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New York Giants Release Golden Tate, David Mayo In Cap Clearing Moves

The New York Giants terminated the contracts of receiver Golden Tate and David Mayo to clear some much needed cap space ahead of the start of free agency.

Travel Snapshot: QAnon’s March 4 Threat Has Washington, D.C. On High Alert

As law enforcement prepares for potential violence, this is what awaits visitors to the capital in this moment.

Asteroid Apophis: Huge ‘God Of Chaos’ Rock Will This Weekend Flyby Earth But What Happens Next Time?

Our most famous "potentially hazardous" asteroid will make a close approach to Earth this weekend, but it's a closer pass in 2029 that is getting astronomers concerned.

Vacation Ideas That Can Reduce Your Doomscrolling Habit

Hotel discounts, underground escapes and low light sanctuaries can encourage you to put down the phone and start living again.

A New Winery In Sonoma With A Stunning Hospitality Space Grapples With Covid

Aperture Estate is a stunning architectural and artistic winery and hospitality center in Sonoma County, California, that unfortunately had their grand opening in April 2020 dampened by Covid yet they are finding new purpose in their space.

Sen. Tom Cotton Reveals He’s Holding Up Merrick Garland’s Confirmation Vote

The Arkansas senator said Garland ‘refused to answer basic questions’ particularly ones about illegal immigration.

The Tesla Of Air Purifiers - An Interview With Molekule CEO, Jaya Rao

Jaya Rao shares her experience as the CEO of Molekule along with inspirational career advice through her journey.

IOS 14.5 Public Beta 3 Lets You Choose Your Default Music Service

iOS 14.5 Public Beta 3 gives testers back a feature that we had in Public Beta 1, plus the Find My app gets a mystery ability.

$8.8 Billion ‘Giant Sunflower’ Passes Latest Test As NASA Preps For A Heart-Stopping Launch

The James Webb Space Telescope is almost ready for its million mile journey into space to probe the origins of the Universe.
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