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Bill Gates partly blames Facebook, Twitter, for coronavirus spread

With coronavirus cases continuing to rise across the U.S., Bill Gates has partly laid the blame on social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter, saying they can do better at curbing the spread of misinformation about the virus.

Artificial intelligence linked to Bin Laden raid is being used to find future threats

After raiding Usama Bin Laden's compound, the government used artificial intelligence to discover future al-Qaida plans.

Twitter's Dorsey donates 'unprecedented' $20M to Sean Penn’s CORE charity for coronavirus relief

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has donated an “unprecedented” $20 million through his #startsmall fund to Community Organized Relief Effort (CORE), actor Sean Penn’s disaster relief organization, to help fight the coronavirus in the US.

New Army AI technology accelerates multi-target attacks

A forward-operating Army unit is under heavy fire and poised to attack. The soldiers are armed with small arms weapons, shoulder-fired missiles, drones and even helicopter support, yet commanders need to know which among many targets to hit.

Pentagon will deploy its new B-21 stealth bomber to Pacific

The Pentagon plans to deploy its emerging B-21 stealth bomber in the Pacific as part of a decided effort to ensure technical superiority, sustain deterrence and, if needed, hold potential adversaries at risk.

5 free downloads to keep your PC or Mac secure

The FBI has seen a significant spike in cybercrime reports since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Hackers, scammers, and snoops are having a field day. Be sure to check for any updates to your gear.

Amid Facebook boycott over hate speech, ads for 530 brands set to disappear from platform

Advertisements for 530 brands -- including Unilever, Adidas, White Castle, Starbucks and Coca-Cola -- are set to disappear from Facebook starting today as the Stop Hate for Profit boycott campaign gets going.

Netflix pledges $100 million toward economic initiatives for black communities

Netflix is pledging 2 percent of its cash holdings, initially up to $100 million, to provide economic opportunity for the black community.

NASA's wearable device will warn you if you try to touch your face

In an effort to stop the spread of SARS-CoV-2, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has cautioned people to avoid touching their faces. Now, NASA has taken that one step further and created a wearable device to remind people to do so.

Tulsa community rallies support for 2 officers shot during traffic stop with prayers, flowers

Hundreds of people attended a prayer vigil as the Tulsa community rallied to show support for two police officers fighting for their lives after they were shot during a traffic stop, according to a report.

How to find everything Microsoft knows about you

It’s no secret how much Big Tech companies know about all of us. I bet Google comes to mind first. Tap or click here to see everything Google has on you with one quick download.

Army AI-enabled robots may fire weapons in war to defend against attacks

What if artillery rounds, mini-drone swarms of explosives, rockets and even air-fired missiles are all approaching forward-positioned Army troops at the same time? Imagine that these incoming weapons are dispersed, varied and fast approaching. How do ground commanders avoid being overwhelmed and destroyed? Could AI help solve this lethal predicament?

Reddit bans page used by Trump supporters

Reddit says the pro-Trump community hosted and promoted rule-breaking content, antagonized other communities and that the group's leaders have failed to meet basic expectations.

YouTube bans David Duke, Richard Spencer, more for hate speech

YouTube has banned several prominent white supremacist channels, including those belonging to David Duke and Richard Spencer.
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