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Bindi Irwin announces her pregnancy, five months after her wedding

Bindi Irwin, the 22-year-old daughter of the late conservationist and television personality Steve Irwin, has announced she is expecting her first child.

Dr. Gupta explains skepticism of Russian vaccine: 'Of course I wouldn't take this'

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the approval of a coronavirus vaccine. CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta explains why he won't be taking it.

Crowds at motorcycle rally raise fears of super spreader event

Hundreds of thousands of motorcycle riders and enthusiasts have descended on Sturgis, South Dakota, for the annual motorcycle rally. The event is raising concerns about the spread of coronavirus. CNN's Ryan Young reports.

PGA Championship winner Collin Morikawa 'wants more' glory after debut major victory

Just 15 months ago, Collin Morikawa was an amateur, college golf player. In fact, he remembers watching the final round of Brooks Koepka's PGA Championship victory in 2019 with some friends and his team.

Look back at the rise of viral online videos

Today, it's easy to share viral videos on Facebook, YouTube, or TikTok, but back in 2006, the phenomenon was just in its infancy. Here's what the founders of YouTube had to say about the potential for videos online.

Ex-FDA commissioner says he wouldn't take Russian vaccine

Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former commissioner of the US Food and Drug Administration, said on Tuesday that he would not take the Russian vaccine outside of a clinical trial.

A man faces hate crime charges after feds say he burned a cross and displayed a swastika to intimidate his Black neighbor

An Indiana man who burned crosses, displayed swastikas and made signs with racist slurs was charged with a hate crime for intimidating his Black neighbor, the Department of Justice said this week.

A school nurse in the district with the crowded hallway photo quit over a scarcity of Covid-19 precautions. Rising cases are 'n

A school nurse in Georgia who quit over what she considers a lack of Covid-19 precautions said a viral photo of students crowded last week in a high school hallway and the positive coronavirus cases that followed validates her decision.

Diversity leaders to Corporate America: Black employees' lives depend on your willingness to change

Racial unrest in the United States motivated many of you to issue heartfelt messages, statements of solidarity and/or conduct employee town halls and listening sessions with Black and Brown employees. You expressed your commitment to ensuring racism-free work environments, frequently calling for a renewed focus on diversity, equity and inclusion.

What you need to know about coronavirus today

As the global Covid-19 case count surpassed 20 million, the WHO chief sounded a rare note of optimism, saying if the virus is effectively suppressed, society can be safely reopened.

Interrupted by shooting, Trump continues to spin false narrative around mail-in voting and coronavirus

President Donald Trump turned his Monday news conference into a dishonesty spree, blitzing reporters with rapid-fire false claims on a variety of his favorite topics -- the coronavirus pandemic, mail-in voting, China, Democrats generally and President Barack Obama in particular. 

How one man and his cellphone in Canada rescued a group of Africans stuck in China because of the coronavirus pandemic

Even for 2020, with its once-in-a-generation global pandemic and the countless travel bans that have followed, this rescue mission seems a bit far-fetched.

There has been a 90% increase in Covid-19 cases in US children in the last four weeks, report says

As the nation focuses on safety issues surrounding the need to get children back to school during the pandemic, a new report shows cases of Covid-19 are on the rise among children.

Time for Neymar to justify $263m price tag

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