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The Right Chemistry: Does timing of meals matter?

You would think that by now, we would have figured out how calories should be distributed throughout the day. Not so.

Watch: Scientists ready to explore depths of Indian Ocean

The science vessel of British-based Nekton Mission has arrived in the Seychelles where it will begin the first stage of a years-long mission to explore the depths of the Indian Ocean and document the effects of global warming.

The Right Chemistry: Hypothermia can sometimes save lives

As the body temperature decreases, so does the rate at which chemical reactions occur. Physicians can use this to a patient's advantage.

Game Spaceteam ESL helps decrease anxiety about learning English

Two Concordia researchers had a hand in developing a new free mobile game for language classrooms that facilitates practice and peer feedback.

Zacharkiw: The hot and cold of climate change and wine cultivation

While the coolest growing regions have benefitted from warmer temperatures, climate change is taxing most wine-growing operations.

The Right Chemistry: Keto diet can help with epilepsy, Type 2 diabetes

When it comes to claims about treating cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, ALS and Parkinson’s disease, evidence is lacking.
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