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Microsoft Exec: How Enterprises are Democratizing Data

During her Interop Digital keynote, Microsoft's Alysa Taylor will discuss how technology has been a catalyst for accelerated value and change in 2020.

Intel Shares Its Transformation Strategy at DevOps World

Changing human behavior and leadership support were integral to driving a more agile approach to software and firmware development.

IT 2020 Emphasizes Speed, More Change Afoot for 2021

ServiceNow CIO Chris Bedi said this COVID-19 pandemic year has meant urgency and the need for speed for IT organizations. But what's coming in the year ahead?

Blockchain Use Primed to Accelerate in the COVID-19 Era

While still early in maturation, blockchain technologies are positioned to solve some of the problems of today and serve as the core infrastructure for the solutions of tomorrow.

Is Your Pandemic-Fueled Cloud Migration Sustainable?

COVID-19 shoved enterprises into the cloud. While remote work is sustainable, emergency cloud strategies are not.

Chaos Engineering: Withstanding Turbulence in Software Production

Navigating safely through these stormy waters will ensure greater confidence in and resilience of the whole system. Here are a few pointers.

Nokia Enterprise Talks 5G Driving Industry 4.0 Acceleration

Potential continues to build for possible technology applications at the edge of the forthcoming update to wireless infrastructure.

IT Leader Profile: Upgrading ERP During a Pandemic

Mukul Agrawal serves as global head of ERP and IT services at Vistaprint. Here's a look at what he's done and what he has been working on lately.

IBM Turns to WalkMe to Boost New Technology Adoption

Helping end users better understand what they can do with a new resource might boost long-term adoption.

Align Your Data Architecture with the Strategic Plan

Here's how IT professionals can help top management understand the value of data and how to use it to the company's advantage.

Why IT Departments Need to Consider Deepfakes

It's hard to tell what's real and what isn't. If one of your executives or your company is the victim of deepfakes, what's IT going to do about it?

Pandemic Accelerates Machine Learning

COVID-19 has had profound effects on the global economy. While some industries took a hard hit, others found new opportunities -- such as machine learning.

SF Giants Line Up AI to Manage Media Assets

The San Francisco Giants have digitized decades of media assets and are using artificial intelligence to manage and access what they need from the massive library.

What You Need to Know About Cloud-Native Fintech

Interop will provide IT professionals with a glimpse into how cloud, AI and other tech concepts are reshaping financial technology.
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