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Biden team in race against time as new strain threatens to intensify Covid wave

More infectious B117 variant adds to monumental scale of task Vaccine deployment called ‘a dismal failure so far’ Joe Biden’s new administration is faced with a monumental task in curbing the deadliest wave of the Covid-19 pandemic so far in a race against time before a new, more contagious coronavirus variant threatens already strained US health resources. The Biden administration has mere wee...

Essex lorry deaths: two ringleaders jailed for 27 and 20 years

Other members of people-smuggling gang also jailed over manslaughter of 39 Vietnamese people The two ringleaders of the people-smuggling gang responsible for the deaths of 39 Vietnamese people who suffocated in a sealed refrigeration container as they were transported across the Channel from France have received prison sentences of 27 and 20 years. Ronan Hughes, 41, who ran a haulage company an...

‘It’s absolutely delicious!’ Guardian readers' favourite soups

From caramelised fennel and onion to Norwegian cheese, these easy-to-follow recipes will warm the chilliest winter My favourite warming soup is pear and parsnip – it sounds a bizarre combination, but it’s sweet, comforting and perfect for using up squidgey pears or bendy parsnips. Saute a leek and some garlic, add two diced parsnips, a diced potato and a diced pear, along with a bay leaf, thyme...

How Amanda Gorman became the voice of a new American era

Her recital at Joe Biden’s inauguration electrified viewers and sent the hitherto little known poet’s work to the top of the charts On Wednesday in Washington DC, a striking young woman stood at a podium on the steps of the US Capitol, surrounded by the country’s leaders, who were masked against the pandemic. She was unmasked, at a safe distance, so she could speak with resonance and force, spr...

Jill Biden encourages teachers in opening address as first lady – video

In her first solo address as first lady, Jill Biden hosted her first solo event by praising the work of teachers and promising them support during the coronavirus pandemic. Biden hailed their 'heroic commitment' and explained that she was teaching a class on the morning of the inauguration of her husband, Joe Biden Joe Biden to focus on economic recovery – US politics live Continue reading...

As Covid cases spike, Dubai works to keep its 'party central' reputation

The emirate is dependent on trade, transport and tourism - so vaccination, not lockdown, is key to keeping its economy going As if the Boohoo online fashion company had not generated enough controversy in recent months, its bosses once again found themselves in the headlines last week for hosting a four-day meeting with suppliers in the luxurious surroundings of a Dubai hotel. The company’s top...

Inauguration week: tears, rage and a brief feeling of fondness for George W Bush | Emma Brockes

It was overwhelming, joyous, pastry-filled, but then there was the comedown It’s a subdued Martin Luther King Day in the US, and we take a bus across town to visit MoMA. I haven’t been to the modern art museum in New York since before my children were born and this feels like the week for it. Everyone is jittery about the inauguration on Wednesday, about news of the Covid death count hitting 40...

German lockdown to remain in place despite drop in infection rate

As deaths mount, health minister says measures are intended to prevent Covid situation worsening Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Germany’s health minister, Jens Spahn, has called for understanding of a continuation of harsh lockdown conditions in Germany, saying they were necessary to prevent a “considerable worsening” of the current situation despite a slowdown in the rate of infections. Germany’s death toll rose to over 51,000 on Thursday, having been increasin...

'I didn’t know if I would make it out that day': Ilhan Omar on the terror of the Capitol attack

The Democratic Minnesota congresswoman speaks about the ‘traumatizing experience’ of insurrectionists invading the Capitol on 6 January Representative Ilhan Omar began to fear for her life as soon as the evacuation began. Related: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez thought she 'was going to die' during Capitol attack Continue reading...

Israel's ibex make the most of lockdown – in pictures

Nubian ibex have been roaming the empty streets of Mitzpe Ramon as Israel’s coronavirus lockdown extends to the end of the month Continue reading...

Concerns grow for children’s health as screen times soar during Covid crisis

Experts say rise in sleep and eyesight problems may also be linked to increased use of digital devices Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The rise in children’s screen time during the pandemic has triggered calls for greater interactivity and outdoor exercise to bolster learning and guard against an epidemic of shortsightedness. Time spent online has increased dramatically in the past year. Millions of pupils have been forced to switch to remote learning, while soci...

I'm in a UK Covid vaccine trial – should I also accept a 'real' jab?

My turn for an AstraZeneca dose has come up, so I need to decide whether to drop out of Novavax tests Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage I had two excellent pieces of news this week. They left me feeling utterly wretched. First, my turn came up for the AstraZeneca vaccine against Covid. I was told I could have my first jab on Thursday. Continue reading...

Alexei Navalny releases investigation into Vladimir Putin’s wealth – video

Alexei Navalny’s team has released a mammoth investigation into Vladimir Putin’s wealth , including a £1bn palace on the Black Sea allegedly built for the Russian president that the opposition leader called 'the biggest bribe in history'. Navalny’s allies plan to hold demonstrations on Saturday in about 65 cities across the country in support of the Kremlin critic, who was arrested and jailed on his return to Russia last weekend. Navalny, 44, returned to Russia on Sunday from Germany , where ...

Electric vehicles close to ‘tipping point’ of mass adoption

Sales increase 43% globally in 2020 as plunging battery costs mean the cars will soon be the cheapest vehicles to buy Electric vehicles are close to the “tipping point” of rapid mass adoption thanks to the plummeting cost of batteries, experts say. Global sales rose 43% in 2020 , but even faster growth is anticipated when continuing falls in battery prices bring the price of electric cars dipping below that of equivalent petrol and diesel models, even without subsidies. The latest analyses fo...

Insurrection and inauguration – Joe Biden's new political era - video

Following the US Capitol riot, Oliver Laughland and Tom Silverstone travel to Washington DC for the week of Joe Biden’s inauguration to find a downtown area under what is essentially military occupation and a city coming to terms with the trauma of Donald Trump’s final days in office. They speak to lifelong residents in the outer suburbs as well the US congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who tells of her harrowing experience of the 6 January riot. Trump’s former national security adviser John Bolton ra...
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