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The Right Chemistry: Four decades of demystifying science

Chemistry demos at Man and His World led to a show on CJAD and columns in the Gazette, and the questions from the public keep coming.

The Right Chemistry: The chemicals in Lego

It is increasingly important to prevent Lego parts from ending up in the environment because every second more and more are being produced.

The Right Chemistry: Seems like a good time to brush up on hair dyes

When the pandemic closed salons, some critics of the cosmetics industry welcomed a decline in exposure to the chemical PPD.

Montreal's wastewater could track the next COVID-19 wave

Scientists are about to test local sewage samples they say could potentially detect community spread even before people are symptomatic.

The Right Chemistry: Copper has antimicrobial properties, but beware hype

Those who tout devices to zap bacteria or viruses with copper appear to be blowing a kernel of legitimate science out of proportion.

The Right Chemistry: Toilet paper and its predecessors

Over the years, since ancient times, people have come up with a variety of ways to wipe their bottoms.

The Right Chemistry: Plexiglass is in tune with the times

Poly(methyl methacrylate) is becoming ubiquitous as a measure to stop the spread of coronavirus, rekindling memories of a Styx song.

The Right Chemistry: Today, I don't feel like writing about science

I am no expert on racism, but as the son of a Holocaust survivor, I am very sensitive to prejudice, intolerance and xenophobia of any kind.
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