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European advertisers critical of iOS 14 warning users about ad tracking

Marketing associations are concerned about the changes coming to iOS 14 , and are complaining that Apple is ignoring the GDPR — and users will be less likely to allow tracking. Users will be asked to give permission app-by-app for ad tracking A group of 16 European marketing and digital advertising associations have criticized Apple's iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 plans for increased privacy , which mea...

Apple supplier Foxconn says India customs issue has been resolved

Ships from companies including iPhone manufacturer Foxconn had been held up by customs at Indian ports over ongoing China/India tensions, but at least some have now been cleared. Components for the iPhone XR may have been among the shipments that were held up The China/India dispute that has seen shipments held up at Indian ports, has reportedly been resolved — at least for Apple supplier Foxco...

Apple's 'iPhone 12' to boast 'high-end' 8-element camera lens, Ming-Chi Kuo says

Apple's next-generation " iPhone 12 " is expected to incorporate a rear-facing camera design with "high-end" lens arrays, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. iPhone 12 render via Tokar Designs Existing manufacturing partner Largan is said to begin shipments of 8P, or 8-element, camera lenses in mid-July, Kuo said in a research note published Friday. Read more...

Roundup: best deals on Apple's new iPhone SE 2020

Deals on Apple's iPhone SE are in effect for July 4th and AppleInsider has rounded up the best promotions and incentives on the new 2020 iPhones. From the iPhone SE 2 on sale for $5 per month to plan savings and $70 off the device, these deals deliver substantial savings off Apple's $399 MSRP. Best iPhone SE deals Apple's 2020 iPhone SE is here, and we've rounded up the best deals going on righ...

Oil traders tried to use Apple mobility data to predict market recovery, left 'disappointed'

Oil traders looking for ways to estimate fuel demand were disappointed by Apple's mobility data, a report claims Credit: Apple Apple in mid-April unveiled a new Mobility Trends Report tool that visualized anonymized Apple Maps data requests. At the time, traders thought they had found a clue to guess at the speed of fuel demand recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. Read more...

Apple, Google comply with Indian government order to ban Chinese apps

Apple and Google are complying with a new Indian government order to block apps developed by Chinese firms. Credit: Apple Two days after New Delhi's order was implemented, the two Silicon Valley giants began to prevent users in India from seeing the 59 blocked apps on the App Store or Google Play store. Read more...

Apple digital car key arrives with updated BMW Connected app

BMW on Thursday added Digital Key support to its BMW Connected app, a little over a week after Apple announced a digital car key feature set to debut with iOS 13.6. Credit: BMW The digital car keys feature will allow users to store "digital keys" within the Wallet app, allowing them to lock, unlock or start their vehicles with an iPhone or Apple Watch. Read more...

Developers reveal the good and bad of WWDC 2020 going online

WWDC is more than a flash two-hour keynote, it's an entire week of developer sessions. We asked developers worldwide what they thought of the new online format. Detail from Apple's promotional video for WWDC 2020 Apple may have been forced to move WWDC 2020 online because of the coronavirus , and it may have produced an exceptional keynote , but ultimately this event is for developers. And it's...

How to upgrade Mac Pro storage with Apple's new Mac Pro SSD Kit

Apple's new Mac Pro isn't stuck with what you buy at initial purchase. A SSD upgrade kit from the company can quickly add one to eight terabytes of storage to your professional workstation by following these steps. 2019 Mac Pro with case removed Mac Pro owners now have three options for more storage on their device — they can choose an external storage drive such that connects over USB or Thund...

After seven years, Apple loses iPad 2 Smart Cover import duty legal fight

A final ruling has come down from the appeals court, and Apple is on the hook for import duties on the long-discontinued iPad 2 Smart Cover Credit: Apple The Cupertino tech giant first urged the Federal Circuit to reject the U.S. government's tariff classification of specific iPad Smart Cover models in 2013, and filed an appeal to a previous loss in mid-2019. Read more...

Apple launches online web portal for Apple Card management via browser

Apple on Thursday launched a new online portal for the Apple Card , letting users manage their cards through a browser. Credit: Apple Previously, all Apple Card transactions and management tasks were handled on an iPhone through the Wallet app. That include paying bills, viewing statements and seeing other information. Read more...

App Store nearly doubles Google Play revenues across COVID-19 lockdown

The Apple App Store generated $32.8 billion across the globe in the first half of 2020, nearly double that of the Google Play store. Credit: Apple That number, based on data estimates from app analytics firm Sensor Tower, represents the total amount spent on in-app purchases, subscriptions and premium apps and games within the first six months of 2020. The firm bases its projections and predict...

Hodinkee is now an Apple Watch reseller

Hodinkee, a popular mechanical wristwatch venue, is now an Apple Watch authorized reseller. Apple Watch Series 5 in titanium (left) and stainless steel (right) "We are very excited to be an authorized retailer for Apple Watch," said Hodinkee Chief Commercial Officer Russell Kelly. "It is a revolutionary product, an impressive example of design and functionality which seamlessly integrates into ...

New 16-inch MacBook Pro deals knock up to $600 off every AMD 5600M model, plus AppleCare discount, 5% back

AppleInsider readers can take advantage of fresh coupon deals on every 16-inch MacBook Pro, with new AMD 5600M GPU configs now eligible for the promo code savings. Plus, grab bonus perks like AppleCare for $80 off and 5% back with the Adorama Edge Card. Brand-new MacBook Pro deals These new 16-inch MacBook Pro bargains are courtesy of Apple Authorized Reseller Adorama when used with this pricin...

Apple is still working on under-display optical Touch ID reader

Apple is continuing development of optical under-display fingerprint reading technology, possibly for a future iPhone. Credit: Apple Although Apple's iPhones haven't featured Touch ID for several generations now, there have been ongoing rumors that the company is looking into bringing the technology back. Past patent applications have also hinted at this . Read more...
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