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The Right Chemistry: Causation, correlation, COVID and copper

While associations cannot prove a cause-and-effect relationship, they can serve as a springboard for further investigation.

The Right Chemistry: Avoiding chronic inflammation

The diet connection has received much attention because it is a readily modifiable lifestyle factor.

The Right Chemistry: Nothing humorous about this Uncle Fester

Clandestine chemist Steve Preisler has written about synthesizing methamphetamine, LSD, nitroglycerin, phosgene and the nerve gas sarin.

The Right Chemistry: Moderate wine consumption and your health

While there are conflicting studies about whether moderate wine consumption is good for your coronary health, it's a carcinogen.

IBM spinoff Kyndryl looking to hire 350 for new cloud innovation hub

Kyndryl plans to hire about 350 people in Montreal over the next five years to staff its new cloud innovation centre.

The Right Chemistry: Increased demand for palm oil has downsides

While there was good reason to move away from trans fats, the expansion of palm tree plantations has come at an environmental cost.

The Right Chemistry: 'Ditch your meds'? Don't listen to 'The People's Chemist'

Farcical statements by Shane Ellison, who markets a bevy of “chemical-free” supplements, are surprising, given his his chemistry background.

Nawaz: The problem with space debris is reaching mission critical

Unless we start cleaning up our mess, space junk will pose an increasing threat to satellites and eventually make low Earth orbit unusable.

The Right Chemistry: An increasing interest in probiotics

Early proponents of yogurt and Mutaflor were on the right track. Since the 1990s, research into probiotics has exploded.

The Right Chemistry: Reflecting on mirror-image molecules

Some items, like pairs of gloves or shoes, actually exist as non-superimposable mirror images. So do some molecules.

The Right Chemistry: How frozen foods became a supermarket staple

Freezing is an excellent method of preserving foods, requiring no added preservatives and generally providing better taste than canned food.

Montreal will get new 263 area code next year

No existing numbers will change, but the 514 and 438 codes are expected to run out of phone number blocks to assign in 2024.
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