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The Right Chemistry: The mysterious case of cyanide death and almonds

Agatha Christie trained as a pharmacist and generally got the chemistry of poisons right. But what about this time?

Brownstein: Wikipedia to get respect at Concordia University

The Montreal university's library has put up a job posting for a Wikipedian in Residence, but don't think it simply involves creating or editing entries.

The Right Chemistry: Multiple sclerosis cure remains elusive

A Paleo Diet including lots of berries is the latest suggestion, but evidence this is an effective way to cure a complex disease is lacking.

Ubisoft had to act quickly when For Honor players started jumping ship

The video-game giant's groundbreaking strategy was to listen to gamers and make the changes they wanted — and it worked.

Opinion: Municipalities should make cyber safety a new year’s resolution

As citizens, we surrender a treasure trove of personal data to various government bodies. It should be properly defended.

The Right Chemistry: The many uses of butyric acid

Versatile chemical can be wielded as a stink bomb or included in chocolate, and might be helpful against irritable bowel syndrome.

The Right Chemistry: Understanding of gout has evolved

Hippocrates was wrong about phlegm dropping into a joint, but he wasn’t wrong about something dropping in. It's uric acid.
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