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Ring's Neighbors app is revealing device locations, report says - CNET

Gizmodo says it found geographic coordinates hidden in posts on the app that can be traced to home addresses.

Watch NASA blow a hole in the world's largest rocket fuel tank - CNET

The Space Launch System tank went through one hell of a torture test as NASA gears up to go to the moon with the Artemis program.

Motorola's Razr folds in half without a crease. The secret is in the hinge design - CNET

It took Motorola four years and a feat of engineering in the hinge design to make the new Razr possible.

Coolest Cooler shuts down, blaming rising tariffs for its demise - CNET

Five years after launch, many of the startup's backers have reportedly not received their promised cooler.

Mysterious, parallel cracks on Saturn's ice moon finally explained - CNET

Scientists examine the unusual "tiger stripes" of Enceladus, offering an explanation for their formation.

Apple will return to CES to talk privacy after a long absence - CNET

But don't expect it to pitch any new products. A company executive is speaking at a privacy roundtable at the show.

Alphabet adds Nobel Prize-winning engineer Frances Arnold to its board - CNET

Google's parent company makes more changes after its founders stepped down from leadership roles last week.
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