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Election billboards in the Czech Republic: "Even rat poison is not enough for this vermin!"

9.září » Britské listy
Photo: "Even rat poison is not enough for this vermin!" - an election billboard by the Most local authority, produced by a Czech Social DemocratNo holds barred: The election campaign for the Czech local authority elections uses open racismAlthough...

Putin-Trump Meeting May Lead to Anti-Russia Sanctions Abolition - Czech Lawmaker

16.července » SPUTNIK
PRAGUE (Sputnik) - The US-Russia summit in Helsinki cleared the political atmosphere and might even lead to the abolition of anti-Russia sanctions in the foreseeable future, which is important not only for states but also for ordinary citizens, la...

ČSSD leader: ANO to bear risks with justice minister

10.července » Prague Monitor
ČTK The Czech Republic needs a government with confidence and all the risks associated with the nomination of the new justice minister are borne by Prime Minister Andrej Babis's ANO, Interior Minister Jan Hamacek (Social Democrats, CSSD), told jou...

HN: Czech pledges to NATO at stake in gov't talks

16.května » Prague Monitor
ČTK The Communist Party has threatened not to tolerate the nascent minority government of ANO and the Social Democrats if more Czech soldiers are deployed in NATO foreign missions, Petr Honzejk wrote in Hospodářské noviny, adding that the country ...

ČSSD leader wants deputy to apologise for Night Wolves

10.května » Prague Monitor
ČTK Social Democrat (CSSD) deputy chairman Jaroslav Foldyna should apologise for his behaviour during the presence of the Russian nationalist Night Wolves motorcycle club in Prague, CSSD leader Jan Hamacek told journalists on Wednesday. read more

Russian Night Wolves honour war dead in Prague, face critics

9.května » Prague Monitor
ČTK Bikers from the Russian nationalist Russian Night Wolves motorcycle club arrived in Prague's Olsanske hrbitovy cemetery on Monday, paid respect to the Red Army war dead and met over 150 supporters and dozens of opponents, while both groups had...

Anti-environmental prize goes to Social Democrat deputy

30.dubna » Prague Monitor
ČTK The Czech 2017 Oil Guzzler mock prize for environment-unfriendly act went to Social Democrat deputy Jaroslav Foldyna for his draft amendment to the environment law that is to reduce the involvement of NGOs in the relevant process, organiser Mi...

ČSSD wants gov't members to resign at once if convicted

23.dubna » Prague Monitor
ČTK The Social Democrats (CSSD) will demand that a coalition agreement with ANO says any government member will resign if convicted, even if the verdict can be appealed, in view of the criminal prosecution of PM and ANO head Andrej Babis, CSSD dep...

HN: ČSSD abandoning its pro-EU image, switching to populism

17.dubna » Prague Monitor
ČTK The Social Democracy (CSSD) is switching from a democratic and pro-European image to nationalist-tinged populism in order to regain its former voters who now prefer the Communists (KSCM) or the populist ANO and SPD movements, Jan Stetka wrote ...

ČSSD group calls for five seats, tax changes in gov't

26.března » Prague Monitor
ČTK The Czech Social Democrats (CSSD) should push through tax changes during the talks with the ANO movement on a new government, in which the CSSD should have five ministers, the "Save the CSSD" group said in a press release after its meeting on ...

ČSSD members attend funeral of Zeman's former aide

26.února » Prague Monitor
ČTK Some long-term Czech Social Democrats (CSSD), including former top officials, along with the family members and friends attended the funeral of Czech political lobbyist Miroslav Slouf, former close aide to President Milos Zeman, in a Prague-St...

Hamáček has most nominations for ČSSD head of all bidders

5.února » Prague Monitor
ČTK Jan Hamacek, Czech Social Democrat (CSSD) deputy head, has been nominated for CSSD chairman by five of the CSSD's 14 regional branches, which is the highest number among all candidates for the post to be contested at the CSSD congress on Febru...
Slobodan Miloševič - 3. prezident Svazové republiky Jugoslávie
David Šeich - Politik za ODS
Václav Zemek - politik za ČSSD
Jana Drastichová - politik za VV
Marie Nedvědová - politik za KSČM
Josef Novotný st. - politik za VV
Jan Babor - poslanec za ČSSD
Jaroslav Krákora - poslanec za ČSSD
Jan Kubata - politik za ODS
Patricie Kotalíková - politik za TOP09
Gabriela Hubáčková - politik za KSČM
Josef Šenfeld - Politik za KSČM
Ivana Weberová - politik za ODS
Karel Šidlo - Politik za KSČM
Hana Orgoníková - politik za ČSSD
Jiřina Rippelová - politik - CSSD
Václav Klučka - poslanec za ČSSD
Alfréd Michalík - politik za ČSSD
Radovan Karadžič - Bosenskosrbský politik
Rudolf Chlad - politik za TOP09
Jaroslav Sykáček - politik
Vladimír Dryml - Politik za ČSSD

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