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TSMC to renegotiate prices with wafer suppliers

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) has disclosed its intention of renegotiating prices with its silicon wafer suppliers aiming to cut the foundry's manufacturing costs.

Taiwan Mobile cooperates with Asus Cloud for cloud storage business, says paper

Taiwan Mobile has announced to partner with Asus Cloud, a cloud computing service affiliate of Asustek Computer, to offer storage cloud services to Taiwan's small- to medium-size enterprises in areas including multimedia, education, manufacturing and trading, according to a Chinese-language Economic Daily News report.

Wistron pushing into autonomous driving development, says paper

Wistron and its partners from an autonomous driving development team including several IT and bus companies in Taiwan and National Taiwan University (NTU), have unveiled their latest progress on the development of a car cloud computing service platform that integrates infotainment system, AIoT (AI+IoT), communication and big data analysis, according to a Chinese-language Economic Daily News report.

Value of semiconductor M&A falls considerably

The historic flood of merger and acquisition agreements that swept through the semiconductor industry in 2015 and 2016 slowed significantly in 2017 and then eased back further in 2018, but the total value of M&A deals reached in the last year was still nearly more than twice the annual average during the first half of this decade, according to IC Insights.

Innovative mobility services highlighted at 2019 Automotive World

A spate of newest auto industry development trends on autonomous driving, Internet of Vehicles (IoV), and electric vehicles, as well as automotive electronics including sensors, discrete power devices and micro LED have riveted great attention from visitors to 2019 Automotive World and Internepcon Japan running together January 16-18 at Tokyo Big Sight.

MediaTek expanding ASIC business

Mobile SoC specialist MediaTek is pursuing new business growth from non-handset markets, and has been enhancing its custom ASIC offering and customer portfolio in the sector, according to sources familiar with the matter.

K-Best promoting new LoRa technology

K-Best Technology, a subsidiary of Acer, is gearing up efforts to develop new IoT devices and applications based on its newly developed new LoRa technology, dubbed Super Taiwan Radio (Super TaiRa), that is able to address the current LoRa equivalents' major shortcoming of being easily to be interfered, according to Acer founder Stan Shih.

Taiwan IC vendors may see profits fall on foundry supply loosening

As TSMC will surely take time digesting its iPhone AP inventory amid lingering lackluster sales of Apple's smartphones, most Taiwan IC designers are worried their gross margins in 2019 will be undermined significantly as price competitions are expected to heat up among peers amid loosened foundry capacity supply, according to industry sources.

Demand for 7nm fabrication to surge when 5G chips become available

More mobile SoC suppliers are expected to start sampling their 5G-capable solutions at the end of 2019, which will spur further demand for 7nm fabrication processes at foundries, according to Digitimes Research.

IC backend service houses may see shipment pickup in mid-2019

Taiwan backend service providers are taking a wait-and-see attitude toward their business prospects for 2019 amid a spate of undesirable factors including the volatile US-China tariff war, and they expect shipment momentum to gradually pick up in mid-2019, according to industry sources.

Taiwan PV FIT scheme has room for improvement room, says Motech president

Taiwan began to adopt a feed-in tariff (FIT) scheme to boost PV power development about two years ago, much later than many other countries, and therefore the scheme has considerable room for improvement, according to Fred Yeh, presidient for solar cell and PV module maker Motech Industries.

Taiwan makers keen to develop auto-use MOSFET, industry IGBT

As international IDMs still dominate the market for IGBT, the core power component for new energy vehicles and hybrid vehicles, Taiwan makers of discrete power devices are keen to enhance their deployments in other automotive semiconductor devices including rectifier diode and MOSFETs or in developing industry-use or consumer IGBT modules, according to industry sources.

Large-size 8K, OLED, gaming displays gaining momentum, says Digitimes Research

Large-size 8K TV, OLED and gaming display applications were the main focus of CES 2019, with a number of 8K TVs showcased by TV vendors likely to be commercialized in 2019, Digitimes Research has found.

Acer founder expects elderly consumers to be opportunity for Taiwan IT industry

Acer founder Stan Shih has pointed out that Taiwan's IT sectors should work together to pursue the business opportunity from the elderly consumer group and can leverage the success of Taiwan's national health insurance program to create new values.

Mega Sunergy buys old PV module equipment from fellow makers

Mega Sunergy has acquired old PV module manufacturing equipment from fellow makers including Tainergy Tech and TSEC, and is reportedly in talks with United Renewable Energy for similar deals, according to industry sources.
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