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Feeling Tired? Watch Out, It May Predict How Soon You Will Die!

As we get older, it's natural to tire more easily, but new research suggests it might be unwise to overlook heavy eyelids.

Commemoration Ceremony Takes Place in Auschwitz on Holocaust Remembrance Day

Auschwitz concentration camp was a network of over 40 concentration and extermination camps operated by Nazi Germany in occupied Poland during WWII. Up to 1.5 million people, mostly Jews, died at Auschwitz between 1940 and 1945.

Sarah Palin Dines in Restaurant Two Days After Getting COVID – Video

Palin, who is known for her strong anti-vaccination stance, once said in an interview that "it'll be over my dead body that I get a shot."

Shooting Starts Between Kyrgyz, Tajik Border Forces, Kyrgyzstan Says

According to the Kyrgyz border service, the Tajik side has used "mortars, grenade launchers" during fire exchange with Kyrgyz border guards.

Russian Survivors of Nazi Camps Ask Putin to Create Day to Commemorate Genocide of Soviet People

Thursday marks Holocaust Remembrance Day – commemorating the anniversary of the 27 January 1945 liberation of the Auschwitz death camp by the Red Army and the millions of Jews, Roma, political prisoners and others killed by the Nazis. Russian civil society groups have suggested that the Nazis’ Soviet victims should also be remembered.

Indian Actress Shweta Tiwari Sparks Row by Saying God Measures Her Bra Size – Video

The 41-year-old actress is well-known for her performances in Hindi television shows such as Kasautii Zindagii Kay, Parvarrish, Begusarai, and Mere Dad Ki Dulhan.

Hollywood Hunk Jason Momoa Rocks Disheveled Look, Snapped Camping in RV After Split From Lisa Bonet

Aquaman and Game of Thrones Star Jason Mamoa and American actress Lisa Bonet stunned fans and media as they announced their plans to divorce earlier this month. The celebrity couple, which had been together for 17 years, revealed they were "parting ways" after "feeding and growing from the seismic shifts occurring."

Germany’s SPD Says Europe Cannot Remain Peaceful for Long Without Russia

BERLIN (Sputnik) – Lasting peace in Europe is impossible without Russia, but any Russian aggression will require retaliatory measures, Lars Klingbeil, a co-leader of Germany's ruling Social Democratic Party (SPD), said on Thursday.

Workers Participate in Strike in Paris to Demand Pay Rise

Earlier this month, French teachers walked out in a nationwide strike to protest the government's anti-COVID strategy and demand better protection for pupils and staff.

Snuggle Time: Watch Baby Monkey Hug Tourist in Mexico

The internet is flooded with clips of adorable moments between animals and humans. Here's another super cute video.

Retired US General Urges NATO to Keep Ukraine Out for the Sake of Peace With Russia

Russia-NATO relations have hit a low unseen since the Cold War over the Western alliance’s eastward creep, and plans to incorporate Ukraine into the bloc. Last month, Moscow offered the US and its allies a way out of the crisis via a pair of security proposals which would guarantee Ukraine’s non-bloc status. Washington has rejected the proposals.

Puzzled That Olympians Get Free Condoms Amid COVID Restrictions? Here is Why

COVID-19 measures set in place for the upcoming Winter Olympics in Beijing instruct personnel and athletes within the closed loop "bubble" to steer clear of hugs, high-fives and handshakes, no matter how tempted they might be in the scintillating atmosphere.

Wedding of Indian Actress Mouni Roy & Suraj Nambiar Breaks Internet – Photos

Indian actress Mouni Roy, who shot to fame for her TV shows Devon Ke Dev Mahadev and Naagin, started dating Dubai-based banker Suraj Nambiar in 2019. The couple, who remained tight-lipped about their relationship, reportedly met each other in a Dubai nightclub on New Year's Eve three years ago.

Cloudy, With a Chance of Reptile Rain: Iguana Fallout Warning Issued in Florida

The warning in question seems to be nothing new for those living in Florida, as NWS Miami made a similar announcement last year.

Radiation-Emitting Space Object Identified as 'One of the Brightest Radio Sources in the Sky'

The unusual object was spotted by Curtin University honours student Tyrone O'Doherty using the Murchison Widefield Array (MWA) telescope.
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