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How a 7-hour flight led to 59 coronavirus cases in Ireland

Coronavirus contact tracers from Ireland linked a 59-person outbreak in the country this summer to a 7-hour flight. The plane flew at 17% capacity to Ireland, but 13 out of the 49 passengers aboard tested positive for COVID-19. The infected individuals went on to infect 46 other people in various regions of the country. Flying during the pandemic isn’t exactly a risk-free endeavor. A variety of...

What the heck lit up the skies over Hawaii this weekend?

A bunch of strange lights appears over Hawaii this weekend and citizens were struggling to figure out what they were seeing. The lights took a strange pattern, confusing onlookers as they cruised across the dark sky. Astronomers have pinned the light show on space junk. Seeing something unexpected in the night sky can fill you with all kinds of feelings. You might wonder if what you're seeing i...

Here’s how long the CDC says it would take to control the coronavirus pandemic if everyone did what they should

The coronavirus pandemic in the U.S. is worse today than it's ever been. CDC director Robert Redfield believes the U.S. could defeat the coronavirus in 12 weeks if people started taking coronavirus safety guidelines like wearing masks more seriously. The coronavirus is spreading rapidly across a majority of U.S. states and experts are anticipating a huge spike in infections now that colder weat...

This deleted ‘Borat 2’ scene has everyone asking questions

The recent release of Borat 2 was a huge success for Amazon, with tens of millions of customers having watched the sequel already. A deleted scene, which was posted to Twitter this week, shows Borat's daughter at the White House in late September. Borat's daughter, played by Maria Bakalova, reportedly didn't need to take a coronavirus test before entering. When the original Borat film arrived i...

How to fix COVID-19 exposure notifications on your new iPhone 12

Apple brought COVID-19 Exposure Notifications to iOS 13 earlier this year, but some iPhone 12 owners are running into error messages when they attempt to use contact tracing apps. It appears that using an iCloud Backup to transfer data from an old iPhone to an iPhone 12 turns off exposure notifications, though it's not clear why. You need to turn exposure notifications back on once you've moved...

This asteroid is worth more than you can possibly fathom

An all-metal asteroid residing in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter called 16 Psych is worth an incredible amount of money. A new study revealed that the asteroid is likely entirely made of iron and nickel. Mining an asteroid isn't yet possible, but that may change sooner rather than later. We don't think about it often, but there's something very large and very important hanging out b...

Are the results of this new coronavirus immunity study as bad as they seem?

A new coronavirus immunity study indicates that detectable levels of antibodies begin to drop just a few months after clearing a coronavirus infection. The test analyzed data from hundreds of thousands of volunteers, including thousands of COVID-19 survivors, over three months. Of note, the absence of antibodies still isn’t enough to make a case for or against COVID-19 immunity . One of the mos...

Save $50 on the Ninja Foodi that people love even more than Instant Pots

Instant Pots are among the most beloved kitchen tools on the planet, but there's a rival multi-use electric cooker that people seem to love even more. It's the Ninja FD401 Foodi 9-in-1 Deluxe XL Pressure Cooker , an incredible all-in-one device that has an even better rating on Amazon than any Instant Pot. This $270 8-quart pressure cooker covers all the bases including air frying, and it's on ...

These are the coronavirus symptoms that are scaring scientists the most

A new analysis of coronavirus symptoms from Scientific American shows all the strange and scary ways the pathogen attacks the body's nervous system. The symptoms include chemethesis, a condition whereby patients don't completely lose their sense of taste but rather the ability to detect hot chilies or cool peppermints. This comes as the coronavirus pandemic itself is entering a dangerous new ph...

How to get the awesome MyQ smart garage door opener from Amazon for just $7.49

One of the hottest deals among our readers during Prime Day 2020 was a sale on a fantastic smart home device that so many people out there are unaware of. It's the MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener , which lets you control your garage door using your smartphone or even your voice. The MyQ was so popular at $17 that it sold out on Prime Day, but now it's back in stock and we're going to show you how ...
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