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Microsoft resolves major Monday outage after five hours

Microsoft took five hours to resolve a major outage of its workplace applications on Monday, but has not clarified what caused the outage

Space station air leak forces middle-of-night crew wakeup

A small air leak at the International Space Station has finally been traced to the Russian side, following a middle-of-the-night search by astronauts

French arrest 29 in cryptcurrency scheme to finance jihadis

French police have arrested 29 people around the country in a vast operation to break a complex scheme financing Islamist extremists in Syria via cryptocurrencies

Amazon sees its palm recognition tech in stadiums, offices

Amazon is introducing new palm recognition technology in a pair of Seattle stores and sees broader uses in places like stadiums and offices

United Arab Emirates to launch spacecraft to moon in 2024

A top official in the United Arab Emirates says his country plans to send an unmanned spacecraft to the moon in 2024

Duterte questions letting Facebook stay after accounts shut

President Rodrigo Duterte questioned why he should allow Facebook to operate in the Philippines after it removed accounts he said was backed his government’s interests, including fighting insurgents

Seattle-area Amazon employee charged with insider trading

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has filed a lawsuit against an Amazon finance manager accused of leaking confidential company information to family members, allowing them to make nearly $1.4 million by trading based on insider tips

TikTok fate in the balance as judge weighs app store ban

Lawyers for TikTok have pleaded with a U.S. judge to delay the Trump Administration’s ban of the video sharing program from app stores set to take effect at the end of Sunday

Nearly 1M who died of COVID-19 also illuminated treatment

The nearly 1 million people who have lost their lives to COVID-19 also have given the world a gift: a better understanding of how to treat the disease
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