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Sporting: Three Viking Claps for Iceland!

On a World Cup family adventure, we rooted with old and new friends at a Reykjavik bar for our new favorite team.

Fans Speculate as Brazil Footballer Fred's WAG Seen With 'Love Bite'

15:04 » SPUTNIK
Brazilian football star Fred is in Russia for the World Cup and it seems that he is missing his girlfriend as he posted an old photo of them together. Instagram fans were quick to point out a cut on the girl’s lips.

This is actually the meaning of purge in football

14:53 » SDNA
Vasilis Papatheodorou writes about the actual purge in football which is being promoted by the strong changes at referee boards, with the notorious ones only whistling... at the train stations...

Twitter Abuzz as Maradona Spotted 'Crying' at Argentina-Croatia Match

14:31 » SPUTNIK
The Argentine football legend came to the Nizhny Novgorod Stadium where Argentina faced Croatia to support his national team only to witness them suffer a devastating 3-0 loss.

World Cup 2018: I bumped into a Russian hooligan at 3am in Moscow - and this is what I learned

No alcohol, weekly training sessions, and an unwavering dedication to fighting football fans: the life of a Russian hooligan, as told to an unsuspecting English fan in Moscow

How Russia 2018 is inspiring more women to go to football games

13:32 » The Guardian
Fans say atmosphere at World Cup is much more positive and inclusive than domestic games In the shadow of The Motherland Calls , the world’s tallest sculpture of a woman, Anna, 28, was having a stroll in Volgograd before the World Cup game between...

Keepy Uppy review – back-of-the-net football fun

12:57 » The Guardian
York Theatre Royal A keen young player bonds with his mum on the way to a big match in Tutti Frutti’s imaginative kids’ show As England pursue World Cup glory, the hero of Tutti Frutti ’s new show for children aged three and above has more modest ...

US Anti-Doping Agency Head Urges FIFA to Test Russia Team for Doping - Reports

12:45 » SPUTNIK
MOSCOW (Sputnik) - The US Anti-Doping Agency's CEO Travis Tygart has called on FIFA to test the Russian national football team for doping following their opening victories at the World Cup, The Telegraph outlet reported Thursday night.
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