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Grassroots Cannabis Raises $90 Million To Continue Blooming As Multi-State Operator

Through its 119 million-square-foot in cultivation space, Grassroots Cannabis produces its own line of flower, concentrates, vapes and edibles which are sold in its 15 dispensaries located in 11 states.

PagerDuty Joins A Flurry Of Silicon Valley Companies Planning To Go Public This Year

On Friday, operations management software company, PagerDuty, filed for an S-1 in a step forward in going public joining a band of startups planning to launch their IPO in 2019.

These 7 Skills Can Help You Increase Your Account-Based Marketing abilities

Success in account-based marketing has become a skill, just like any other type of digital marketing. Therefore, you have to be willing to learn and improve. Here are seven skills, specifically, that will help your account-based marketing abilities.

Square Cofounder Tristan O’Tierney, Who Created The Company's iPhone App, Dies At Age 35

Square co-founder, Tristan O’Tierney, the engineer credited with developing the payment company’s first iPhone app, died in a Florida hospital on Feb. 23.

Put The Power Of Digital Retail In The Hands Of Your Firstline Workers

Inc.Digital and Forbes Insights’ recent research, based on algorithms incorporating 26 sets of metrics of digital transformation success across 135-plus variables, reveals that successful retail companies think about transformation very differently from their less successful peers.

Former Yahoo CEO And Super Bowl MVP Invest $75 Million In California Startup For ‘Cannabis Curious’

San Jose based cannabis retailer, distributor and grower, Caliva announced its first round of funding with plans to continue growing throughout the golden state.

These 5 BabyTech Gadgets Rocked The Cradle At CES 2019

It's never too soon to digitize your offspring, the Consumer Electronics Show had an array of gadgets to help automate some of the least favorable parts of parenting.

The 10 Most Important SEO Strategies For Your WordPress Blog in 2019

You can take your Wordpress SEO to the next level. Following are 10 ways to make sure your WordPress site and content are optimized to the fullest.

Move Slow and Make Things: Airtable’s Howie Liu Built A $1B Software Giant Emphasizing Substance Over Speed

By focusing on design and user experience, Airtable’s hot, cloud-based software has taken hold in 80,000 organizations from Netflix to small profits. Can it be the next Microsoft?

4 Reasons Your Team May Be Overwhelmed by Social Marketing

Understand why social marketing feels overwhelming to you. Getting over those initial bumps will help you craft a more effective and powerful social strategy. Here are four primary overwhelming reasons that you can come to recognize and learn from:

Kyocera BrandVoice: Can The Right Office Equipment Improve Our Legal Culture?

The legal industry is facing pressure to embrace technology. To stay competitive, it’s vital for your firm to embrace system automation, improve your workflow processes and reduce your costs.

5 Ways a Calendar Tool Helps You Set Realistic Expectations for Your Day

It’s how we manage our expectations that can keep us productive, focused, and content. The good news is that you can use your calendar to set-up realistic expectations for your day through the following five ways.
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