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Google Pixel Fold concept gives the Galaxy Z Fold 2 a run for its money

Sooner or later, every single smartphone vendor is going to jump on the foldable phone fad. Whether or not foldable phones are still a going concern in two or three years remains to be seen, but for now, everyone is giving the unique form factor a go. Within the next year or two, we even expect to see a foldable iPhone, but based on recent rumors, there's a chance that Google could beat Apple t...

This ridiculously awesome photo of the Sun was shot in someone’s backyard

High-tech and incredibly expensive spacecraft like the Parker Solar Probe have been sent toward our host star in the hopes of revealing some of its secrets. Back on Earth, massive observatories attempt to capture images of our star that reveal details we've never seen before. Scientists dedicate their lives to studying our Sun and, if they're lucky, allowing us to see it in a new light. Now, a ...

Here’s why I use Facebook Messenger over iMessage almost every time

The ongoing cold war between Apple and Facebook that's ratcheted up over the past few months, with each company's CEO taking veiled and not-so-veiled potshots at the other over questions around privacy and user data, not only makes for great news copy and plenty of grist for tech bloggers. It's also a hugely consequential matter for ordinary consumers, since it's their data and their privacy at...

Here’s even more proof that coronavirus vaccines work

Israel, which is in the middle of an aggressive immunization campaign, has more good news about COVID-19 vaccines. A recent study showed that the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine widely used in the country works as intended. Researchers in Israel compared nearly 600,000 people who were fully vaccinated to the same amount of people who never had COVID-19. They found the vaccine is just as effective as cl...

This newly-discovered exoplanet could reveal secrets of alien worlds

Finding planets outside of our solar system is an area of research that has exploded in recent years. As new, more powerful observational equipment allows us to look into space with greater detail than ever before, spotting the telltale signs of planets orbiting other stars has become much easier, and new exoplanet discoveries are happening so fast that researchers aren't even able to dedicate ...

Smartphones with 18GB of RAM are officially on the way

Several recent rumors claimed that the first Android phones featuring 18GB of RAM would arrive soon. That seemed like an unnecessary upgrade for devices that already have access to plenty of memory, but then the first phone with support for up to 18GB of RAM appeared. Chinese smartphone vendor Nubia launched the RedMagic 6 last week, which is a gaming phone featuring some of the most powerful s...

New coronavirus drug said to be 80x more potent than the antibody drug Trump was given

As countries like the US continue racing to inject their populations with the coronavirus vaccine as fast as they can, in an effort to outpace the spread of more transmissible COVID-19 variants, it should come as no surprise that work is also ongoing behind the scenes toward the development of other effective coronavirus treatments and therapies. And Italy has emerged as a particular hub of thi...

The first-ever space hotel could open as early as 2027

Travel has taken a back seat to health over the past year or so, with the coronavirus pandemic making it difficult to enjoy trips to pretty much anywhere. Staying safe and healthy is obviously a worthy trade-off, but there's a lot of people on this planet right now that would love nothing more than to do a bit of exploring. If that sounds like you — and you happen to have incredibly deep pocket...

Here’s what Apple might reveal at its rumored March 23rd event

Despite the ongoing pandemic, Apple was as busy as it has ever been last fall, announcing four new iPhone models, the first Mac and MacBook computers powered by the M1 processor, and the AirPods Max. Therefore, it's no surprise that we haven't heard much from the company since, but if recent leaks are to be believed, Apple might be preparing to break its silence and reveal a few new products on...

CDC Director’s new warning: This is what could cause a fourth coronavirus wave

When the coronavirus pandemic first hit the US, many people naively assumed that we'd move past it in 1-2 months. The reality, however, was far more severe. Over the course of the last 12 months, 29 million Americans came down with COVID-19 and nearly 525,000 Americans died as a direct result. And all of this says nothing of the immense economic damage caused by the coronavirus. The good news, ...
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