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Infographic: 5 Steps To Simpler and More Secure Healthcare Endpoints

Healthcare endpoints are distributed and extremely costly to manage and maintain and high spend doesn’t equal high quality patient care with optimal outcomes, according to a new infographic by Igel. The infographic provides five ways to simplify and secure healthcare endpoints. As healthcare moves out of the brick-and-mortar traditional setting into patients’ homes and their […]

Infographic: Secure Health IT Asset Disposition

Information lifecycle management (ILM) is a precursor to successful digital transformation (DX), according to recent Frost & Sullivan research highlighted in a new infographic by Iron Mountain Incorporated. The infographic examines the maturity and readiness of ILM within organizations, the general state of DX within organizations and the relationship between ILM and DX capabilities. Between […]

Infographic: 2020 Top 10 Healthcare Industry Trends

The Healthcare Executive Group exposes widely divergent readiness and perspectives among payers and providers around value-based care, consumerism, interoperability, and more, according to its new infographic based on the results from its the 10th Annual Industry Pulse Report. The infographic lists the top 10 priorities for healthcare executives as identified by the report. Given the […]

Infographic: 3 Challenges That Affect Care Team Well-being

Alarm fatigue, workplace violence and clinician burnout affect care team well-being, according to a new infographic by Spok Inc. The infographic compiles recent statistics about the number of alarms in hospitals, the issue of workplace violence, and clinicians’ perception of burnout. Yale New Haven Health System (YNHHS) takes an on-site, embedded face-to-face approach to coordinating […]

Infographic: 3 Strategies To Improve Healthcare Performance in 2020

Working to meet evolving patient expectations while also trying to manage day-to-day operations can be challenging for healthcare organizations, according to a new infographic by Kaufman, Hall & Associates, LLC. The infographic demonstrates why insights from improved data and analytics across multiple dimensions will be critical for successful performance improvement in the years ahead. Given […]

Infographic: How IT Helps Healthcare Organizations Put Patients First

Working to meet evolving patient expectations while also trying to manage day-to-day operations can be challenging for healthcare organizations, according to a new infographic by Insight. The infographic looks at health IT best practices and trends that are helping healthcare organizations provide personalized care, reduce costs for both patients and providers, track inventory and data, […]

Infographic: Trends in Specialty Drugs

In recent years, innovation has vastly increased the number of specialty drugs. There were just 10 specialty drugs on the market in 1990; by 2008 that number had reached 200 and stood at 300 in 2015, according to a new infographic by Oliver Wyman. The infographic examines the top 10 most expensive specialty drugs and […]

Infographic: What is Fair Market Reimbursement?

Fair market healthcare reimbursement establishes a reasonable range of reimbursement rates that all providers within a local market receive from a commercial insurer or another payer, according to a new infographic by Ancore, LLC. The infographic examines how providers can better understand the rates that have been negotiated with other groups and use this information […]

Infographic: Insights on Mental Health

Poor mental health is more common than thought, according to a new infographic by McKinsey, based on the results of its national survey that sought to understand the impact of unmet social needs on consumer health outcomes, utilization and preferences. The infographic examines the impact of mental health status on healthcare utilization and unmet healthcare […]

Infographic: Generational Differences in Healthcare

Different generations want different experiences in healthcare. Giving the same patient experience across the board no longer works, according to a new infographic by Etactics, Inc. The infographic drills down into what different generations want in healthcare. UnityPoint Health has moved from a siloed approach to improving the patient experience at each of its locations […]
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