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Is the FBI overreaching in its investigation of Trump's Russia relations?

16.ledna » The Week
The language was jarring: The New York Times reported that the FBI had started an investigation into whether the sitting president of the United States was "working on behalf of Russia against American interests." This was followed by stories in o...

Supreme Court hears case involving Crow tribe hunting rights

9.ledna » Boston.com
The Supreme Court has heard arguments in the case of a Crow tribe member who was cited for hunting elk in Wyoming's Bighorn National Forest

The shameful insubordination of John Bolton

8.ledna » The Week
"Don't upstage the boss" is a powerful maxim in Washington, and usually it applies to President Trump's White House. But National Security Adviser John Bolton doesn't seem to have gotten the memo. "Bolton puts conditions on plan for withdrawal fro...

Lebanon Dispatch: Christmas in Lebanon: ‘Jesus Isn’t Only for the Christians’

25.prosince » The New York Times
Few seasons frame the everyday give-and-take of religious coexistence quite like Christmastime in Lebanon, where hijab-wearing women snap selfies in front of Beirut’s colossal Christmas tree.

The Pence holiday decorations are here and thankfully there are no blood trees

19.prosince » Mashable!
Karen Pence, the woman known for her unique towel charm business and for being married to the Vice President (in that order), gave the Associated Press an exclusive tour of the Pence residence all dolled up for the holidays. The theme for the VP's...

From a panto dame to a Crisis chef: meet the people who make Christmas

17.prosince » The Guardian
What would the festive season be without cracker jokes, toys, carols, reindeer and a Sugar Plum Fairy? We meet those who work year-round to make the Yuletide special Being a dame needs a certain kind of personality. You’ve got to have an inner cou...

What if Colin Powell had become president?

6.prosince » The Week
The funeral of former President George H.W. Bush returned to the spotlight many who served in his administration. Some, like former Vice President Dan Quayle, are very much artifacts of that time. Others, such as his defense secretary Dick Cheney,...

Why is Trump suddenly supporting criminal justice reform?

30.listopadu » The Week
In an unlikely turn of events, President Trump, in alliance with the ACLU , has thrown his weight behind a criminal justice reform bill that's wending its way through the Senate. The bipartisan First Step Act would focus on rehabilitating prisoner...

'Football makes miracles': Infantino still hopes Qatar will share 2022 World Cup

21.listopadu » The Guardian
Fifa president persists with 48-team plan for 2022 Expanded tournament would involve neighbouring countries The Fifa president, Gianni Infantino, is pressing ahead with the proposal to expand the 2022 World Cup from 32 teams to 48, which would mea...

Iran opens door to women at football but will anything really change?

21.listopadu » The Guardian
A small number of women watched an Iran friendly and a cup final but the head of the judiciary has said it is sinful for them to see ‘half-naked men’ play Normal service has resumed at Iranian football grounds and that spells bad news for the coun...

Sorry, liberals: The Senate 'popular vote' doesn't matter

14.listopadu » The Week
It's been over a week since the 2018 midterms, and the results are looking less like the split decision they first appeared to be, and more like a straightforward Democratic victory. Sure, it's not as big a victory as Republicans saw in 1994 or 20...
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