Martin Roman Manažer a businessman

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'OK, boomer' has made it to the Supreme Court

16.January » Mashable!
Boomers hate being called boomers , even though that is what they are. But is saying "OK, boomer" tantamount to discrimination? The U.S. Supreme Court was forced to tackle this question on Wednesday, when Chief Justice John Roberts Jr raised the m...

Benedikt Böhm. Extreme ski mountaineer and Dynafit CEO

3.January » Běhej srdcem
Benedikt „Bene“ Böhm (born 15 August 1977 in Munich) is a German extreme ski mountaineer and extreme skier. Together with Sebastian Haag he keeps the records in speed ski mountaineering at the Muztagata (7.546m) and Gasherbrum II (8.035m) and solo...

Ravens coordinators Roman, Martindale fielding job offers

31.December » The Seattle Times
OWINGS MILLS, Md. (AP) — Sure enough, the Baltimore Ravens’ success in the regular season has created an interest in coordinators Greg Roman and Don Martindale as candidates to fill NFL head coaching vacancies. Roman, the architect of Baltimore’s ...

Ode to Joy Filmmaker on Long Journey from Studio Rejection to Indie Release

After Sony dumped the project, 'Modern Family' producer Jason Winer spent years making the Martin Freeman romantic comedy a reality: "When you're not making money offers, you're not at the top of anybody's pile."
Pavel Cyrani - Ředitel divize strategie společnosti ČEZ

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