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Litigation vs Google May Cause Ripples in Data Collection

With Data Privacy Week underway, a new lawsuit adds another wrinkle to questions about data governance, ownership, and profit.

Watson Health Sale Signals More Pragmatic AI for Healthcare

Healthcare artificial intelligence is entering a more pragmatic era following IBM's sale of the parts of its Watson Health assets to a private equity firm.

9 Hottest IT Certifications Right Now

These technology certifications not only command higher-than-average salaries, but their value also increased substantially in recent months.

Countering Disruption by Making Asset Management Systems Smarter

To continue to deliver performance, companies must mitigate their vulnerability across the value chain -- and asset performance management has an important role to play.

How to Plan a Pain-Free Cloud Migration

Are cloud migration fears keeping you awake at night? Sleep well, friend. When properly planned, moving digital assets into the cloud can be easier than you think.

25 of Our Most Popular IT Stories From 2021

In case you missed these in 2021 (or during the post-holiday haze), here's a look at some of our hottest stories from last year.

The Key to Happiness at Work? Survey Says It’s DevSecOps

(SPONSORED) The globally condensed timeline for cloud adoption (due to COVID-19) provided something of a natural experiment that allowed us to compare different approaches to cloud security and see rapid results.

How AI and Data Can Help Retail's Ongoing Pandemic Challenges

Retailers in the pandemic have faced a pivot to ecommerce, supply chain problems, labor shortages, and inflation. Here's what they can expect in 2022.

Why You Should Have an AI & Ethics Board

Guidelines are great -- but they need to be enforced. An ethics board is one way to ensure these principles are woven into product development and uses of internal data.

Nvidia, Others Hammer Out Tomorrow’s Cloud-Native Supercomputers

More stakeholders, from chipmakers to startups such as Climavision, want to deliver supercomputing performance through cloud-based resources.

Transitioning IT Careers: How (and Where) to Stand Out Right Now

While transitioning careers is never easy, applicants can take steps to make themselves a standout amongst their job competitors by adding that ‘plus.’ Also, keep an eye on cloud opps.

A Safety Inquiry on 5G Deployments at US Airports Balloons

The DOT, wireless carriers, the FAA, the aviation industry, and Biden Administration are all now involved in resolving a complex situation that airline CEOs claim could worsen air travel operations chaos beyond continuing COVID cancellations level.

Data Fabrics: Six Top Use Cases

A data fabric management architecture optimizes access to distributed data while intelligently curating and orchestrating it for self-service delivery. Here's a look at some ways a data fabric may be able to help your organization.

The Automation Paradox: The Rise of Human-Led Automation

The more we automate data analytics, the more work is required of humans to cover edge cases, provide high-level scrutiny, and put meaning behind the insights.

Tonga Volcano Highlights Global Undersea Cable Network Fragility

(From Network Computing) This week’s undersea volcano focused attention on the fragility of the oceanic cable network, which carries roughly 95 percent of intercontinental global data traffic.
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