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UK spent £569m on 20,900 ventilators for Covid care but most remain unused

Government was right to prioritise speed over cost, says National Audit Office Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The government spent £569m buying 20,900 ventilators to keep people alive during the Covid-19 pandemic but lack of demand means NHS hospitals have used just a few of them. All but 2,150 of the machines it bought are still being held in a Ministry of Defence warehouse in case they are needed in the coming second wave of the disease. Continue reading...

Google to lease extra 70,000 sq ft in UK offices despite remote working

New offices will reportedly be near to the under-construction ‘landscraper’ HQ in London’s King’s Cross Google is to lease an additional 70,000 sq ft in office buildings close to its £1bn new UK headquarters in London, despite telling all of its 4,500 UK staff that they will be working from home until at least July 2021 . The US tech giant, which is in the process of building a 330 metre-long o...

PlayStation at 25: it put video games at the centre of life

When the UK version launched, it was like a door opening on a new dimension of astonishing cinematic clarity and thrilling new worlds to explore There was a sense of fundamental cultural change in the air – or that’s how I remember it. Nineteen ninety-five was the year I started out in video game journalism, as a writer for Edge magazine, the most forward-looking gaming publication in the world...

Among Us is the ultimate party game of the Covid era

Launched into obscurity in 2018 but now hugely popular, this online version of wink murder, with its focus on fabrication and blame-shifting, is scarily on point There are 10 crew members trapped on a spacecraft, carrying out menial tasks to maintain vital systems, but at least one of them is an imposter who wants to sabotage their work and if possible, murder them. What sounds like the premise...

Global Microsoft outage brings down Teams, Office 365 and Outlook

Microsoft says a recent update has affected the processing of authentication requests, making cloud-based services inaccessible Microsoft has said it is investigating an outage that brought down Microsoft’s cloud-based office services including the meetings software, Teams, worldwide. Microsoft reported issues with authentication for its cloud services at around 9.25pm UTC, meaning people were ...

Marvel's Avengers: can the latest superhero game save us all?

PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X; Square Enix The characters look nothing like their cinematic counterparts, but the thrill of playing superheroes makes this game a surefire winner Marvel’s Avengers ought to be a surefire winner. A third-person action-adventure game that puts you at the controls of a selection of beloved superheroes (six at launch, although to avoid spoilers we won’t speci...

Uber granted London licence as court rules it 'no longer poses a risk'

Ride-hailing service wins appeal a year after TfL refused extension over safety concerns Uber has been granted a further 18-month licence in London after an appeal found it was a “fit and proper” company to run private hire car services. Westminster magistrates court ruled in favour of Uber almost a year after Transport for London (TfL) refused the ride-hailing firm a licence extension over saf...

US judge temporarily blocks Trump order banning TikTok app store downloads

Judge grants injunction sought by video sharing app’s owner ByteDance to allow it to remain available at US app stores A judge in Washington has temporarily blocked a Trump administration order banning Apple and Google from offering Chinese-owned app TikTok for download that was set to take effect at 11:59pm on Sunday. US district judge Carl Nichols granted a preliminary injunction sought by Ti...

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ review: Android tablet to rival the iPad Pro

Powerful Android tablet has fantastic screen, great speakers and long battery life for work and play The Galaxy Tab S7+ is Samsung’s unreserved attempt to beat Apple’s iPad Pro with an Android tablet designed just as much for work as it is for play. The new tablet comes in two sizes: the 11in Tab S7 costing £619 and the 12.4in Tab S7+ costing £799, as reviewed here. Continue reading...

20 best apps to get you organised

From improving work productivity to managing shopping lists and family commitments, these apps will help you stay in control During the Covid-19 lockdown, students and homeworkers alike have been discovering how apps from the likes of Zoom, Slack and Google have made collaboration and remote working possible . When it comes to work and personal productivity, every little improvement can make a ...

NHS Covid app does not log test results from hospitals or PHE labs in England

Flaw revealed on Twitter joins list of teething problems for long-delayed software Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage People tested for Covid-19 in NHS hospitals and Public Health England labs cannot currently share their results with the NHS’s contact-tracing app in England, it has emerged. The Department for Health and Social Care said it was “urgently working” to a...

Coronavirus drives surge in support for unionisation, say games industry activists

Unpaid overtime, 100-hour weeks, instant dismissals … the pandemic has brought fresh momentum to the games industry’s union drive Worker strikes, let alone successful ones, are vanishingly rare in the video games industry. But in August, writers at Lovestruck , a mobile app that publishes visual romance novels, went on a 21-day strike, accusing the company of unfair pay, and won a rates increase after owner Voltage initially dismissed their demands. This is part of a growing, global unionisat...

Why do students travel to university? Covid has proved they don't need to | Simon Jenkins

Freshers’ week in Glasgow has turned into a fiasco. But tech advances mean most students can become digital commuters Who ever thought it a good idea to disperse 2 million Covid super-spreaders across British cities this month? One hundred and twenty-four returning Glasgow students have already tested positive , with dozens more at Aberdeen, St Andrews and elsewhere. Six hundred are now confine...

Many Google staff may never return to office full-time post-Covid

CEO seeks ‘hybrid’ ways of operating after poll shows support for homeworking Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Google is planning for a world in which many of its employees never return to the office full-time, its chief executive has revealed. Sundar Pichai said 62% of Google employees had expressed an interest in returning to the officepart-time, and that the comp...

BPM: Bullets Per Minute review – Doom meets Rock Band in a pulsing retro blaster

PC (version tested), PS4, Xbox One; Awe Interactive Awe Interactive’s hellbound original finds the music at the heart of the first-person shooter Shooter games have always had a sneaking love affair with rhythm. Players of classics such as Halo operate as much by ear as eye, internalising the cadences of fire rates and reload times. Awe Interactive’s BPM: Bullets Per Minute borrows from actual music games by having you perform every action besides movement to a background beat, as indicated b...
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