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Dutch police uncover Netherland’s largest-ever cocaine lab in former riding school, arrest 17 suspects

Dutch police have uncovered what they described as the biggest cocaine laboratory ever discovered in the Netherlands, leading to the arrest of 17 suspects from Colombia, Turkey and the Netherlands.

New Zealand suspects 4 more coronavirus infections as search ongoing to find mystery source

Health authorities in New Zealand were scrambling Wednesday to trace the source of a new outbreak of the coronavirus as the nation's largest city went back into lockdown.

Scotland train derailment causes 'serious injuries,' reports say

Just before 10 a.m., police, several ambulances, an air ambulance and fire engines rushed to the railway line near Stonehaven, about 100 miles northeast of Edinburgh, where the train had derailed.

Tropical Storm Josephine forecast to form in Atlantic, would set another hurricane season record

An area of disturbed weather is expected to become the next tropical storm on Wednesday, potentially setting another record for a busy 2020 Atlantic hurricane season.

Decomposing corpse discovered inside basement of historic Paris mansion during restoration

French authorities have opened a homicide investigation after a corpse that had been decomposing for 30 years was found in the basement of a Parisian mansion during renovations.

As the US moves out of Afghanistan, Iran cements ties with the Taliban and officials

As the United States draws down its troops from the conflict-beleaguered Afghanistan, cracks are emerging that neighboring Iran is entrenching itself into all sides – shoring up ties with formal government officials and ethnic minorities, as well as the Taliban and disgruntled new Taliban offshoots.

Russia claims they are first country to approve COVID-19 vaccine

Russian President Vladimir Putin praises the vaccine's effectiveness while scientists remain skeptical.

Italian man gets fined over rooster’s constant early-morning crowing

Cock-a-doodle-doos are not welcome in Italy. Or at least that’s how it seems to be in small towns like Castiraga Vidardo, where an 83-year-old man received a fine over a rooster’s incessant early-morning crowing.

Head of Russian fund backing Sputnik coronavirus vaccine is fully confident it will work

The head of the Russian fund which has declared full confidence in a coronavirus vaccine that President Vladimir Putin is so confident about he has injected one of his daughters with it.

Lebanon’s Prime Minister and cabinet resign in wake of deadly blast in Beirut

Violent protests erupt in Beirut as anger over deadly explosion grows; Trey Yingst reports on the latest.

Gen. Jack Keane: Other countries undermining the American people’s confidence in election process

U.S. counterintelligence chief warns that Russia, China and Iran are trying to interfere in the 2020 elections; Retired four-star Army general Jack Keane weighs in on ‘America’s Newsroom.’

Bahrain's human trafficking fight draws US recognition

A select group of countries is making efforts to fight the scourge -- among them is Bahrain, which has implemented an oper-door policy for its citizens to report suspected human trafficking crimes.

US pushes UN to extend Iran arms embargo

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo calls for United Nations to extend expiring conventional weapons embargo against Iran; Rich Edson reports from the State Department.

Belarusian opposition leader flees to Lithuania after disputing presidential election results

Belarus’ top opposition leader has fled her country after disputing the results of the presidential election and amid a police crackdown on those protesting authoritarian President Alexander Lukashenko.
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