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This couple married for 70 years were scheduled to get the Covid-19 vaccine, but died from the virus before their appointment

Childhood sweethearts who were inseparable during their 70 years of marriage died of Covid-19 while holding hands in an Ohio hospital, their family told CNN.

Nigerian teen jailed for blasphemy has sentence quashed

A Nigerian teen who was convicted in the northwest of the country of blasphemy has had his sentence overturned, his lawyer said Friday.

Fact check: Biden falsely claims journalists had all said his vaccination goal was impossible to meet

President Joe Biden delivered a factually accurate Thursday speech about the coronavirus pandemic. But then, after he signed a series of executive actions intended to address the crisis, he was asked by a reporter whether the vaccination goal he announced in December -- 100 million doses administered in 100 days -- is sufficiently ambitious.

France has passed a law protecting the sounds and smells of the countryside

France has passed a law protecting the "sensory heritage" of its rural areas, in the face of complaints about the noises and smells typical of the countryside.

Biden signed at least 10 executive actions on coronavirus yesterday. Here's what we know.

President Biden's first full day in office on Thursday focused on rolling out his national strategy to get the coronavirus pandemic under control and signing several executive actions, including ramping up vaccination supplies and requiring international travelers to provide proof of a negative Covid-19 test prior to traveling to the US.

Two tech stalwarts fail to impress Wall Street

Tech companies have been an investor favorite during the pandemic. But Wall Street is keeping its distance from two industry stalwarts after their latest earnings reports.

Fauci reflects on why previous admin fell short on Covid-19 strategy

Dr. Anthony Fauci explains the Biden administration's approach to addressing the coronavirus pandemic and how this will differ from the Trump administration's handling of the virus.

What you need to know about coronavirus today

US President Joe Biden spent his first full day in office yesterday signing at least 10 executive orders, memorandums and directives focused on tackling the coronavirus pandemic, likening the measures to "a full-scale wartime effort" during remarks at the White House.

How Kamala Harris redefined 'girl power'

Young girls from around America explain why Vice President Kamala Harris taking the oath of office inspired them.

The place that helped inspire American democracy

You'll find it almost everywhere you turn -- on T-shirts, bumper stickers, magnets and all types of tourist trinkets -- the three words: "Ithaca is gorges."

LeBron James says 'it would be great' for LA Lakers to visit the White House, should Covid-19 protocols allow

LeBron James has opened up the possibility of the LA Lakers visiting the White House in order to celebrate last year's NBA championship -- if only Covid-19 protocols would allow it.
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