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Amid banter, NHL officials get refresher course at camp

9:09 » ABCNews.com
NHL officials exchange playful banter while also getting an on- and off-ice refresher course during an annual training camp to prepare for the upcoming season

NHL: How the sport plans to grow in China ahead of 2022 Winter Olympics

3:25 » CNN.com
As the National Hockey League continues to spread its wings the NHL is keen to grow the sport in China ahead of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

The N.H.L., Seeking Fans in China, Calls In the Great One

China wants to have 300 million winter sports fans by the time it hosts the 2022 Olympics. The N.H.L. wants to build its Asian fan base. The two missions converged this past week.

Fantasy Hockey 2018: 1st-Round NHL Mock Draft and Top Team Names

18.září » Bleacher Report
NHL players are in training camp as they prepare for the 2018-19 season. Plans are being made for successful seasons, and every team in the league would like to emulate the Stanley Cup won by the Washington Capitals last June...

Mostly Straight, Most of the Time

18.září » The Good Men Project
“I’m not sure there’s a name for what I am,” says Dillon, a college hockey player. Welcome to the world of the mostly straights. The post Mostly Straight, Most of the Time appeared first on The Good Men Project .

Nothing to 'C' here: Importance of NHL captains is changing

18.září » ABCNews.com
Nothing to 'C' here: Importance of captains in NHL is evolving with some teams deciding not to name one

Veterans will need to buy into a new system for Ducks to have success this season

18.září » L.A. Times - Sports
Whatever system the Ducks play — and they’re making a major philosophical shift from heavy hockey to a high-tempo game with quick puck movement — it will work only if players embrace it wholeheartedly as a group. If anything good can come from the...

An ordinary man is trapped in a musical in Village Theatre’s hilarious ‘The Noteworthy Life of Howard Barnes’

17.září » The Seattle Times
The Village Theatre in Issaquah presents the world premiere of uproariously funny and surprisingly touching musical "The Noteworthy Life of Howard Barnes."

Only groups standing between Seattle and NHL, new KeyArena are those that want them most

17.září » The Seattle Times
No appeals being filed against a proposed $700 million KeyArena renovation project by last week's deadline means opponents can no longer block it. Look for the NHL and Seattle City Council to work through remaining issues and a hockey franchise to...

Tryout contract with Kings gives Emerson Etem another shot at NHL

17.září » L.A. Times - Sports
Emerson Etem was the face of the Southern California hockey movement when he broke into the NHL six years ago. He was the local boy who made it. Etem was back to scoring goals on his home turf Sunday, but under much different circumstances. Etem i...
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