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Iran nuclear deal hangs in balance as Islamic Republic votes

Iran's tattered nuclear deal with world powers hangs in the balance as the country prepares to vote on Friday for a new president

Macao closing office in Taipei amid rising Chinese pressure

The tiny Chinese autonomous region of Macao has joined its larger neighbor Hong Kong in closing its representative office in Taiwan as China seeks to intensify the diplomatic isolation of the self-governing island democracy

Power outage hits 190K in Puerto Rico amid growing outrage

A sudden power failure has left some 190,000 clients in the dark across Puerto Rico, enraging many who were recovering from a massive outage that hit the U.S. territory just days ago

UN chief criticizes Central African Republic forces' actions

The U.N. chief is strongly criticizing the Central African Republic’s security and allied forces in a new report for an “unprecedented increase in hostile threats and incidents” targeting U.N. peacekeepers and alleged human rights abuses

Junta troops burn Myanmar village in escalation of violence

Government troops have burned down most of a village in Myanmar’s heartland in an apparent attempt to suppress local resistance against the ruling military junta

5 Apple Daily execs arrested under Hong Kong security law

Hong Kong reports say police have arrested the chief editor and four other senior executives of the pro-democracy Apple Daily newspaper under the national security law

Hong Kong media say police arrested five people from pro-democracy Apple Daily newspaper under national security law

Hong Kong media say police arrested five people from pro-democracy Apple Daily newspaper under national security law

Sunshine, fatalism and 2 world views from 2 world leaders

By abandoning the traditional joint press conference in favor of separate events, U.S. President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin accomplished their own objectives following their summit on Wednesday

Rome tribunal backs Vatican in case against Italian broker

A Rome court has strongly backed Vatican prosecutors in their pursuit of an Italian businessman accused of bilking the Holy See of millions of euros in a London real estate deal

Hungary: Demonstrators gather anew to protest anti-LGBT law

Several hundred demonstrators have gathered anew in Hungary’s capital against a newly adopted law that human rights groups say stigmatizes LGBT people and limits their rights

US pledges funding to help Egypt move to solar power

The United States is planning to increase funding to Egypt to help it convert to solar energy and move away from fossil fuels

Report blames poor welds for Mexico City subway collapse

A preliminary report by experts into the collapse of a Mexico City elevated subway line that killed 26 people placed much of the blame on poor welds that joined steel support beams to a concrete layer supporting the track bed

UK: Met Police chief defends force after corruption charges

The head of Britain’s Metropolitan Police says she has no intention of resigning after a damning report accused the force of institutional corruption

Groups to Canada: Prosecute alleged Guatemalan war criminal

Activist groups are urging Canada to prosecute a man they say was involved in the massacre of more than 200 people in Guatemala in 1982
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