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Miroslav Antl Politik

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AP News Digest 3 a.m.

31.October » The Independent
Here are the AP’s latest coverage plans, top stories and promotable content. All times EDT. For up-to-the minute information on AP’s coverage, visit Coverage Plan at https://newsroom.ap.org.

All the new movies and TV shows streaming in October 2022

30.September » Boston.com
A full list of new streaming options on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, and Disney Plus in October 2022. The post All the new movies and TV shows streaming in October 2022 appeared first on Boston.com .

New York Trump lawsuit could spark fresh criminal inquiries

21.September » USATODAY.com
Donald Trump's legal jeopardy deepens as New York's attorney general refers findings to federal authorities.

Best stately home gardens to visit in the UK

20.September » Homes and Antiques
Stately homes around the UK are home to beautiful gardens worth a visit. Here are a few of our favourites for a walk or a picnic

Analysis: GOP is winning Hispanics after Biden fails to keep campaign promises

16.September » WorldNetDaily
WND is now on Trump's Truth Social! Follow us @WNDNews An analysis by W. James Antle III, the politics editor for the Washington Examiner, has concluded that Joe Biden campaigned in 2020 on "defending the working class and fixing the U.S. immigratio…

Book banning in America: Censoring literature in US dates back centuries, but this time is different: experts

16.September » FOXNews
Nearly 1,600 individual books were challenged or removed in libraries and schools in 2021, the highest number since the American Library Association started tracking bans 30 years ago.

Mary Peltola could make history as the first Alaska Native in Congress

1.September » CNN.com
Democrat Mary Peltola could make history as the first Alaska Native in Congress -- while thwarting the attempted political comeback of former Gov. Sarah Palin -- if she emerges as the winner of a special House election when state elections officials…

Fierce debate over voting access intensifies as midterms loom

23.August » USATODAY.com
The U.S. is witnessing a furious debate over election rules and voting rights unseen since the 1960s heading into the 2022 midterms.

Historic gardens to visit around the UK

20.August » Homes and Antiques
Visiting a garden, any garden, you’re bound to feel the presence of those who have created it, from the landowners of centuries ago or the gifted gardeners of today. Katherine Lambert has chosen 10 that are either rooted in history, have rewritten h…

Review: Jared Kushner’s ‘Breaking History’ Is a Soulless and Very Selective Memoir

17.August » The New York Times
In this lengthy book, Kushner recounts the time he spent in the White House during his father-in-law’s term.

The Republican National Convention Is Likely Headed to Milwaukee in 2024

The decision is not final and the Republican National Committee must approve the choice during its summer meeting early next month.

What July's Full Moon in Capricorn Means for You and Your Sign

11.July » DailyFinance.com
Astrologically speaking, July's stars may bring a confidence boost — and July's full moon may bring a reckoning. July 13’s full moon in Capricorn occurs at 2:37 p.m. ET. This lunation is the year’s third of four supermoons in a row — and July’s will…
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