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The Right Chemistry: Teflon and your health

Chemicals released during manufacture may be a concern, but pans don't release any significant amount of polyfluorinated compounds into food.

The Right Chemistry: Turning the tables on the table turners

The spirits of the dead appeared to be communicating at seances. Scientist James Faraday was skeptical, and found an explanation.

The Right Chemistry: Cracking the cause and effect conundrum

Studies have shown a link between consuming processed foods and weight gain. Here's one study that goes further.

Google chief sees continuous learning as key to overcoming ‘disruption anxiety’

To maximize their odds of success, existing and future workers need “a mindset of continuous learning coupled with the right skills."

Watch: Trudeau at technology conference in Toronto

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told spoke to hundreds of attendees at a conference in Toronto on Monday.

Watch: Innovation minister introduces digital charter

Federal Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains unveiled a wide review of privacy laws Tuesday in what he said was an effort to build trust in a digital world.

Watch: Snapchat gender filter stirs emotions for some trans people

Snapchat’s new photo filter that allows users to change into a man or woman with the tap of a finger is not necessarily fun and games for transgender people.
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