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Czech election offers Europe an anti-populist boost

14.October » AL JAZEERA
The recent vote surprised many who expected Babis to easily win, and there are other hints populism is waning.

Czech president in hospital after shock election defeat for PM

10.October » The Guardian
Fears of a political crisis as Miloš Zeman, an ally of Andrej Babiš, is admitted to intensive care unit The Czech Republic is facing political upheaval and a possible power vacuum after its billionaire prime minister, Andrej Babiš, suffered a surp...

Will Babiš be back in the post of the Czech Prime Minister?

10.October » Britské listy
The Czech political drama does not end with the parliamentary elections - because we have tolerated since 2013 that the Czech Republic has been gradually ceasing to be a parliamentary republic.After a great drama, the two opposition coalitions hav...

Scientists find landmark treaty spares a stunning 443 million Americans from skin cancer

9.October » Mashable!
The unexpected discovery of a gaping hole in Earth's ozone layer alarmed scientists in the 1980s, because this ozone protects our bodies from harmful solar radiation. During the 20th century, humanity had unwittingly emitted huge amounts of ozone-...

Microsoft Office 2021 Includes Better Support for LibreOffice Files

3.October » OMG! Ubuntu!
We’re used to hearing that the latest versions of out favourite open-source office suites come with better support for Microsoft Office files, but the other way around? That’s a little less common, but it’s happening. Microsoft Office 2021 is due ...

President Zeman is still in hospital

21.September » Prague Monitor
Tuesday marked the President’s 8th day in the Central Military Hospital in Prague, and it is more than likely he will stay at least a day longer. Zeman’s wife and Chancellor Vratislav Mynář visited Zeman again on Tuesday. Vladimír Kruliš, the head...

India has phased out production, consumption of ozone depleting substances: MoS Choubey

16.September » The Times of India
Environment News: NEW DELHI: India has successfully phased out the production and consumption of several major ozone depleting substances, Union minister of state for e.

Spolu coalition in the lead

6.September » Prague Monitor
Kantar CZ and Data Collect are two research agencies that create statistics for businessman and political matters based on the gathered data. They have also provided several estimations regarding the upcoming elections that are nearing. In less th...

Opposing leaders criticize the fiscal deficit proposal

1.September » Prague Monitor
The government has lately been receiving a handful of negative comments from the opposing politicians regarding the government’s budget balance. The reasons behind such reactions are apparently not only their inability to manage the pandemic situa...

OnlyOffice Desktop Editors review: All your Microsoft Office editing needs in one app

12.August » PCWorld
OnlyOffice is a business-class productivity platform designed for internal team collaboration. While most of its products are targeted at small and enterprise businesses, it also offers a Microsoft Office alternative for home use. It’s unique in t...

Starus Office Recovery 3.8

26.July » Komputer Świat
Starus Office Recovery to program do odzyskiwania dokumentów z pakietu biurowego Microsofta, niezależnie od powodu ich usunięcia lub zniknięcia. Starus Office Recovery obsługuje dokumenty utworzone przez aplikacje Microsoft Office i OpenOffice, a ...

Future Railway station in Brno

21.July » Prague Monitor
A new railway station in Brno has already been one of the city’s priorities for a long time. Now, the architectural plans for the building have been selected and their visualisations were shared. The company selected for the job is Benthem Crouwel...
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