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‘My time has come!’: feminist artist Judy Chicago on a tidal wave of recognition at 84

On the eve of her UK retrospective Revelations, the veteran US feminist artist known for her large collaborative art installation pieces such as The Dinner Party – and for dividing the critics – is in celebratory mood On-screen interviews can be a bit low-key, the victim of time lags and muffled human connections. But not the one on which I’ve just embarked, an experience I can only describe as p…

Now You See Us: Women Artists in Britain 1520-1920 review – revelations and mystifying omissions

Tate Britain, London A Flemish ‘paintrix’ at the court of Elizabeth I, a magnificent mouth artist and a glamorous suffragette are finally given their due in a show tracing female artists’ rocky road to recognition. But the story too often takes precedence over the art Mary Delany (1700-88) was a witty memoirist of 72 when she in effect invented the paper collage in Britain. Noticing the affinity …

The big picture: Dorothy Bohm on the streets of Lisbon

The pioneering ​photographer, who would have been 100 next month, showcases her eye for the uncanny​ with this image of a newspaper stand From the moment her father took his Leica camera from around his neck and gave it to Dorothy Bohm as she boarded a train out of Nazi-occupied Lithuania in June 1939, she seemed fated to her vocation. Bohm – then Dorothea Israelit – was 14 at the time and the jo…

Out of cold storage: the miraculous rediscovery of Australian art’s most coveted fridge

In 1958 Clifton Pugh was among 11 artists commissioned to paint Kelvinator fridges, but only one – by Arthur Boyd – was known to have survived. Until now Get our weekend culture and lifestyle email Dacre King was reading about the remarkable case of a scandalous Stobie pole painted by the world famous Australian artist Clifton Pugh, which has gone missing. And then he thought about the art in his…

‘Oh my god, I am beautiful’: the people who pay to have their portrait painted

It’s never been easier to take a flattering image of yourself. So why do people commission professional portraits of themselves or loved ones? Get our weekend culture and lifestyle email They’re the artwork the public rarely sees: the custom personal portraits hanging in homes, maybe above a mantelpiece, in a study or a bedroom; images of ourselves, family and other loved ones, sometimes even our…

Mesmerising microbes: bacteria as you’ve never seen it before – in pictures

Tal Danino’s day job at Columbia University, New York, is engineering “living” medicines. “We program microbes for cancer therapy using synthetic biology,” he says. As a side hustle he manipulates and photographs the microbial world; his images are collected in a book, Beautiful Bacteria. Taking bacteria from substances such as wastewater, dental plaque or kimchi, Danino lets them multiply in a p…

Mythology, heritage, identity: student work at New York’s International Center of Photography

These images highlighting themes of climate resilience, personal trauma and identity are part of an exhibition of the work of students from more than 25 different countries The annual student showcase will be on view for at the International Center of Photography from 18 May until 2 September Continue reading...

I’m passionate about the future of Glasgow School of Art’s glorious Mackintosh building, not just its past | Rowan Moore

My call for action to rebuild isn’t ‘sentimental’, it’s an appreciation of brilliant design My call last week for a more vigorous approach to restoring the Mackintosh building at the Glasgow School of Art received an almost entirely positive response from readers, who shared my dismay at the slow progress in restoring this fire-ravaged marvel. There were, though, one or two dissenting voices, who…

Author Anne Enright on how women are captured on camera: ‘The lens has not lost its power to claim and possess’

Introducing a photography special, the author considers how women’s stories have always been told through pictures – including of their own making • 38 images that changed the way we see women (for better and for worse) I have seen only three photographs of my father’s mother. In each she is neatly dressed and proud of her son, who is the reason the picture was taken. There are perhaps 10 images …

The week around the world in 20 pictures

War in Gaza, the Russian offensive in Kharkiv, protests in Georgia, the Northern lights and the Cannes Film Festival: the last seven days as captured by the world’s leading photojournalists Warning: this gallery contains images that some readers may find distressing Continue reading...

Fragile Beauty review – Elton John and David Furnish’s photo collection goes from basic to brutal

V&A, London From glossy celebrity portraits through raw news shots to AI-driven abstracts, this epic show captures half a century of iconic images The latest exhibition of works from Sir Elton John and David Furnish’s gargantuan photography collection is everything you’d expect it to be: spangly, iconoclastic – and a little bit basic. The entry point to the V&A’s largest ever exhibition of photog…

Beryl Cook/Tom of Finland review – ‘One’s trying to make you laugh, the other’s trying to make you horny’

Studio Voltaire, London From Tom’s pert-bottomed hunks to Cook’s curvacious ladies, both artists wanted to give pleasure ‘Hate the politics, love the uniform,” would pretty much sum up Touko Valio Laaksonen’s attitude towards the Wehrmacht soldiers he encountered as a young, conscripted anti-aircraft officer in the Finnish army, fighting alongside the Germans in the second world war. After the wa…

How the world could have looked: the most spectacular buildings that were never made

A mega egg in Paris, a hovering hotel in Machu Picchu, an hourglass tower in New York, a pleasure island in Baghdad … we reveal the architectural visions that were just too costly – or too weird Did you know that, if things had gone differently, the Pompidou Centre could have been an egg? In the 1969 competition for the Paris art centre – ultimately won by Richard Rogers and Renzo Piano, with the…

‘An incredible phallic landmark!’ The grain silo gallery, a gift from the trillion dollar man

Le Corbusier called grain silos ‘the magnificent first fruits of the new age’. But what can be done with these soaring industrial cathedrals when they’re redundant? A Norwegian tycoon has the answer If you’ve ever wondered what it would feel like to be as insignificant as a kernel of corn, you can now get a good idea in Kristiansand, a city in southern Norway. Standing on the fourth floor of its …
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