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Care home Covid rules to be relaxed in England allowing more visitors

Easing of restrictions comes as legal requirements for masks and NHS passes are dropped Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Care home residents in England will be able to receive unlimited visitors from Monday as the restrictions to tackle the Omicron variant are eased, the Department of Health has said. Self-isolation periods will be reduced from 14 days to 10 days fo...

Anti-vaxxers making ‘at least $2.5m’ a year from publishing on Substack

Center for Countering Digital Hate research calculates that anti-vaccine figures could be making $12.5m from the online platform A group of vaccine-sceptic writers are generating revenues of at least $2.5m (£1.85m) a year from publishing newsletters for tens of thousands of followers on the online publishing platform Substack , according to new research. Prominent figures in the anti-vaccine mo...

Man who drove at Maida Vale woman’s killer says he was trying to save her

Motorist asks police to de-arrest him and to treat him as a witness to Yasmine Chkaifi’s killing by her ex A motorist who says he was trying to prevent a woman from being stabbed to death when he drove his car into her attacker has urged the police to reverse a decision to arrest him on suspicion of murder. Yasmine Chkaifi , 43, was repeatedly and fatally stabbed by her ex-husband Leon McCaskre...

Teenager arrested after two Jewish men attacked in north London

Man, 18, in custody as Met says incident in Haringey is being treated as a hate crime A teenager has been arrested for a suspected hate crime after two Jewish men were attacked in north London while locking up their shop on the night before Holocaust Memorial Day. Police were called at 9.50pm on Wednesday to Cadoxton Avenue, Haringey, after receiving reports that two men had been assaulted. The...

Orcas recorded killing and feeding on blue whales in brutal attacks

Research first to document coordinated female-led pods ramming the world’s largest animal and eating its tongue before it dies From snatching sea lions off beaches to stunning fish with a strike of their tails, orcas are renowned for their highly specialised hunting techniques passed down over generations. Now, for the first time, killer whales have been recorded hunting the planet’s largest an...

Dining across the divide: ‘The climate is changing, but I doubt it is man-made’

Both diners are remainers, but will they agree on immigration, inclusion, Covid and the climate crisis? Click here if you’d like to dine across the divide Neal , 59, Isle of Man Occupation Retired IT consultant Continue reading...

Woman wins damages for rape in landmark Scottish civil case

Woman says she has ‘closure’ as court rules soldier raped her, after jury found criminal charges not proven A Scottish court has ruled that a soldier raped a woman he met in a Dundee nightclub, after she sued him in a landmark civil action which she says proves that “justice will always be done, no matter how long and bitter the journey”. In what is only the second ruling of its kind in recent ...

Kiefer Sutherland: ‘I said: I can do a really good Donald Sutherland for half the money’

Answering readers’ questions, the actor and musician talks about how he tried stealing a job off his father, his favourite item from Greggs and his Mickey Mouse tattoo Hi, Keith … What’s your favourite English expression? ClassicMacGruber I’m sure they meant to say Kief? Or maybe not? I get called Kief in England more than any other place. I met some young parents in about 2001 who had named th...

‘We have to be more humble’: the artist predicting our climate future

From disappeared mountains to continent-crossing palm trees, Noémie Goudal’s work uses deep climate history to depict the world we’re heading into ‘This show is very much about paleoclimatology – how scientists are studying the past climate partly to understand what happened but also partly to help them predict what will happen in future and how we can plan for it,” says Noémie Goudal. “It’s by...

Now that I’ve finally played The Last of Us, who wants to talk about that ending? | Dominik Diamond

Urged on by his millennial daughter, Dominik Diamond is only eight or so years late to this particular party, and finds that an ending can really make or break a game ‘OK, Dad, this is an incredible essay on the effects of grief and grey morality in a postapocalyptic society,” says the eldest child, AKA the millennial. “It’s got proper female characters, progressive takes on sexuality and tonne...

Five dead in Ukraine after national guardsman opens fire at military factory

Police detain 21-year-old suspect after shooting at missile facility in Dnipro that left five others injured Ukrainian police have detained a national guard soldier who is suspected of shooting security guards at a military factory for unknown reasons, killing five people and injuring five others, the interior minister has said. The shooting took place in the early hours of Thursday in Dnipro a...

Parents who kept kids at home for fear of Covid are reported for neglect

New York families have been caught in a web of child protective services that disproportionately affects poor families of color Paullette Healy can tick off the ways her family’s life has been disrupted over the last three months: her younger child’s nightmares, the hours she has poured into collecting evidence to prove she’s a fit parent and an arduous legal process that still looms to clear h...

America’s hottest city is nearly unlivable in summer. Can cooling technologies save it?

Phoenix’s new ‘heat tsar’ is betting on less asphalt, more green canopy and reflective surfaces to cool the sprawling heat island A surge in heat-related deaths amid record-breaking summer temperatures offer a “glimpse into the future” and a stark warning that one of America’s largest cities is already unlivable for some, according to its new heat tsar. Almost 200 people died from extreme heat ...

Honduras: can first female president usher in a new era for women?

Xiomara Castro’s inauguration will cap a remarkable rise but she faces daunting challenges around femicide and abortion Xiomara Castro will be sworn in as the first female president of Honduras on Thursday, marking the culmination of a remarkable rise to power that began just over 12 years ago when she led a massive protest movement in response to the ousting of her husband, former president Ma...

German-speaking Covid denialists seek to build paradise in Paraguay

A group of German, Austrian and Swiss immigrants has implanted an ideologically driven settlement in one of the country’s poorest regions A 1,600-hectare (4,000-acre) gated community, dubbed El Paraíso Verde, or The Green Paradise, is being carved out of the fertile red earth of Caazapá, one of Paraguay’s poorest regions. The community’s population – consisting mainly of German, Austrian and Sw...
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