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Supreme Court dismisses four judges due to delays in issuing decisions

The disciplinary commission of the Supreme Court, ruled on the dismissal of four judges due to numerous and significant delays in issuing decisions.

Man dies after participating in fighting wildfire in western Peloponnese

A 55-year-old man who was participating in a firefighting effort in the western Peloponnese has died.

New features launched on MyAADEapp

Users of the MyAADEapp, the official mobile app of the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (AADE), now have direct access to their income tax applications, tax clearance statements and taxes owed, following an upgrade of the app.

National Gardens closed, traffic ban on Lycabettus due to fire risk

Municipal authorities in Athens have closed the National Gardens and the Alsos Horofylakis park due to the increased risk of fire. The parks will remain closed until the end of their operating hours. Moreover, a traffic ban and increased police presence has been ordered on Lycabettus hill.

15 emergency alert messages issued already Friday as villages evacuated

The fire service has issued a spate of 112 emergency alert messages, with eight such messages being sent in less than two hours on Friday afternoon.

A fire that spread through settlements in Turkey leaves 11 dead

A fire that apparently started in crop stubble spread through settlements in southeast Turkey overnight, killing 11 people and leaving dozens of others requiring medical treatment, officials and news reports have said.

Extreme heat kills hundreds, millions more sweltering worldwide as summer begins

Deadly heatwaves are scorching cities on four continents as the Northern Hemisphere marks the first day of summer, a sign that climate change may again help to fuel record-breaking heat that could surpass last summer as the warmest in 2,000 years.

349 women use panic button in first two months of its operation

Of the 2,124 women who installed a panic button on their phones by May 31, 349 (16.5%) used it to alert police that they were in danger in the first two months of its operation, Social Cohesion and Family Minister Sofia Zacharaki has said.

Albanian player apologizes for encouraging offensive fan chants

Albanian forward Mirlind Daku, who led fans in derogatory post-match chants about North Macedonia with a megaphone, has apologized citing the intense emotions of playing at Euro 2024. Daku was caught on camera whipping up fans after Albania’s 2-2 draw with Croatia in Hamburg.

Power blackout hits Montenegro, Bosnia, Albania and Croatia’s Adriatic coast

Montenegro, Bosnia and most of Croatia’s Adriatic coast where temperatures approached 40 degrees Celcius, experienced a major power blackout on Friday, according to Montenegro power distributor CEDIS and local media.

Fire tear Anavyssos threatens homes

A fire broke out in the Mavro Lithari area near the settlement of Anavyssos on Attica’s southern coast, threatening homes.

Islands and trips abroad: The destinations Greeks choose for the long weekend

Greek islands as well as alternative European destinations or those that favor short road trips in the surrounding areas are in the preferences of Greek travelers for the long weekend of Pentecost.

Greeks still avid smokers despite EU quitting trend

Although Greece is one among 11 EU countries where the number of smokers has significantly decreased in recent years, more than one in three still indulge in the habit despite the outdated “fashion” of cigarettes.

Fire breaks out near Megalopoli, triggering evacuations

A wildfire erupted on Friday near the open-pit mine field of Megalopoli in the southern Peloponnese.

Trapper arrested for illegal firearm possession

A 24-year-old trapper known as Trannos was arrested overnight in the northwestern suburb of Kamatero for illegal firearm possession.
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