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ODS expels Klaus Jr. from party

18.března » Prague Monitor
Prague Daily Monitor The Civic Democrats announced on Saturday that they had expelled controversial politician Václav Klaus Jr. from the party. Citing his recent behaviour, the party said that Klaus Jr had embarrassed the party, and over a long pe...

Israel-Gaza violence and the struggle for Middle East peace | Letters

14.března » The Guardian
Former Israel attorney general Michael Ben-Yair , Former Knesset Speaker Avraham Burg and six other Israelis on the UN inquiry into Gaza protests, Blake Alcott on Palestinians’ calls for a one-state solution, and Alec Nacamuli on why the Gaza cros...

ODS calls for Klaus Jr. to leave parliamentary group

14.března » Prague Monitor
Prague Daily Monitor Právo reports that the Civic Democrats called for MP Vaclav Klaus Jr. to leave the party's parliamentary caucus, after remarks he made on Tuesday, when he compared the Chamber of Deputies to the Centre for Jewish Emigration of...

Pirates and ODS lose voter support in poll

11.února » Prague Monitor
Prague Daily Monitor The latest Kantar CZ political opinion poll for Czech Television, for the month of January, shows that support for the Pirates and the ODS has declined, since November. ANO continues to lead the pack, with 32.5% of the vote, b...

Constitutional leaders meet to discuss foreign affairs

31.ledna » Prague Monitor
Prague Daily Monitor Prime Minister Andrej Babis (ANO), President Milos Zeman, Senate Chair Jaroslav Kubera (ODS) and Radek Vondracek (ANO), the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, met at Prague Castle, on Wednesday to discuss Czech foreign policy...

Prague 9 Senator Baudyšová resigns

30.ledna » Prague Monitor
Prague Daily Monitor Zuzana Baudyšová, who represents Prague 9 in the Senate, announced in a letter to Jaroslav Kubera (ODS), the Chair of the Senate, on Monday, that she was resigning her post. Baudyšová claimed that she was resigning for health ...

Oklahoma Government Data Leak Exposes FBI Investigation Records, Millions of Department Files

17.ledna » Slashdot
An anonymous reader quotes a report from ZDNet: Researchers have disclosed the existence of a server exposed to the public which not only contained terabytes of confidential government data but information relating to FBI investigations. According...

Barcode Scanner

16.ledna » The Code Project
This Windows application lets you scan image in a given folder and generate CSV file to show barcodes for each image file.

ANO would win general elections with 33.5% of the vote

21.prosince » Prague Monitor
Prague Daily Monitor The latest opinion polls by the Public Opinion Research Centre (CVVM) of the Academy of Sciences, for the month of December, show ANO as the winner, should elections be held now. 33.5% of respondents suggested they would vote ...

Zahradil to lead ODS for European Parliamentary elections

11.prosince » Prague Monitor
Prague Daily Monitor Novinky.cz reports that MEP Jan Zahradil will lead the Civic Democrats at the European Parliamentary elections scheduled for May 2019. This is the fourth time that Zahradil will do so. Zahradil will also lead the European Cons...
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Miloš Zeman - Prezident ČR
Zbyněk Stanjura - Politik za ODS
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Ladislav Jakl - Politický odbor prezidenta republiky
Jiří Pospíšil - Český politik
Jaroslav Faltýnek - Politik - ANO 2011
Petr Nečas - Premiér ČR
Miroslav Kalousek - Politik za TOP 09
Tomio Okamura - Český podnikatel a politik
Pavel Šafr - Novinář
Petr Rafaj - Český politik
Jan Zahradil - Český politik
Aleš Gerloch - Český právník a profesor
Lubomír Volný - Český učitel a politik

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