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Bomb threats close dozens of Bulgaria schools for 2nd consecutive day

Bomb threats in Bulgaria led to closing dozens of schools for a second consecutive day. The bomb threats are believed to be linked to a hacker group involved in political extremism.

Ethiopia’s PM announces outreach to outlawed rebel group in Oromia

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister announced Tuesday his administration is attempting to talk to an outlawed rebel group in Oromia. The Ethiopian government is seeking to end the conflict.

Boat capsizes off Caribbean island of St. Kitts kills1, 16 others missing

A boat carrying 32 passengers capsized off the coast of St. Kitts, an island in the Caribbean. The accident lead to one person's death, and 16 others are still missing.

Russian court sentences single father to 2 years in prison for criticizing the war in Ukraine on social media

Alexei Moskalyov was sentenced to two years in prison for social media posts criticizing the war in Ukraine. Moskalyov wasn't present for the trials outcome after fleeing house arrest.

Footage shows two elephants in heated battle, knocking over nearby trees

Christopher Schoeman filmed an extremely rare encounter between two elephants in Kruger National Park in South Africa.

Lebanon's caretaker prime minister reverses decision to delay the start of daylight saving

Najib Mikati, the caretaker prime minister of Lebanon, reversed the decision to delay the start of daylight saving by a month. The decision was widely criticized by citizens.

Taliban shows ‘disturbing’ photos of seized US military equipment

Rep. Morgan Luttrell, R-Texas, reacts to photos released by the Taliban of U.S. military equipment seized following the Afghanistan withdrawal as House Republicans continue the search for answers on the botched evacuation.

Dozens of migrants dead in fire near US border, Mexican officials say

Dozens of migrants were killed in a fire near the U.S. border, Mexican immigration officials said Tuesday morning. (Corinne Boudreaux via Storyful)

Martina Navratilova calls World Athletics' decision on transgender females 'step in the right direction'

Martina Navratilova expressed support for World Athletics in its decision to ban transgender females from competing against biological females in events.

American people want 'transparency and accountability' for botched Afghanistan withdrawal: Cory Mills

Rep. Cory Mills, R-Fla., shares how House Republicans will hold the Biden administration accountable for the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan on 'Fox News @ Night.'

Kellie-Jay Keen: The authoritarian left has peaked

‘Standing for Women’ founder and women’s rights speaker Kellie-Jay Keen says trans-rights extremists attacked her during a speaker event.

Brazilian teacher, 71, stabbed to death by student, 5 others wounded

A 13-year-old Brazilian student reportedly stabbed a 71-year-old teacher to death and wounded five others in a knife attack at a São Paulo public school.

2 Austrian police officers injured by climate protestors outside conference, 143 detained

Two police officers were injured in a Monday struggle with climate protestors outside the European Gas Conference in Vienna. 143 people were detained over the incident.

Benjamin Netanyahu joins Piers Morgan to discuss the waves of protest threatening his government

Subscribe to Fox Nation to stream Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's interview on 'Piers Morgan Uncensored.'

Hungarian parliament approves Finland's NATO bid

Hungary's parliament on Monday voted in approval of Finland's bid to join NATO, removing a key roadblock in the Baltic nation's push for membership.
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