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Google’s AI is now better than doctors at spotting breast cancer

Cancer researchers are constantly advancing the technology that doctors use to screen for, detect, and treat all kinds of cancers, and the survivability prospects have greatly improved over the past few decades. Now, AI is giving scientists another tool in the fight against the disease, and one of the biggest names in the AI game is Google. In a new blog post , Google researchers explain that t...

Here’s what’s next for Kevin Systrom, who says he has ‘a few more Instagrams’ in him

It's been less than a month since we got the surprise bombshell that former Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom and fellow co-founder Mike Krieger had abruptly quit the mega-popular photo sharing app they built and eventually sold to Facebook. Systrom at an event in San Francisco today finally gave his first public remarks since the announcement, alluding to the widely-assumed presence of tension betwe...

iPhone XS Max battery squeaks past Note 9 and Pixel 3 XL in new test

On Friday, PhoneBuff shared a video comparing the battery life of the iPhone XS Max to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 , with both phones having been put through actions to drain the battery, from placing phone calls and sending texts to browsing the internet. Things like screen brightness and speaker volume were kept the same on both devices. The result? The XS Max ended up dying while the Galaxy Note...

Apple’s 2019 iPhone lineup might look a lot like its 2018 lineup

If you were holding out hope that next year's iPhone lineup might differ drastically from the models introduced this year, you might end up being disappointed. In a note to investors on Monday morning, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo included a chart that seems to suggest Apple will stick with the same three sizes in 2019 . In the chart, which shows Apple supplier Luxshare Precision's projected mark...

An Apple Music and TV streaming bundle could net Apple billions in additional revenue

Like it or not, subscriptions appear to be the wave of the future, and Apple isn't keen on getting left behind. Just a few years ago, for example, Apple realized that the iTunes business model it introduced more than a decade earlier was becoming antiquated. In turn, Apple in 2014 acquired Beats and subsequently rolled out Apple Music -- a Spotify competitor -- just one year later. Though Apple...

Man wants to trade his private island for an incredibly rare Porsche

If you ever reach the where you have a private island just sitting around unused, there's a good chance you're already pretty satisfied with your life. One very devoted motorhead is currently looking to unload a sizable pice of real estate off the Florida coast, and all he wants in exchange for an entire island is a Porsche. A very, very rare Porsche. As Jalopnik reports, a curious Craigslist a...

There’s virtually no point in using that ‘Do Not Track’ browser feature

Jonathan Mayer, an assistant computer science professor at Princeton University, recently told Gizmodo that the "Do Not Track" feature in your browser -- the tool that's ostensibly supposed to prevent websites from spying on the things you do on the web -- is "in many respects a failed experiment." A failure to such a degree, he continued, that it's probably time to declare it such, move on and...

New leak says Qualcomm is making a powerful chip for Windows 10 laptops

A couple of leaks this summer revealed that Qualcomm might be working on a brand new Snapdragon high-end platform that would power computers instead of smartphones and tablets. We now have more details about the chip that will rival Intel-based Windows 10 laptops, as well as the A12 Bionic chip that will power the next generation of iPad Pros. Last year’s Snapdragon 835 was used for both high-e...

OnePlus 6T will be more expensive, but easier to get your hands on

When it launches next month, the OnePlus 6T might be slightly more expensive than the OnePlus 6 that hit stores a few months ago. But the good news is that is will also be easier to find in certain markets than any other OnePlus phone to date. A few weeks ago, we learned that T-Mobile might be the first US carrier to sell OnePlus phones — specifically the OnePlus 6T that’s going to be unveiled ...

This new 49-inch curved monitor from Dell is a gorgeous productivity beast

Fans of massive computer displays that afford gorgeous, ultra-wide views -- behold: The world's first 49-inch dual QHD monitor has arrived, thanks to Dell, as part of an expansion of its UltraSharp monitor family geared especially toward the workplace and professional users. Dell designed the monitor, which boasts a 32:9 aspect ratio and 5120x1440 resolution, to be able to accommodate either on...
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