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The 1980s-era Abrams tank lives on with new weapons

It may have the same basic external configuration, weight and 120mm cannon, but today’s Abrams tank is, simply put, far more lethal than ever before due to the addition of sensors, ammunition, armor, EW (Electronic Warfare) and new weapons.

Army improves Abrams tank gun system with upgraded fire control

The Army has been upgrading and augmenting the attack system for its Abrams tank to ensure a clearer view for gunners looking to find, engage and destroy targets.

California firefighters deliver baby after responding to 911 call

A family in California is thanking a group of firefighters who responded to a 911 call in a matter of minutes and helped deliver their baby.

New post-coronavirus clinic to focus on lingering symptoms in patients

Physicians who saw a growing number of patients struggling with post-coronavirus respiratory issues and lingering symptoms hope that a new clinic specifically designed to promote recovery will address this population’s needs.

Trump in Arizona: 'We don't have freedom of the press. We have suppression of the press'

President Trump told supporters in Arizona that the U.S. does not have freedom of the press after the New York Post’s Hunter Biden stories were censored on social media.

Facebook, Twitter CEOs struggle to name a single liberal who has been censored on their platforms

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey struggled to name a single liberal person or entity who has been censored by their social media platforms on Wednesday during the Senate hearing on Big tech.

Democrats accuse GOP of trying to 'browbeat' tech execs with hearing ahead of Election Day

Democrat senators accused their Republican colleagues of trying to “browbeat” tech executives at a committee hearing on Section 230 protections ahead of Election Day.

Bill McGurn slams 'outrageous behavior' from media suppressing Hunter Biden allegations

After Hunter Biden’s former business associate Tony Bobulinsky gave an interview on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Tuesday, Wall Street Journal columnist Bill McGurn reacted to the interview pointing out that the story has been covered up by the media and social media companies.

Army fires tank-killing robots armed with Javelin missiles

The U.S. Army will soon operate robots able to destroy enemy armored vehicles with anti-tank missiles, surveil warzones under heavy enemy fire and beam back identified targeting details in seconds due to rapid progress with several new armed robot programs.

Election meddling by Iran, Russia, China to amp up prior to presidential election

In the wake of the Treasury Department citing “brazen attempts to sow discord” in the U.S. election process by Iran, other nation-state actors are ratcheting up activity in the final week before the election.

Big Tech giants summoned to Senate after 'Social Dilemma' backlash

The giants of social media are facing a dilemma of their own after a Netflix documentary about the issues caused by their services sparked a senate hearing slated for this Wednesday.

FCC proposal could allow Chinese satellite interference, official warns

The Federal Communications Commission is proposing to remove 45 of the 75 megahertz set aside for the U.S. government’s Safety Bands to unlicensed Wi-Fi which, according to a senior U.S. government official, “will compromise military readiness.”
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