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Trump social media ban sparks calls for action against other populist leaders

After US president’s ban, some wonder if action will be taken against populists accused of using social media to stir chaos “I do not celebrate or feel pride,” the Twitter boss Jack Dorsey said this week after banishing Donald Trump . But for many around the world the decision brought hope: might similar action soon be taken against other populist provocateurs they accuse of using social media ...

'Law unto themselves': the Australian battle to curb Facebook and Twitter's power

The suspension of Donald Trump’s accounts sparked outrage among conservatives but the prevailing mood is for greater regulation Nationals MP Anne Webster and Labor MP Sharon Claydon are less concerned with why Donald Trump was taken off social media, and more concerned with what platforms such as Facebook are doing to stop online defamation and abuse. Webster and Claydon are the co-chairs of th...

TikTok photoshoot of car on UK level crossing – 'sheer stupidity'

British Transport Police investigate ‘reckless’ video posted of car on working level crossing near Bolton Police are investigating after a video showing a car parked over a live railway track for a photoshoot was posted on TikTok. The clip shows a tripod and car set up by a level crossing north of Bolton with the caption: “Would you take the risk to get the shot no one else would?” Continue reading...

'Who the hell elected you?' Big tech CEOs grilled in US Senate hearing – video

Republican and Democrat lawmakers grill the CEOs of tech giants Twitter, Facebook and Google in a hearing about a federal law protecting internet companies from legal liability for content generated by its users. While Republicans focused on disinformation and the 'censoring' of Donald Trump, Democrats accused their rivals of politicising the hearing, while also questioning the mechanics of the platforms that promoted content they deemed divisive Republicans use congressional hearing to berat...

Banning Trump won't fix social media: 10 ideas to rebuild our broken internet – by experts

Away from the vitriol, researchers are investigating concrete steps companies, officials and the rest of us can take to tackle the crisis It was nearing midnight on Tuesday 12 January when the final plank of Donald Trump’s social media platform fell away. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, Snapchat and, finally, YouTube had all come to the same conclusion: that their platforms – multibillion...

GPS art: the hybrid activity mixing creativity and fitness – video

GPS art or GPX is a combination of both fitness and artistic activity. Your movements, traced by GPS signals, become the paint on a city-sized canvas. You can run, ride or walk your artwork through popular fitness tracking apps such as Strava and the path of your choosing. Tackling the streets and cycleways of Sydney, Guardian Australia find out first hand the physical challenges and creative triumphs of the activity. Continue reading...

Vaccine passports: what are they and do they pose a danger to privacy?

Race to build app for people to demonstrate Covid jab or a negative test, but rights groups worry about ‘identity checks’ Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Vaccine passports, which would allow people with immunity to Covid to prove they were at low risk of spreading the disease, are being investigated by companies and countries around the world. But the proposals have also raised fears among critics that they could underpin an oppressive digital ID system, and put ...

Wikipedia at 20: last gasp of an internet vision, or a beacon to a better future?

The naysayers said the user-written encyclopedia would never work. Now it boasts 55m articles and 1.7bn visitors a month Twenty years ago today, a tech startup called Nupedia launched a side project. The company had been hard at work producing a free online encyclopaedia, but it was slow going: its strict editing process, comprehensive peer-review and focus on expert authors meant it finished o...

One, two, tree: how AI helped find millions of trees in the Sahara

Efforts to map the Earth’s trees are growing – and could change our understanding of the planet’s health When a team of international scientists set out to count every tree in a large swathe of west Africa using AI, satellite images and one of the world’s most powerful supercomputers, their expectations were modest. Previously, the area had registered as having little or no tree cover. The bigg...

100 days of warning: inside the Boogaloo killings of US law enforcement

Extremism experts warned that the anti-government movement was planning attacks online. Why didn’t Facebook act? One hundred days before Dave Patrick Underwood was murdered on 29 May, a group of analysts who monitor online extremism concluded that an attack like the one that killed him was coming. Continue reading...

Billionaires add $1tn to net worth during pandemic as their workers struggle

Companies’ attempts at hazard pay have been paltry and fleeting as employees are threatened for protesting working conditions Billionaires in the US have increased their net worth by more than $1tn during the coronavirus pandemic, while many of their US workers have struggled with coronavirus risks in workplaces, for little to no extra pay to work in hazardous conditions, and millions of other Americans have struggled to survive on unemployment. The Amazon CEO and founder, Jeff Bezos, added m...

Samsung Galaxy S21 launch: 10x superzoom camera phone unveiled

S21 Ultra with 3x and 10x dual optical zoom camera announced plus cheaper models and Galaxy Buds Pro earbuds Samsung is attempting to fully replace high-end cameras and out-zoom its smartphone competition with the new Galaxy S21 Ultra, the firm’s first to feature a large 10x optical zoom. Announced as part of the company’s Unpacked live-streamed event, the new £1,149 Android superphone has two ...

The Force re-awakens: Ubisoft working on new open-world Star Wars game

Although details are sparse, fans are hopeful the game being developed by Massive is just the epic narrative adventure they are looking for Ubisoft is working on a new open-world Star Wars adventure, the company has revealed. Development will be handled by the French publisher’s Massive studio, previously responsible for the online shooter series, Tom Clancy’s The Division. According to a report by Wired , production of the game is still in the early stages and nothing has been revealed about...

Twitter chief says Trump ban was right decision but sets 'dangerous precedent'

Jack Dorsey: ‘I do not celebrate having to ban Donald Trump’ ‘A ban is a failure of ours to promote healthy conversation’ Jack Dorsey, the chief executive of Twitter, has said that banning Donald Trump from the platform was the “right decision” but that it sets a dangerous precedent. Related: Donald Trump becomes the first US president to be impeached for a second time – live Continue reading...

One third of Australian users have not updated Covidsafe app

New data reveals that more than two million users are using an outdated version of the contact tracing app State by state restrictions explained Covid hotspots Victoria ; NSW hotspots ; Queensland hotspots Nearly one third of the seven million Australians who downloaded the Covidsafe app have not updated to the most recent version, as new figures show the government spend on the contact tracing app has risen to $14m. The Covidsafe contact tracing app relies on as many people as possible runni...
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