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California science exhibit explains the dog-human friendship

A new exhibition at the California Science Center raises the question: Did people domesticate dogs or was it the other way around?

Chile tests floating solar panels to power mine, save water

A floating island of solar panels is being tested in Chile as a way to generate clean energy and reduce water loss at mine operations, a cornerstone of the Andean country's economy that uses huge amounts of electricity and water

US eases land restrictions meant to protect bird in West

The Trump administration has finalized changes to sweeping federal land use plans for Western States to ease energy industry restrictions in a way officials say will protect a struggling bird species

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter scrambling to contain video of New Zealand mosque shooting

Social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are scrambling to contain a video of a shooting that took place at a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Russian-US crew arrives at International Space Station

A Russian-American crew has arrived at the International Space Station, five months after a botched launch for two of the three astronauts.

The Latest: Students in New Delhi protest for cleaner air

In India's capital of New Delhi, schoolchildren are protesting inaction on climate change as well as rising air pollution levels that often far exceed World Health Organization limits

Students worldwide skip class to demand action on climate

Students in cities worldwide skipped classes Friday in protest over their governments' failure to act against global warming

Cities of the future: Working to reverse the health, climate impacts of urban sprawl

A National Geographic special issue looks at the way we've built cities in the past and how we will reverse the effects on the climate and our own health in the future.

WATCH: NASA astronauts head to International Space Station on Pi Day, taking off at 3:14 pm

NASA sent three astronauts to space to join the crew of the International Space Station on Pi Day, March 14th at 3:14 p.m.
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