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What in the World?! Cat Scared by Social Media Filter

With the invention of numerous filters on social media platforms, people tend to frighten their pets with various cat faces, scary and creepy expressions, etc.

UK MP Suggests Taking Calais Back From France or Paying Paris to Stop Migrants

Sir Edward Leigh suggested a couple of solutions to the issue of migrants travelling to the shores of Britain from France, via the English Channel.

The Dinosaurs in Congress: How Many Octogenarians Are Seeking Re-election in November?

Kamala Harris, 55, has been chosen as Joe Biden’s running mate on the Democratic Party’s ticket in November’s presidential election. Biden will turn 78 a few days after the election but there are many in Congress who are even older. Who are this geriatric mafia?

New Study Confirms Ancient 'Terror Crocodile' Had Teeth the Size of Bananas and Hunted Dinosaurs

Scientists say Deinosuchus, whose length reached up to 33 feet (10 metres), resembled alligators. It had a long and broad snout that was inflated around its nose. One detail has baffled researchers, however: the gigantic creature had two large holes on its snout in front of its nose. Scientists admit they don’t know the purpose of these cavities.

Politically Patronised Radicalism Cause of Violence in India’s ‘Silicon Valley’, Analyst Says

New Delhi (Sputnik): Three people were killed in police gunfire and around 60 officers injured when violence broke out in India’s southern city of Bengaluru on the intervening night of Tuesday and Wednesday, triggered by religiously provocative social media posts. Police arrested over a hundred people for violence and assaults on its personnel.

US’ TikTok Ban May See It Axed From App Stores, Lose Advertisers, White House Doc Claims

Donald Trump’s recent order will prohibit transactions involving TikTok if its Chinese owner fails to reach a deal to divest from it by mid-September. The management of the wildly popular video-sharing service said in response that it is now exploring legal challenges to Washington’s decision.

Borrowing Will Be Cheaper in Fall, Brits Will Be Pushed Into Spending, Financial Analyst Believes

Looking forward, into the 3d Quarter of 2020, experts expect much better numbers for UK economy than in the first half of the year. However, London top financial analyst, working at the City, told Sputnik that there will still be economic shrinkage, roughly 8% on a year-on-year basis.

Prayers, Chants Echo Across India Celebrating Birth of Lord Krishna as Joy Takes Over Social Media

New Delhi (Sputnik): The annual string of back-to-back festivities in India has begun, giving a warm feeling to Indians, who have been in isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic since March. Just days after Indian siblings celebrated their bitter-sweet bond with Rakshabandhan, the country has lit up again for another festival – Janmashthmi.

Representatives of Philippines to Discuss Russian Vaccine Trials With Gamaleya, Official Says

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Officials from the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) of the Philippines will meet with representatives of Russia’s Gamaleya Scientific Research Institute on Wednesday to discuss Manila’s participation in phase 3 trials of the Russian coronavirus vaccine, Philippine Health Undersecretary Maria Rosario Vergeire said.

Turkey to Continue Seismic Drilling in Mediterranean Despite Greece's Objection, Minister Says

ANKARA (Sputnik) - Turkey will continue to explore the seabed of the Eastern Mediterranean in search for hydrocarbon reserves, Turkish Energy Minister Fatih Donmez said on Wednesday on the backdrop of renewed escalation with Greece, which considers the area of drilling part of its own exclusive economic zone.

Introvert's Dream: Most Isolated Houses Across the Globe

At least once in their lives everybody has had the idea of going somewhere far, far away, where there is no evil boss, household chores, and where no one will surely "nag" over trifles. We're all looking for a peaceful and quiet place to stay.

'Good Thing They Have Brexit Coming to Boost Economy': Twitter Users Mock UK Amid Recession, Covid

Brits were left to digest the news of an economic recession hitting the country, and some took on the distressing report with a pinch of humour.

This is the End: Universe Will Die in Last Black Dwarf Supernova, Study Claims

The eventual shrinking of existing white dwarfs into superheavy black dwarf stars that hardly emit any heat or light will ultimately see the last one blow up due to so-dubbed “quantum tunnelling”, it has been suggested. But, luckily, we have quite some time to reflect on the scenario.

Beijing to Raise TikTok, WeChat Ban With Trump in Phase One Trade Talks as US-China Relations Slide

Chinese officials are set to address the issue with US president Donald Trump in a bid to mitigate a major trade row between the two sides, which worsened after the latter passed numerous measures aimed at blocking Beijing's access to US markets and key technologies over recent months.
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