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Transfer.sh is an instant sharing tool for programmers

22.června » TechCrunch
File sharing tools are a dime a dozen these days. There’s Dropbox, Google Drive, and iCloud. But what if you want to share something quickly and easily from the command line? That’s why programmer Remco Verhoef created Transfer.sh. The service has...

Apple’s multi-device wireless charger is so late, it won’t launch until a year after it was unveiled

21.června » BGR
We’ve seen Apple delay several products lately, whether we're talking about hardware or software. The AirPods, iPhone X, HomePod, and Messages in iCloud are just some of the delayed launches that come to mine. And then there’s AirPower, that multi...

What to do when your two-step Apple ID account is locked

21.června » Macworld
I woke up on a Friday morning, groggy with allergies, a mild cold, and a message on my iPhone. I needed to enter my password to proceed. I did so, but only after checking that it wasn’t some kind of phishing message—the message was generated on th...

The Old and New: Current Trends in Web-based Threats

Unit 42 investigates the latest trends in web-based threats. The post The Old and New: Current Trends in Web-based Threats appeared first on Palo Alto Networks Blog .

What's New in iOS 12 Beta 2: Screen Time Updates, Battery Usage Tweaks and More

19.června » MacRumors
Apple this morning released the second beta of iOS 12 to developers, and as expected, there are tweaks and changes to many of the new features introduced in iOS 12. Changes to Screen Time include new options to sort by device and view additional d...

Apple releases iOS 12 beta 2 for iPhone and iPad

19.června » PhoneArena
Today, Apple has released the newest iOS 12 beta 2 for iPhone and iPad, and developers can already install the newest version to test their apps. iOS 12 was unveiled a few weeks ago at Apple's annual Worldwide Developer Conference, or simply WWDC,...

Apple Seeds Third Beta of iOS 11.4.1 to Developers

18.června » MacRumors
Apple today seeded the third beta of an upcoming iOS 11.4.1 update to developers, one week after seeding the second beta and three weeks after releasing iOS 11.4 , an update that introduced AirPlay 2 and Messages in iCloud. Registered developers c...

How to keep some full resolution images on your iOS device, and store others in the cloud

15.června » Macworld
With iCloud Photo Library you can take endless photos on an iPhone or iPad, or upload endless images on a Mac or via iCloud.com, as long as you’re paying for the right quantity of iCloud storage. And Apple simply manages it for you. This trick com...

ElcomSoft's Latest Tool Can Allegedly Access iMessages in iCloud, But Only in Extreme Circumstances

14.června » MacRumors
Russian company ElcomSoft today claimed that the latest version of its Phone Breaker software can remotely access iMessage conversation histories stored in iCloud, although there are several strings attached. Namely, the person attempting to extra...

Tech Tip: Coming Down From iCloud

14.června » The New York Times
Apple’s cloud service is intertwined with its operating systems, but you can move many of your files to a new online home.

iPhone users are complaining that iOS 11.4 is killing their batteries

13.června » BGR
While Apple's iOS 11.4 update for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch last month introduced several highly-anticipated new features like AirPlay 2 and Messages in iCloud, it seems to have also included a nasty side effect. Dozens of users on Apple's supp...

How Messages in the Cloud protects SMS (and how it doesn’t)

12.června » Macworld
Apple recently released the long-awaited Messages in the Cloud feature through updates to iOS and macOS, and Macworld provided a how-to guide to enable it on your devices, and some warnings about the time it takes for your devices to upload all th...
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