, in a wood-paneled backroom, seated at a bare table in front of a stuffed, life-size buck whose antlers hold a sign saying, "NEVER moon a werewolf."

Why gun control might backfire on the Democrats

10.August » The Week
America's debate over guns has gotten so stale that a secondary argument over "thoughts and prayers" had to break out to keep it interesting. On one side, there are largely law-abiding firearms owners, frequently immersed to some extent in gun cul...

Production Designers on Veep, Russian Doll and More Spill Secrets on Creating Convention Stages and Quirky Homes

The Emmy-nominated pros behind 'Escape at Dannemora,' 'Fosse/Verdon' and 'The Umbrella Academy' also reveal how they strived for authenticity.

Would Trump overplay his hand against Warren or Harris?

30.July » The Week
President Trump has been on a real Twitter tear lately. He's picked fights with " the Squad " — the quartet of progressive first-term Democratic Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (N.Y.), Ilhan Omar (Minn.), Rashida Tlaib (Mich.), and Ayanna Pressley ...

Joe Biden is having an identity crisis

9.July » The Week
Who is former Vice President Joe Biden trying to be to Democratic primary voters? In the first debate, he was unapologetic in the face of criticisms of his civil rights record — and ineffective. He raised his hands along with his most progressive ...

What's next for Justin Amash?

4.July » The Week
Michigan Rep. Justin Amash was never exceptionally deferential to his party. For four years, his Twitter cover image has been the 2015 winner of an annual high school art competition in his district. It's an unsparing indictment of partisan bicker...

AP-NORC Poll: Trump not boosted by strong American economy

WASHINGTON (AP) — The solid economy is doing little to bolster support for President Donald Trump. Americans give Trump mixed reviews for his economic stewardship despite the growth achieved during this presidency, according to a new survey by The...

As Putin Pushes a Merger, Belarus Resists With Language, Culture and History

With President Vladimir Putin of Russia looking to accelerate moves toward a “union state,” Belarusians are promoting a stronger sense of their own national identity.

Is Biden too 'nice' for angry Democratic voters?

26.June » The Week
Former Vice President Joe Biden will enter the first Democratic presidential debates with 19 rivals taking aim at him — nine on the night he will be onstage, 10 the night he won't be there to defend himself. He is the clear-cut frontrunner and his...

How 'Democrats fall in love, Republicans fall in line' got flipped upside down

19.June » The Week
It might be time to retire one of the most enduring cliches in modern politics: When it comes to choosing their presidential nominees, Democrats fall in love while Republicans fall in line. Democrats in the last half century have frequently select...
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