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Cops tell Florida man to stop reporting his stolen drugs

Nobody wants their stuff stolen. If someone steals your property it's a good idea to contact the police, especially if you know without a doubt who the culprit is. Unfortunately for one Florida man, that notion doesn't really apply to illegal drugs. In a series of tweets by the Pasco County Sheriff's Office , deputy Neal Zalva explains the bizarre situation on video while trying to stifle his o...

This Netflix show is the most talked about series in the world, according to Twitter

Ahead of Netflix reporting its latest quarterly earnings performance Wednesday afternoon, a number of investment firms are increasingly skeptical about the streaming giant which is about to get a lot more competition in this space. Indeed, several Wall Street banks in recent weeks have actually cut their price targets for Netflix stock as they wait to see how well the company can weather the st...

Naked man used forklift to break into business, then stopped for a shower

Ever want to drive a forklift through a barbed wire fence, break into a business, strip naked and take a shower? No? Well, then you're nothing like Joseph Michael Bieniek, a 24-year-old Florida man who was arrested for doing that very thing this past Friday. To say that Bieniek's actions were odd would be a massive understatement. According to local news reports , the 24-year-old began his hiji...

The most stunning 4K TV we’ve ever seen just got a $700 price cut

If you're looking to give your home theater a huge upgrade in every sense of the word "huge," then there's a killer deal available right now on Amazon that you're definitely going to want to check out. The VIZIO P-Series Quantum 75-Inch 4K HDR Smart TV is easily the most gorgeous Vizio TV we've ever seen, but it definitely doesn't come cheap at $2,300. Head over to Amazon right now, however, an...

Netflix drops new ‘The Witcher’ teaser ahead of the first trailer’s release

Netflix’s The Witcher is one of the most anticipated TV series of the season. It’s not supposed to be the next Game of Thrones , they tell us, but it absolutely looks like the kind of TV series that targets the Thrones audience first and foremost. We still don’t have an official release date for the series, aside from a late 2019 estimate, and we also don’t have a trailer, but Netflix did just ...

Hubble spies ‘alien’ comet for the first time

It's now been over a month since an amateur astronomer spotted what is now believed to be the second interstellar object ever observed by mankind. The gassy chunk of space debris is thought to be a comet, and it's been named 2I/Borisov in honor of its discoverer, Gennady Borisov. Now, with the comet getting so much attention in the astronomy world, NASA's Hubble Space Telescope is finally getti...

The FCC has finally voted to allow T-Mobile and Sprint to merge

T-Mobile and Sprint just got one step closer to merging, after the Federal Communications Commission voted to approve the deal on a party-line vote, with Democrats on the commission voting against the move. The same day that Democratic FCC commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel wrote in an op-ed for The Atlantic on Wednesday that the merger would be a net negative for consumers and drive up prices, a...

Paris zoo adds slime mold ‘blob’ to its list of attractions

If you find yourself at the Paris Zoological Park this weekend you might come across a creature you wouldn't normally expect to see on display. It's not a plant or an animal, and it doesn't have a brain, but it does demonstrate shocking levels of intelligence. It's a slime mold nicknamed "the Blob," and it's incredibly cool . Slime molds are one of nature's most enduring mysteries. Operating li...

Live Caption on Pixel 4 transcribes videos in real time

Google earlier this week released an impressive Google Maps feature I said I hope I’ll never need to use: Improved voice-guided navigation for blind and visually impaired people. A few days later, Google released another accessibility feature that I hope I’ll never be forced to use. Just like the Google Maps feature, this one isn’t only targeting people with disabilities, and might actually com...

Southwest fare sale is offering flights as low as $39, but you have to act fast

Well, this one is a surprise. Southwest Airlines just launched its annual winter sale a few weeks ago and kicked off a mad scramble for travelers to grab the ultra-low fares -- which were discounted all the way down to $49 in some cases -- before the multi-day sale ended. But if you missed out, don't worry. You've now got another chance to potentially grab an even better deal, as the Dallas-bas...
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