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The Right Chemistry: How Jean Harlow became a 'platinum blond'

The sex bomb’s famous platinum shade was achieved with a mix of hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite bleach, ammonia and Lux flakes.

The Right Chemistry: Lice, typhus and Napoleon

Although it was clear that crowded, unhygienic conditions gave rise to the disease, the actual cause was unknown until 1909.

The Right Chemistry: How one notable drug was withdrawn, sort of

It is rare that a drug is removed from the market, especially after it has been widely sold for almost 40 years. The story of ranitidine.

The Right Chemistry: The development of vaccination

Edward Jenner met with opposition, but eventually the smallpox vaccine proved its mettle by eradicating the disease from the world.

The Right Chemistry: What, exactly, poisoned Russia's Alexei Navalny

Blood tests confirmed the presence of a nerve agent in the system of the opposition politician and anti-corruption activist.

The Right Chemistry: 'Natural' versus 'synthetic' chemicals

I had an inquiry from an individual who was perturbed that the caffeine in his energy drink originated in a lab, not in a coffee bean.

The Right Chemistry: Maybe it's time to smell the roses

While roses may have no practical medicinal effects, their visual splendour and striking fragrance are widely appreciated.

The Right Chemistry: The story of vodka

Vodka is 40 per cent alcohol by volume. That's not high enough to inactivate viruses. It should be poured into a glass, not onto your hands.

New STM mobile website will indicate bus occupancy levels

The app will let riders know whether the number of people on the next bus will allow for physical distancing.

The Right Chemistry: Can hyperbaric treatments help against COVID-19?

A more modern version of a treatment used against influenza in 1918 may have potential today to help COVID-19 patients.

The Right Chemistry: How our jobs can make us sick

Hazards of sedentary work were among the risks flagged by 17th-century physician Bernardo Ramazzini, the father of occupational medicine.

The Right Chemistry: Four decades of demystifying science

Chemistry demos at Man and His World led to a show on CJAD and columns in the Gazette, and the questions from the public keep coming.

The Right Chemistry: The chemicals in Lego

It is increasingly important to prevent Lego parts from ending up in the environment because every second more and more are being produced.

The Right Chemistry: Seems like a good time to brush up on hair dyes

When the pandemic closed salons, some critics of the cosmetics industry welcomed a decline in exposure to the chemical PPD.
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