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Fractional Reserve Carbon Accounting Is An Attack On Bitcoin Mining

A forthcoming New York Times article is expected to introduce “fractional reserve indirect carbon accounting” and target bitcoin mining.

The Perfect Match: Visiting Real Bedford F.C. Is A Bitcoin, Soccer Fan’s Dream

Real Bedford F.C., a professional soccer team integrated with Bitcoin, gives fans of Bitcoin a team to root for.

RedeemGBTC Campaign To Host Shareholders Meetup At Miami Bitcoin Conference

Grayscale Bitcoin Trust investors unsatisfied with the status quo will meet at Bitcoin 2023 in an effort to address issues they see in the Trust.

Without Democracy, Bitcoin Will Fail

Despite its apolitical nature, Bitcoin needs our democracy to thrive just as much as our democracy needs Bitcoin to improve.

RGB And Taro, Both Putting Tokens On Bitcoin, Take Two Different Approaches To Development

RGB and Taro, two protocols capable of putting tokens like stablecoins on Bitcoin, have taken different approaches to solving similar problems.

Coinbase Potentially Looking At Launching An Overseas Exchange: Report

The largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States may be looking at opening operations elsewhere.

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink Describes Digital Assets’ Advancement In Annual Shareholder Letter

Billionaire Larry Fink has been keeping an eye on the advancement of digital assets, according to his recent shareholder letter.

Fidelity Investments Has Opened Bitcoin Trading To The Public During Ongoing Banking Crisis

The financial giant will now allow customers to trade bitcoin, although they will not be able to withdraw it to self-custody.

A Recap Of Last Week’s Banking Contagion And Bitcoin

So much has happened in the last week that it may be helpful to look at the totality of these events in relation to bitcoin.

As The U.S. Sees Its Second-Biggest Banking Collapse Ever, Bitcoin Is Just Becoming Stronger

As the U.S. witnessed one of the largest banking collapses in its history, Bitcoin is being innovated upon and seeing its network grow.

Antifragile: Serhiy Tron Fights To Bring Bitcoin To Ukraine

Serhiy Tron, a former boxer, a persistent entrepreneur and the publisher of Bitcoin Magazine Ukraine, fights for stability in an unstable world.

El Salvador Launches CUBO+ Educational Program Aimed At Producing Elite Bitcoin And Lightning Developers

Bitcoin Country seeks to generate world-class Bitcoin and Lightning engineers through a new program utilizing the university system.

Bank Runs Like These Are The Reason Bitcoin Exists

We may be heading into another financial crisis, government bailouts for reckless banks included. Bitcoin exists to fix this.

Luxor Launches First Antminer Firmware Made In The U.S.

Bitcoin mining company Luxor Technologies has launched an Antminer-compatible firmware designed to maximize miner efficiency.
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