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Hacker releases Las Vegas school district's students, employees information: report

A hacker has released a cache of private information of students and employees that was stored by a Las Vegas school district after officials allegedly refused to provide them with the requested ransom, according to officials and a report.

Man wearing bra and panties kills Grindr date with machete in the Bronx: NYPD

A Grindr hook-up ended in bloodshed in the Bronx Sunday after a dispute over sex acts drove a man wearing a bra, panties and dress to fatally slash the man he met on the dating app with a machete, cops said Monday.

New Army ‘Accelerated Multi-Node Attack’ enabled by AI at Project Convergence 2020

Gray Eagle drones were armed with HELLFIRE missiles and GBU-69 glide bombs, 155mm artillery weapons fired rounds 60km (37.3 miles) to destroy SA-22 enemy air defenses and armored ground combat vehicles directly hit multiple T-72 tanks during the Army’s Project Convergence 2020 at Yuma Proving Grounds, Ariz.

'Attacking at speed': Army Project Convergence and breakthrough lightning-fast war

The U.S. military recently conducted a live-fire full combat replication with unmanned-to-unmanned teaming guiding attacks, small reconnaissance drones, satellites sending target coordinates to ground artillery and high-speed, AI-enabled “networked” warfare.

Walgreens cashier pays for customer's items with her last $20

Rita Burns, a Walgreens cashier, personally paid for her customer’s $12 light bulbs with the last $20 in her bank account.

Vermont man visits cemetery, thanks 3,200+ veterans buried there: 'They're all heroes'

A Vermont man spent his Wednesday morning paying respects to more than 3,200 veterans buried at the Vermont Veterans Memorial Cemetery.

Good Samaritan awarded year of free, unlimited subway rides after helping police catch NYC train derailment suspect

“New Yorkers are known for putting others ahead of themselves, and that's exactly what Rikien Wilder did," MTA Chairman and CEO Patrick Foye said in a statement. "While we don't want members of the public placing themselves in danger by jumping onto the tracks, this brave Good Samaritan is a hero three times over - for removing debris, alerting personnel, and making sure the alleged perpetrator...

Ransomware attack results in death at German hospital

The first ransomware-related death means that sensitive data isn’t the only victim of these attacks.

Air Force to launch new 'hardened' war satellite by 2022

What if Air Force fighters and bombers were successfully attacking an enemy with absolute precision and exact targeting data when all of a sudden their GPS signals disappeared or got hacked?

F-35 and F-22 fighter jets might be able to share data while keeping 'stealth attack' mode

If an F-22 and F-35 were both operating in full stealth attack mode behind enemy lines, striking air defenses, searching for targets and preparing the airspace for a less-stealthy air campaign, then how do the undetectable fifth-generation fighter jets communicate with each other without generating a potentially detectable electrical signal, giving away their position?

FBI warns on 'foreign actors' spreading disinformation on election results

The FBI issued a warning to “raise awareness” of the threat posed by disinformation in the wake of the 2020 elections.
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