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Hilary Knight Sees Positives In The Changing Landscapes Of Women's Hockey

19:38 » Forbes
After winning her eighth career Women's World Championship gold medal, USA Hockey forward Hilary Knight talks about the development of the international game and why she's optimistic about the future of women's pro hockey, even after the demise of...

AP/CP survey: Players pan delay of game, goalie interference

The pace and excitement of 3-on-3 overtime isn’t just a thrill for hockey fans — NHL players love it, too. An Associated Press/Canadian Press survey of NHLPA representatives from all 31 teams found that 97% of those polled enjoy the league’s curre...

Race-baiting Boris should be nowhere near Number 10 – and the New York Yankees have shown us why

If racist language is enough to disqualify someone from singing at a baseball game or an ice hockey match, a residence in Downing Street ought to be completely out of the question

NHL to purchase carbon offsets to counter playoff air travel

23:13 » Reuters
The National Hockey League said on Monday it would purchase carbon credits to offset airline emissions of heat-trapping greenhouse gases during the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Infamous ‘Good Friday Massacre’ brawl of years past a reminder of how NHL playoffs have evolved

22.April » The Seattle Times
This year’s Stanley Cup playoffs have featured a plethora of first round upsets by teams that didn’t resort to fights and violence as motivators. It was a different league 35 years ago this past weekend, when one of the worst brawls in NHL history...

AP/CP Survey: 48 percent of NHLPA reps favor playoff change

22.April » The Seattle Times
Hockey players are conditioned to think that winning the Stanley Cup means going through the best teams to be the best team. That does not mean they are blind to some of the inequalities of the NHL’s current divisional playoff format. An Associate...

AP/CP Survey: 48 percent of NHLPA reps favor playoff change

22.April » ABCNews.com
In an Associated Press and Canadian Press survey of player representatives from all 31 NHL teams, 48 percent favor changing the current divisional playoff format
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