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AP PHOTOS: A selection of pictures from the past week

12:06 » ABCNews.com
PHOTO GALLERY: Costumed canine contestant in run-up to Westminster Dog Show in New York; visitors walk across dunes at White Sands National Monument in New Mexico; goalie protects puck during hockey game in Nashville.

No politics please, say Italian club reaping benefits of Austrian move

18:58 » Reuters
The centenary of South Tyrol becoming part of Italy marks the sixth year since Bolzano’s ice hockey club joined the Austrian League -- a move that could have been deemed a divisive statement but has proved an undoubted success for the team. Since ...

Cardboard come to life: Tracking down the colorful stories of hockey players long-forgotten

15.února » The Seattle Times
Hockey card collections are like cherished families with familiar faces that stare back for decades without speaking. In this case, a collector sets out to explore the stories and people behind some of his longest-held cards.

Putin Plays Hockey With Belarus President Despite Injury

15.února » SPUTNIK
On Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin received a minor injury in Sochi, Russia, when he joined the state national judo team for training and had a sparring session with gold medalist Beslan Mudranov.

No. 7 BYU Hockey secures MWCHL championship for first time in program history

15.února » Daily Universe
The No. 7 BYU hockey team defeated Utah State 2-0 in Logan on Saturday, Feb. 9, capturing the Mountain West Collegiate Hockey League Championship (MWCHL) for the first time in the team's history. The post No. 7 BYU Hockey secures MWCHL championshi...

Red Wings Martin Frk clears waivers, heads to Grand Rapids in horrible season

14.února » The Detroit News
Martin Frk got his wish, somewhat. Frk is going to get an opportunity to play hockey again, just not in the NHL.
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