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Cheers and Jeers: Monday

"Man, you're a busted scooter at the dump…" It’s Monday and I don’t feel like starting the week, looming election or no looming election, with my hair on fire. So thank the creative elves at Bad Lip Reading for slicing and dicing the first debate and dropping this bit of genius... YouTube Video - Okay. Now you can pass me the matches. Cheers and Jeers for Monday, October 26, 2020 Note: Vote. - ...

Abbreviated Pundit Roundup: In the homestretch, Republicans smell the stench of defeat

Where the candidates spend their time is interesting and tells us where they think the race is going.But the driving factor is the pandemic and whether to re-elect the incumbent who lies about it. He also kidnapped children. it's not so much that I'm a partisan it's that I favor science and the Rule of Law, which means un-electing every Republican up and down the line in November The Chief of S...

Sunday Night Owls: Many who see Trump as fascist ignore happenings in Hong Kong and Xinjiang

Night Owls, a themed open thread, appears at Daily Kos seven days a week Shahi Hamid at The Atlantic writes— Americans Are Losing Sight of What Fascism Means : How do americans decide what to be outraged about? It seems like ancient history now, but that was one of the questions The New York Times inadvertently raised in June when it appended an editor’s note to an op-ed by Senator Tom Cotton—a...

Q&A: ‘Goddess on wheels’ Maria R. Palacios talks performance art and disability justice

When Prism spoke to poet, spoken word performer, and disability activist Maria R. Palacios , she was “nervous and excited” to film four original performance pieces as part of We Love Like Barnacles: Crip Lives in Climate Chaos , a show focusing on the ways that climate change is disproportionately affecting disabled people and other marginalized communities. Palacios is one of seven artists con...

For the first time in over a century, New Hampshire's Union Leader endorses a Democratic candidate

In 2016, New Hampshire newspaper the Union Leader broke with its century-old tradition of endorsing Republican candidates to throw their hat into the ring for Independent candidate Gary Johnson . Endorsing a Democratic candidate like Clinton was just a bridge too far for the conservative editorial board. Well, things have changed. On Sunday, for the first time in over 100 years, the Union Leader’s editorial board endorsed Democratic candidate Joe Biden for president. Saying that while they do...

Nuts & Bolts: Inside a Democratic campaign—the last full week ahead

It’s another Sunday, so for those who tune in, welcome to a diary discussing the Nuts & Bolts of a Democratic campaign. If you’ve missed out, you can catch up at any time: Just visit our group or follow the Nuts & Bolts Guide . For years I’ve built this guide around questions that get submitted, hoping to help small-race candidates field questions. I’ve been grateful to so many campaign managers, field directors, communication directors, and volunteers for sharing their experience, which has ...

Trump planned on spending $250M to give Santa Clauses vaccines before Americans

The Trump administration is a few things: it’s fascistic, it’s xenophobic, it’s white supremacist, it’s corrupt, and it is incompetent. The last part of this is a common trait in dens filled with thieves. In some respects it is the saving grace of this regime, as their ability to truly overthrow our democracy has mostly been hampered by their general incompetence. Even the administration’s egre...

When Black lives matter, athletes say: 'No more games'

Colin Kaepernick’s lonely protest in 2016 was just the first of many expressions of outrage. By Alex Demyanenko, for Capital and Main As a summer of discontent has become the fall of expectations , the sports world is speaking out in unison against injustice. The International Olympic Committee (IOC), a notoriously rigid organization, just saw one of its most celebrated members throw a verbal M...

A simple scheme to save hundreds of thousands of lives

On Sunday morning, White House chief of staff Mark Meadows made it clear. “We are not going to control the pandemic,” said Meadows in a CNN appearance. It’s not just an admission of failure, it’s an abject surrender; a surrender whose price can be measured in hundreds of thousands of lives. There is, however, one simple, effective action that could be taken: a national mask mandate. Repeated study and practical, on the ground results, show that universal wearing of masks could not just reduce...

Republicans are handing Democrats the perfect excuse to eliminate the filibuster

There has been much discussion regarding the path forward for Democrats in the event they do manage to seize a Senate majority on Nov. 3. One of the more far-reaching and dramatic actions being contemplated by Senate Democrats is the elimination of the legislative filibuster . Predictably, Republicans have reacted to this proposal with hyperventilating expressions of dismay and horror; Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell himself has issued dark and dire warnings should the Democ...

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez explains to CNN how a representative democracy is supposed to work

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was on CNN Sunday morning with Jake Tapper on his State of the Union show. In part because Democratic reps, like Republican reps, going on Sunday shows is about this coming election, and in part because newscasters are not particularly deep or creative when it comes to talking about politics, Tapper decided to spend a lot of time trying to get Ocasio-Cortez to attack Joe Biden for their differences of political opinions. Newsflash: Ocasio-Cortez, progressive hero...

Trump, COVID-19, and needless suffering

What is the president’s obligation to those sickened or killed by a virus he could have done far more to tame? By Danny Feingold, for Capital and Main The saga of Donald Trump and his struggle with COVID-19 raised a host of questions. Some of these are political, but others cut deeper, including this: What is the responsibility of leaders to limit the needless suffering of others? Neither the Constitution nor any acts of the courts or Congress compel a president to make the reduction of human...
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