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Port Canaveral wins $908,015 federal grant to upgrade security measures

The grant award comes at a time when threats against seaports are evolving and becoming more sophisticated.

Financial Q&A: How does dollar-cost averaging protect against losses?

Dollar-cost averaging (DCA) is buying into a holding with a fixed dollar amount at fixed time intervals.

L3Harris CEO Brown says merged company is staying strong, coping with coronavirus

Melbourne-based company is one year into a blockbuster "merger of equals" that brought together the former Harris Corp. and L3 Technologies Inc.

COVID-related driver shortage hits Waste Management, impacts collection

In a sign of COVID's impact on business, Waste Management asked for county's OK to stop collecting recyclables as coronavirus left it short of drivers

County Commission OKs $10M program to help small businesses, nonprofits hurt by coronavirus

Federal CARES Act money will be used for grants of up to $10,000 apiece to offset expenses related to the coronavirus pandemic

Carnival delays debut of Mardi Gras at Port Canaveral from November to February

The delivery of the cruise line's largest ship has been delayed because of construction delays related to the coronavirus pandemic

HOA boards entitled to exercise business judgement when making decisions

Many communities choose to kick expenses down the road, despite the later increased expense that may result.

County Commission designates some CARES Act money to help job creation, food banks

County Commission took no action on proposal to provide grants of up to $10,000 apiece for small businesses negatively impacted by COVID-19

Lober says he did right thing pushing for county mask regulation that didn't get support

Instead, commissioners voted 4-1 in favor of non-binding proclamation to "strongly encourage" businesses to post their mask policies at entrances.

County Commission rejects mandating masks at local businesses

Instead, county commissioners OK nonbinding proclamation to "strongly encourage" businesses to post their face mask policies at their businesses.

County Commission to debate how to provide aid to businesses impacted by coronavirus

Task force is recommending that up to $30M of federal aid be designated to help small businesses recover from the economic impacts of COVID-19

Brevard County manager issues mask-wearing administrative order for county employees

Order applies to employees in jobs that involve face-to-face interactions with the public or other employees, when unable to social distance
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