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Biden, Putin summit has been 'bad for America': Sen. Cotton

Arkansas Republican discusses the Biden-Putin summit, says humiliating President Biden and the US is in Vladimir Putin's best interest

Spanish man sentenced to 15 years for killing, eating his mother

Police arrested Alberto Sanchez Gomez in 2019 after a friend called them, concerned over Alberto’s 68-year-old mother, Maria Soledad Gomez.

Former National Security Adviser Robert O'Brien's takeaways on Biden-Putin meeting

Robert O'Brien joined "America Reports" to analyze whether President Biden is holding Russia accountable

We should be using all leverage against Russia: Grenell

Former acting Director of National Intelligence weighs in after President Biden and President Putin speak to press

Gaza unrest: Fire balloons, airstrikes mark a new round of violence in Israel

Israel’s Defense Forces launched a counterattack into Gaza after a balloon attack sent incendiary devices floating into southern Israel.

Pompeo: The world will see U.S. as weak after Putin's solo press conference

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo weighs in on Russian President Vladimir Putin's press conference after meeting with Biden for the first time since he took office.

Putin had 'free rein' to spew propaganda in solo press conference: Pompeo

The former secretary of state said he hopes Biden is able to address Putin's remarks after the Russian leader went unchallenged.

Keane: Biden has the opportunity to 'reset the stage' with Russia

Fox News senior strategic analyst General Jack Keane (Ret.) calls for sanctions that hit Russia's oil industry as punishment for recent cyberattacks.

Colombia car bomb at military base injures at least 36

A car bomb targeting soldiers exploded at a Colombian military base Tuesday, injuring at least 36 people, according to officials.

Biden congratulates Israel’s incoming PM Naftali Bennett, vows support for 'Israelis, Palestinians'

President Joe Biden on Sunday congratulated Israel’s incoming Prime Minister Naftali Bennett after Israel’s parliament voted to approve a new government, effectively ending Benjamin Netanyahu’s historic 12 years in office.

Redfield doubts any 'meaningful' investigation on COVID origin

Fox News medical analyst Dr. Marc Siegel speaks exclusively with virologist Dr. Robert Redfield regarding organizational ability to investigate China.

Russia suspected in 'Havana Syndrome' attacks

National Security correspondent Jennifer Griffin reports on energy attacks being traced back to Russia.

Tom Cotton: Biden has been 'pathetically weak' with Russia

Senator Tom Cotton criticized President Biden's position with Russia, noting the recent hack on the Colonial Pipeline.

Until Biden shows strength, Putin will have the upper hand: Cotton

The Republican lawmaker said Biden's summit with Putin is 'ill advised' after a string of 'weak actions' against Russia. He said the president should instead focus on China, which poses a bigger threat.
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