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33 'unsustainably loss-making' Dixons Travel outlets set to be shuttered affecting 400 staff

Electronics retailer 'confident' workers can be offered opportunities elsewhere in the business Dixons Carphone is to permanently ground its airport stores that employ 398 staff, amid mounting losses and following the British government's discontinuation of airside tax-free shopping at the start of 2021.…

UK Home Office tenders £5m for a supplier to help it greenlight IT projects. Yes, you read that correctly

Procurement raises questions over supplier creating its own sales pipeline within govt The UK's Home Office is tendering to recruit a supplier to help manage the selection of its IT projects, leading to concerns over conflict of interest.…

Microsoft sues Florida reseller it alleges sold 'black market access devices' allowing unlocking of Office 365

Copyright and trademark infringements alleged by Redmond's legal eagles Microsoft has flung numerous accusations at a reseller based in Florida in the US ranging from copyright infringement to the use of some decidedly iffy licence codes.…

Fancy building to-spec PCs for the Bank of England, and more? A £46m end user support contract is up for grabs

The Old Lady of Threadneedle Street needs help managing thousands of laptops, PCs and tablets The Bank of England has said it is looking for an IT supplier to support its extensive personal computer estate in a contract which is set to be worth around £46.5m.…

Selling hardware on a pay-per-use or subscription model is a 'lie' created by marketing bods

Capex to opex, capex to opex, capex to opex... Stop. 'It's just not what people really want' Canalys Forum 2020 Selling tech based on consumption is predicated on a "lie" and a "fallacy" created by the powerful marketing machines at some of the largest hardware vendors.…

Remember Entatech? UK liquidators are still trying to seize founder Jason Tsai's assets

High Court hears of offshore assets, tax fraud, and freezing orders The crumbling multinational empire of the distie once known as Entatech has come under scrutiny in the High Court again as liquidators working on behalf of the UK's taxman try to seize the assets of founder Jason Tsai and his family.…

Reseller gives Brits Insight into value webcam shipments of the future-ture-ture-ture

Pull on your gold hoodie and Darth Vader breathing apparatus and take a trip with us to 2051 Updated Worried about the impact of Brexit and COVID-19 on your supply chain? Wondering about the operating systems of the future? A reseller has the inside scoop on when you should expect that shipment of 17 "Windows XP" cams, and it's 2051.…

Ex-Dell distributor in Lebanon ignored ban on suing US tech giant. Now four directors have been sentenced to prison in the UK

18- and 9-month terms dished out for contempt of court A group of Lebanese IT distributors have been handed prison sentences for contempt of court after running afoul of Dell and breaching an anti-lawsuit order.…

Brit competition regulator will soon be able to seize rogue traders' domains – and even Amazon accounts

Wide-ranging powers come into force in June The UK's Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) will soon acquire new EU-derived powers allowing it to seize control of rogue traders' eBay and Amazon accounts, and even their entire websites, if it thinks "consumer interests" might be being harmed.…

Capita, Fujitsu and pals tuck into slices of £3bn London NHS framework

What lots are in the public sector pork barrel? Hardware, software, cloud services, security... plus chatbots and blockchain A group of London NHS trusts has awarded a gaggle of IT resellers, integrators, and service companies a place on a framework contract worth up to a total of £3bn.…

Post-pandemic hard-sell under way: Resellers leaned on to convert free trial users into fully paid-up customers

Eight weeks to turn ‘helping you enable remote work with Office 365 at this difficult time’ into cash Organisations that took up Microsoft’s offer of a free six-month Office 365 trial to help them enable remote working during the COVID-19 pandemic are about to see the other side of that offer.…

Brit IT infrastructure giant Computacenter hits pause on shareholder dividends after furloughing 10% of staff

Engineers, consultants can't visit client sites so home they go Computacenter has suspended dividend payments to shareholders after furloughing one in ten workers, the lion's share of which include engineers, project managers and consultants unable to visit customers on site.…

'Anything' related to remote working is a winner for Euro disties, but classic enterprise hardware? That's another story

Official stats reach Vulture Towers Tech distributors' sales jumped 9.5 per cent to €5.9bn in Western Europe for the four weeks ended 22 March with a raft of lines including virtualization and database software helping to swell their coffers, as well as kit needed to help employers switch their workforce to homeworking.…

Tech services biz Allvotec furloughing staff, asking remainder – including top brass – to take pay cut

CEO talks of measures to combat expected sales slide due to pandemic Allvotec – the rebranded Daisy Partner Services business – is responding to the coronavirus crisis by furloughing a number of staff and asking all that remain to take a pay cut to avoid potential redundancies.…

Under pressure: K3 to put loss-making UK Microsoft Dynamics reseller biz into administration

AIM-listed biz says THAT virus meant it has little choice, will seek a buyer Updated AIM-listed software and managed services outfit K3 is to put its loss-making Microsoft Dynamics reseller division into the hands of administrators amid commercial unpredictability caused by COVID-19.…
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