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Market making: Too many iOS exploits

19.May » Macworld
More reports of iOS security flaws are circulating so let us now turn to the staid analysis of the Forbes contributor network and unicycle refurbishing plant. Zak Doffman says “New Apple Security Blow: If You Have An iPhone, Look Away Now.” (Tip o...

The real value of the coronavirus protests

15.May » The Week
With the country in the grips of a debilitating global pandemic, is there a group that it is more fashionable to ridicule than the anti-lockdown protesters? These are the people who show up at state capitols, especially in blue states with strong ...

Fauci Hearing: Who Were Those Masked (and Unmasked) Senators?

The proceedings, billed as Dr. Anthony Fauci’s high noon, became a surreal pageant of dystopian government and politicized face wear.

Unearthed Ancient British chieftain and probable shaman reveal secrets about old burial rituals

23.April » The Independent
Exclusive: The key evidence for his high status is the unusually fine material buried with him for his journey to the next life, writes David Keys

Coronavirus could end Trump's presidency. Populism could save it.

23.April » The Week
President Trump's 2020 campaign has a lot going for it that it didn't four years ago. This time around, Trump has money. Despite being an incumbent battling for re-election in the midst of a global pandemic and an accompanying economic slowdown, h...

Slideshow: 2020 World Press Photo contest winners

17.April » dpreview.com
2020 World Press Photo contest winners The World Press Photo Foundation recently announced the results of its 63rd annual World Press Photo Contest. World Press Photo of the Year, Story of the Year, plus winners across all 8 categories were includ...

World Press Photo Contest 2020 – the winning pictures

17.April » The Guardian
The World Press Photo Foundation has announced the results of the 63 rd annual Photo Contest . We take a look at a selection of this year’s celebrated images Continue reading...

The Alternate Aesthetic Realities of ‘Tiger King’

The exotic-animal keepers of Netflix’s hit true-crime series seem to be remaking themselves in the image of their animal compatriots.

The Alternate Aesthetic Realities of ‘Tiger King’

The exotic-animal keepers of Netflix’s hit true-crime series seem to be remaking themselves in the image of their animal compatriots.

What comes after social distancing? Scientists are proposing a massive test-and-trace effort requiring 'tens of thousands of pe

30.March » The Week
Scientists are certainly on board with social distancing as a method to put a dent in the novel coronavirus pandemic, but they also acknowledge other measures will eventually have to take over as restrictions ease, Vox reports . "The classic epide...

Macy's is furloughing the majority of its 130,000 employees

30.March » The Week
Macy's is furloughing the majority of its workforce amid the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, which it says has taken a "heavy toll" on business. The company announced it's taking this step on Monday, saying that it has lost "the majority of our sal...

There is now a very unexpected intersection between Tiger King and Britney Spears

30.March » The Week
The 2001 VMAs are best remembered for Britney Spears' jungle-themed performance of "I'm a Slave 4 U," during which she famously sang while holding a Burmese Python. But if you also binged Netflix's Tiger King this weekend, you'll recognize yet ano...
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