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Liverpool and Manchester United meet again in a different world with football providing semblance of normality

The safe continuation of the sport should be cause for celebration, not used as a threat to give the illusion of competence

Marcus Rashford: the making of a food superhero

9:39 » The Guardian
Coaches, charity workers – and the footballer himself – reveal what drives the man who twice tackled Boris Johnson on child hunger and won Show me the child at seven and I will show you the man, the old wisdom says. But in football terms, you neve...

Messi 'Happy' With Barcelona and Will Make Every Effort to Stay, Club's Presidential Hopeful Says

9:17 » SPUTNIK
The future of the Argentinian football superstar at Barcelona has been a matter of hot debate and speculation since he informed the club about his desire to leave last summer. Although he later confirmed he will continue playing for Barca, other c...

Packers beat Rams to reach NFC Championship game

2:38 » BBC News
The Green Bay Packers move into the NFC Championship game for the second successive season as they beat the Los Angeles Rams 32-18.

De La Salle 26, Oak Park 20 in single OT

Warren De La Salle beats Oak Park, 26-20, in single overtime in Warren for their MHSAA Division 2 Semifinals football game, Saturday afternoon.

Chase Young Shows Gifted Tom Brady Jersey on IG with 'Go Blue' Written on It

Chase Young requested just one thing of Tom Brady after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback eliminated the Washington Football Team in the Wild Card round...
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