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'Insane': Photo with wife and animal gets senator's Twitter account suspended

By Alexa Schwerha Daily Caller News Foundation (Editor's note: The Twitter account of Steve Daines has since been restored by Twitter.) Twitter suspended Republican Montana Sen. Steve Daines’ Twitter account because his profile photo showed him hunting with his wife, according to a screenshot of a Twitter message to Daines. Daines’ account is “temporarily unavailable… The post 'Insane': Photo wit…

'Lying to you': Tucker Carlson rips Biden admin for claiming Chinese spy balloon 'posed no threat'

By Harold Hutchison Daily Caller News Foundation Fox News host Tucker Carlson blasted the Biden administration Monday for saying that a Chinese balloon “posed no threat” to national security. “On January 28th, the balloon entered U.S. airspace over Alaska. From there, it traveled over the northwest territories of Canada and then it dropped back into… The post 'Lying to you': Tucker Carlson rips B…

Disney slammed over new 'anti-white' cartoon for kids

(FOX NEWS) -- A reboot of the Disney show "The Proud Family" is receiving backlash over a rap in a recent episode of the cartoon featuring kids singing about slavery and reparations, arguing that America "owes" black Americans because America "still has not atoned for" its systemic prejudice, racism and White supremacy. WND is now… The post Disney slammed over new 'anti-white' cartoon for kids ap…

Droves of God-fearing Americans descend on mall after man ordered to remove 'Jesus Saves' shirt

A large rally was held on Saturday at Minnesota's Mall of America as dozens turned out in support of the man who was assailed by security guards last month for daring to wear a t-shirt with "Jesus Saves" written on it, a shirt that the guards called "offensive." The story began on Jan. 7 when… The post Droves of God-fearing Americans descend on mall after man ordered to remove 'Jesus Saves' shirt…

Cindy Crawford reveals why she's jealous of her lookalike daughter

(FOX NEWS) -- Cindy Crawford is revealing exactly what her 21-year-old daughter, Kaia Gerber, has that she envies. "I look at my daughter and notice that her hair is shiny and healthy looking — she has my old hair, and I want it back!" the former supermodel shared in an interview with InStyle magazine. WND… The post Cindy Crawford reveals why she's jealous of her lookalike daughter appeared first…

'Like the apocalypse': Videos show devastation after huge earthquakes in Turkey, Syria

(MIAMI HERALD) -- A powerful earthquake and numerous large aftershocks rocked southern Turkey and northern Syria throughout the day on Monday, Feb. 6. Videos showed the devastating scenes where thousands have been killed or injured. WND is now on Trump's Truth Social! Follow us @WNDNews The initial 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck near Nurdağı, Turkey, in… The post 'Like the apocalypse': Videos sh…

A recurring nightmare about the next 2 years

Suppose China decides to start a war with Taiwan – in the next two years. It's entirely possible, if not likely. Our military is not prepared to assist our ally Taiwan. Joe Biden is president. He has us escalating the war in Ukraine to nuclear proportions. He's in the tank for China and wouldn't be… The post A recurring nightmare about the next 2 years appeared first on WND .

Taxpayer-funded tourism agencies are going woke – in RED states

Right in Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis' own state, government tourism agencies are promoting radical LGBTQ+ causes, including taxpayer-funded "Visit Florida." Visit Orlando paid the leftist PR company MMGY for a "study" that rebuked DeSantis' policies and the laws of Florida. New York-based MMGY is one of the largest PR companies for tourism offices in the… The post Taxpayer-funded tourism agencies …

How the likes of Al Sharpton ruined 'Negro History Week'

Just in time for the beginning of so-called "Black History Month," Al Sharpton shed his dual role of hater and agitation profiteer, to include a third role of encomiast, as he did his best representation of all three at the funeral of Tyre Nichols. In the best tradition of all Sharpton represents, he outdid himself… The post How the likes of Al Sharpton ruined 'Negro History Week' appeared first …

It's time to abort the Satanic Temple

In my recent article titled "Pope Benedict and the Antichrist" (featuring Benedict's just-revealed warning in 2015 of the expanding power of the Antichrist), I opined that "the religion of the Antichrist is not reflected in some crude and obviously demonic institution like the clownish and conservative-punking LGBT culture-war instrument they call the 'Temple of Satan,'… The post It's time to abo…
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