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Geofence warrants to be tested in Virginia bank robbery case

A controversial investigative technique is getting its first real legal test in a federal courtroom in Richmond, where a judge is being asked to toss out evidence gathered through a geofence warrant in a Virginia bank robbery

UN agency: North Europe radiation likely linked to reactor

The U.N. nuclear agency says that slightly elevated levels of radioactivity detected in northern Europe likely were related to a nuclear reactor that was either operating or undergoing maintenance, but it’s still unclear where it is located

Black worker files discrimination complaint against Facebook

A Black Facebook employee, joined by two others who were denied jobs at the social network, has filed a complaint against the company, saying it discriminates against Black workers and applicants in hiring, evaluations, promotions and pay

Fish more vulnerable to warming water than first thought

A new study has scientists more worried about survival of the world's fish species with global warming

Yellowstone park to reconsider controversial bison plan

Federal officials plan to reconsider how they manage Yellowstone National Park’s wild bison herds following longstanding complaints over the thousands of animals killed by hunters or captured and slaughtered as they attempt to migrate into Montana

Workers: Tesla threatens firing if they don't return to jobs

Some Tesla workers and labor activists say the company is threatening to fire employees who haven’t returned to the company’s California factory since it reopened because they're afraid of catching the coronavirus

A pinch where it hurts: can Facebook weather the ad boycott?

On Wednesday, more than 500 companies kicked off an advertising boycott intended to pressure Facebook into taking a stronger stand against hate speech

California sues Cisco for bias based on Indian caste system

California regulators have sued Cisco Systems for discriminating against an engineer at the company's headquarters because he is a Dalit Indian

Astronauts perform 2nd spacewalk to swap station batteries

Astronauts are performing their second spacewalk in under a week to replace old batteries outside the International Space Station

UN agency: Source of radioactivity in Nordics still unclear

The U.N. nuclear agency says slightly elevated levels of radioactivity that have been detected in northern Europe pose no risk to human health or to the environment, but it’s still unclear what the cause was

Firm to offer balloon rides from Alaska to the edge of space

A company wants to use an advanced balloon to fly customers from Earth’s surface in Alaska to the highest reaches of the planet’s atmosphere
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