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TOP 09 Pravicová politická strana

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‘We just need to come through’: Seahawks offense looking for answers for current slump

30.November » The Seattle Times
Seattle had possession for just 18:20, continuing a streak of having lost the TOP battle in all 11 games this season. Seattle has an average TOP of 24:09.

Czech President Appoints Petr Fiala as Country's New Prime Minister

28.November » SPUTNIK
A new coalition of five parties recently reached an agreement about the composition of a new government. The appointment of the new head of the government is taking place while maintaining social distancing after the country's president, Milos Zeman…

SPOLU leader Fiala disregards Klaus’ comments

31.October » Prague Monitor
Václav Klaus was the leader of the ODS, one of the current members of the SPOLU coalition, for 11 years. Furthermore, he was the second President of the Czech Republic, between 2003 and 2013. As such, his comments used to be held in high regard, esp…

Czech president in hospital after shock election defeat for PM

10.October » The Guardian
Fears of a political crisis as Miloš Zeman, an ally of Andrej Babiš, is admitted to intensive care unit The Czech Republic is facing political upheaval and a possible power vacuum after its billionaire prime minister, Andrej Babiš, suffered a surpri…

Spolu coalition in the lead

6.September » Prague Monitor
Kantar CZ and Data Collect are two research agencies that create statistics for businessman and political matters based on the gathered data. They have also provided several estimations regarding the upcoming elections that are nearing. In less than…


20.August » valka.cz
Autor: viphotwee2 Datum: 20.08.2021 09:19:41 top seo companies became a searcher,wanting to discover who i was and what made me precise. my view of myself turned into changing. i desired a stable base to start from. i commenced to resist3 stress to …

Opposition Parties Propose Combined Ministry of Culture and Tourism

17.August » Prague Monitor
The post Opposition Parties Propose Combined Ministry of Culture and Tourism appeared first on Prague Monitor / Czech News in English .

‘None of the evidence was enough’: Czech women fight to criminalise non-consensual sex

3.June » The Guardian
In the Czech Republic, the legal definition of rape requires the threat of violence – campaigners argue that it is failing victims “I felt so lost when I heard the court verdict; as if the fact that he raped me was somehow not enough,” said Jana Nov…

Dominik Feri Resigns From TOP 09 After Sexual Harassment Accusations

2.June » Prague Monitor
The post Dominik Feri Resigns From TOP 09 After Sexual Harassment Accusations appeared first on Prague Monitor / Czech News in English .
ODS - Politická strana
Miloš Vystrčil - politik - ODS
Andrej Babiš - Český podnikatel a politik, předseda hnutí ANO
ČSSD - Přední levicová politická strana
KSČM - Levicová politická strana
Marian Jurečka - Politik za KDU-ČSL
Bohuslav Svoboda - Primátor hlavního města Prahy
Zdeněk Hřib - Český politik a manažer
Populismus - Snaha zviditelnit se bez ideologického programu
Miloš Zeman - Prezident ČR
Vít Rakušan - Český politik a středoškolský učitel
Pavel Fischer - Odborník v oblasti domácí a zahraniční politiky
Tomio Okamura - Český podnikatel a politik
Petr Pavel - Generál Armády České republiky
Pavel Svoboda - politik za ODS
Tomáš Töpfer - Herec, politik
Jiří Oberfalzer - politik - ODS

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