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Expert reports on Babiš-related project warned of risks

13.února » Prague Monitor
ČTK Expert opinions that the Central Bohemia office in charge of subsidies ordered on the Capi hnizdo conference centre, implicating Czech PM Andrej Babis (ANO), in 2008 warned of the risks of the project, the radio server reported on ...

EC asked for Čapí hnízdo's removal from EU programme

27.prosince » Prague Monitor
ČTK The EC has asked the Czech Republic to remove the costs of the Čapí hnízdo (Stork Nest) project from the EU-subsidised Regional Operational Programme for cohesion in Central Bohemia (ROP SC), the Finance Ministry said on Friday, adding that it...

Court: Ministry, parliament must react to election flaws

20.listopadu » Prague Monitor
ČTK The Czech Interior Ministry and parliament must react to the flaws in the October general election that the Supreme Administrative Court (NSS) found while checking the election result in Central Bohemia, NSS judge Tomas Langasek said when pres...

Court to re-count preferential votes for ODS in Central Bohemia

10.listopadu » Prague Monitor
ČTK The Supreme Administrative Court (NSS) will check the preferential votes Civic Democrats (ODS) received in the general election in Central Bohemia over doubts emerging about their way of counting, as a result of which the names of the ODS depu...

Babiš says police request for his release is political struggle

11.srpna » Prague Monitor
ČTK Government ANO movement head Andrej Babiš wrote to ČTK today that the police request for the Chamber of Deputies to release him for prosecution is a political struggle, a long planned thing aimed at preventing him form running in the October 2...

Central Bohemia to cooperate with China, other Asian countries

4.ledna » Prague Monitor
ČTK The new leadership of the Central Bohemia Region, which emerged from the last October elections, is open to cooperation with China and also other Asian countries, including Japan and South Korea. read more

Lobbyist Rittig losing solar business dispute

26.října » Prague Monitor
ČTK Czech lobbyist Ivo Rittig cannot claim an apology or financial compensation for the statement that he is behind the trading in solar power plants, the Prague High Court ruled yesterday. read more

Czech press survey - March 24

24.března » České
Prague - Finance Minister Andrej Babis was supposed to explain a dubious subsidy drawn by his Stork Nest firm in his live-broadcast speech on Wednesday, but in fact he mainly addressed his voters by...

Babiš says Čapí hnízdo was owned by adult children

24.března » Prague Monitor
ČTK The Čapí hnízdo Farma conference centre near Prague was owned by Finance Minister Andrej Babiš's two adult children and his partner's brother when it gained an EU subsidy, Babiš told an extraordinary session of the lower house on Wednesday. re...
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