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Online hate a regular occurrence for women, visible minorities in media

"Social media are an incredible asset for people who do not have a voice in traditional media, and also a dangerous weapon," Nicolas said.

The Right Chemistry: Use of Gorilla Glue on hair a big mistake

As I am fond of saying, there are no good or bad chemicals, just proper and improper ways to use them.

Brownstein: Apple I original could be worth a fortune for Montrealer

“It wasn’t only a technological breakthrough in that era, but it has also become great art. To me, it’s like the Mona Lisa."

The Right Chemistry: Why books smell the way they do

Anyone who has meandered through a used bookstore, or has opened a freshly printed book, will attest to books having a characteristic smell.

The Right Chemistry: The search for aphrodisiacs

On Valentine’s Day thoughts turn to love and its frequent spinoff, sex. That’s when aphrodisiacs enter the discussion.

The Right Chemistry: When American roots saved the French wine industry

Aphids were causing considerable damage and various attempts to solve the problem were unsuccessful, until two winemakers had an idea.

The Right Chemistry: 'Chlorinated chicken' is no reason to squawk

British consumers are concerned about the prospect of chicken imports from the United States, now that Britain has left the EU.

The Right Chemistry: Cheers to the man who discovered 'wine disease'

Eberhard Gockel, an obscure German physician, deserves credit for his discovery based on observations at monasteries under his care.

The Right Chemistry: Claims about placenta extracts

Unfortunately, there is no evidence for placenta extracts having a cosmetic benefit. Still, there are many believers.

The Right Chemistry: Understanding virus mutations

A variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that first surfaced in Britain has raised concerns, but not all virus mutations are of consequence.

The Right Chemistry: Science fiction, science fact

The plot of the The Andromeda Strain draws from the physician author's understanding of the chemistry of blood, a very complex fluid.

The Right Chemistry: A new demand for dry ice

The substance is dry, but isn't actually ice. And its use in shipping the COVID-19 vaccine has put a strain on production.

The Right Chemistry: An apple a day?

If Johnny Appleseed were to glance down from his heavenly orchard, he might be surprised by the concerns being raised about eating apples.
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