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Backlash Against Renewables Surged In 2021, With 31 Big Wind And 13 Big Solar Projects Vetoed Across US

Land-use conflicts are the binding constraint on the growth of renewables and the industry’s growth is already being hindered by the rural backlash. In 2021 alone, 31 communities rejected Big Wind projects and 13 others rejected proposed Big Solar projects.

Warzone’s Latest Patch Still Doesn’t Fix The Game’s Most Irritating Bug

Warzone's latest patch makes some big improvements to the game and has some important fixes, but one supremely annoying glitch remains.

Kenyon G2 Grill Review: A Portable Electric Grill That Turns Your Kitchen Into A BBQ

The new Kenyon G2 Grill is an indoor/outdoor portable electric grill that can hold its own with gas and charcoal models and makes mouth-watering grill lines. Here is the full review.

Powell’s Pessimistic Press Conference Panics Vacation Packing Investors

The timing of Powell’s hawkish press conference couldn’t be worse for Asian markets as many investors have exited for vacation or are packing their bags for Chinese New Year’s.

Laptops Designed For The Future

As hybrid work arrangements become the norm, professionals are seeking laptops that couple ergonomic design with high performance.

2022 Customer Experience Predictions: What To Expect In The Rapidly Changing World Of Online Shopping

The common theme of all these predictions is that consumers will come out ahead in 2022 — and so will the brands that take their customer experience to the next level in the next year.

Six Steps To Follow When Making A Career Change

Your reasoning for making a change can be tangible or rather esoteric, but it needs to be planned and executed in a manageable and measurable way in order to be a success.

Did The ‘Vegan Mafia’ Overhype Beyond Meat Stock?

The main agenda of the vegan mafia is to create as much hype as possible to drive investments and media coverage of their favorite start-ups.

Major In-Depth Global Study By Adecco Shows What Governments Did Right To Protect Its Citizens During The Covid-19 Pandemic

The Adecco Group's analysis offers key insights into the labor market and how differing economic and health measures introduced by governments during the pandemic have shaped the evolving world of work.

Here’s Which Free ‘Genshin Impact’ 4 Star You Should Choose For Prosperous Partnerships

Genshin Impact is once again doing something rather rare, giving out a totally free 4 star character to players with relatively little effort. As part of the Lantern Rite Prosperous Partnerships event, players are able to claim a free 4 star from Liyue/

Lizzo Goes Down A Tech-Enabled ‘Rabbit Hole’ In New Campaign For Logitech

In an interview with Forbes, the pop star discusses technology, creator culture, working with brands and why she chose a tech company to debut her new song.
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