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FBI seeks ID of woman after skeletal remains found near Camp David in Maryland

FBI investigators were attempting to identify the body of a woman whose remains were found near a hiking trail in Maryland around a mile from Camp David.

7 of 8 Chicago shooting victims in Tuesday attack were struck in the head: reports

Seven of the eight people shot inside a Chicago home early Tuesday morning were struck in the head, police said Wednesday, according to reports.

Color-coded bracelets aim to help customers gauge comfort levels for interactions

A Wisconsin grocery store is giving its customers the option to choose color-coded bracelets to signal to others how comfortable they are with spontaneous interactions, a report said.

Missing California woman's husband contests gun violence restraining order, claims he was detained 'illegally'

The husband of missing California woman Maya Millete is contesting a gun violence restraining order (GVRO) that was filed against him last month, claiming that his guns were seized illegally by police.

Former Marine jailed in Russia pleas for release, says he would 'appreciate if my country' would bring me home

A former Marine from Texas jailed in a Russian prison is asking the Biden administration to help bring him home following nearly two years of detention in which he contracted COVID-19 and has had limited contact with his family.

Lap dance-starved men pack Sapphire after NYC lifts COVID restrictions

With Cuomo’s announcement Tuesday that he was lifting COVID restrictions on commercial and social settings, gentlemen packed into all three locations of jiggle joint Sapphire for the return of some skin-on-skin contact.

NYC police target fake license plates, many linked to drive-by shootings and other crimes, officials say

Authorities in New York City vowed Wednesday to crack down on counterfeit paper license plates, which have been tied to drive-by shootings, toll evasions, crashes and other issues throughout the city.

NYPD seeks man accused of disturbing encounter with 10-year-old girl in her bedroom

New York City police are looking for a man who they say broke into the Greenwich Village home of a 10-year-old girl and rubbed his penis on her feet.

2 South Carolina executions halted until firing squad formed

The South Carolina Supreme Court on Wednesday blocked the planned executions of two inmates by electrocution, saying they cannot be put to death until they truly have the choice of a firing squad option set out in the state’s newly revised capital punishment law.

Texas Border Patrol agents bust U-Haul truck smuggling 27 illegal immigrants

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agents at the Laredo Sector in Texas intercepted a U-Haul truck carrying 27 illegal immigrants in a suspected smuggling operation.

Tom Ridge suffers stroke, hospitalized in critical condition

Tom Ridge, a former Republican governor of Pennsylvania and the first U.S. secretary of Homeland Security, suffered a stroke Wednesday at his residence in a suburb outside of Washington, D.C.

Thief steals Qatar consul general’s car, crashes in NYC

A vehicle registered to the consul general of Qatar was stolen in Manhattan Wednesday by a thief who then crashed into several vehicles and an outdoor eatery before he was arrested, police said.

Texans will be able to carry handguns in public without a license on Sept. 1 under 'constitutional carry' law

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a “constitutional carry” bill into law on Wednesday that will allow Texans to carry a handgun in public without a license starting on Sept. 1.

Kentucky T-ball game turns into violent brawl between parents, kids left in tears

A Kentucky T-ball championship game erupted into a brawl Monday when parents began brawling on the field after a spectator ran onto the field, leaving the young players in tears amid the chaos.
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