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Gas prices dip in NJ, around nation as cold weather returns

Gas prices dipped in New Jersey and around the country at large as cold weather descended on parts of the nation following an unusually warm January

Man given 16 years for shooting at kids throwing snowballs

A Wisconsin man convicted of shooting at a group of children who threw snowballs at his car in 2020 has received a 16-year prison sentence

Tesla hikes price of Model Y after US alters tax credit rule

Tesla has raised prices on its Model Y in the U.S., apparently due to rising demand and changes in U.S. government rules that make more versions of the small SUV eligible for tax credits

Trooper no longer faces murder charge in fatal Thruway chase

A judge has dropped a murder charge against a state trooper in the death of an 11-year-old girl during a high-speed chase on the New York State Thruway

Dangerously cold temperatures envelop Northeast

Arctic air descended into the Northeast on Saturday morning bringing dangerously cold sub-zero temperatures and wind chills that dropped to minus 45 to minus 50 degrees Fahrenheit in many areas

Disney World unions vote down offer covering 45,000 workers

Union members voted down a contract proposal covering tens of thousands of Walt Disney World service workers, saying it didn’t go far enough toward helping employees face cost-of-living hikes in housing and other expenses in central Florida

In Tyre Nichols' neighborhood, Black residents fear police

In a terrible way, the death of Tyre Nichols brings some vindication to members of the Black community in Memphis who live in terror of police

'Died suddenly' posts twist tragedies to push vaccine lies

A growing online conspiracy theory is using the tagline “died suddenly” to baselessly claim that COVID-19 vaccines are killing people

Why a new Alzheimer's drug is having a slow US debut

The first drug to show that it slows Alzheimer’s is on sale, but treatment for most patients is still several months away

Drawing nears for $700M Powerball prize, 10th biggest in US

Another huge lottery jackpot will be on the line for players willing to put up $2 against daunting odds of actually winning the top prize

Israeli army besieges homes of fugitives in West Bank raid

The Israeli army has raided a refugee camp near the Palestinian city of Jericho, besieging houses it said were being used as hideouts for Palestinian attackers and shooting at residents who opened fire

Ohio train derailment causes causes fire, home evacuations

A train has derailed in an Ohio town near the Pennsylvania border and caused a large fire followed by orders for area residents to evacuate their homes Friday night

Famed LA mountain lion's death shines light on tribal talks

Southern California's most popular puma gained fame as P-22 and cast a spotlight on the troubled population of California’s endangered mountain lions and their decreasing genetic diversity
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