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The 6 Dimensions of a Winning Resilience Strategy

Identifying what needs to change and putting in place an effective resilience strategy is now a critical business differentiator.

What Will Be the Next New Normal in Cloud Software Security?

Accelerated moves to the cloud made sense at the height of the pandemic -- organizations may face different concerns in the future.

The Cloud Comes of Age Amid Unprecedented Change

The cloud is set to help businesses lead by outmaneuvering uncertainty. It's now imperative that they lean into the cloud and catch up with leaders before the gap becomes too large.

5 Reasons Open Source Is Critical To Going Cloud Native

Cloud native is in the spotlight with COVID-19-driven digitalization. Here's how open source is making it shine.

Transformation, Disruption, and Gender Diversity in Tech

Panel at the Axway Summit Americas discussed elements that may help improve gender parity in the technology scene.

How to Enable Data at Operational Speed

Achieving data at operational speed requires a fundamentally different mentality than looking to the past for answers. Here are three steps companies can take.

Key Courses for CIOs in 2021

Even busy CIOs need to make time for continuing education. Here are some key topics and courses that are worth your time in 2021.

How to Recruit AI Talent and Keep Them Happy

Data and analytics leaders looking to expand their AI teams should understand how to recruit, hire, organize, train, and retain AI talent to ensure long-term AI success.

Pandemic Responses Make Room for More Data Opportunities

The move to accelerate digital transformation and engage with customers online in 2020 increased the opportunities for gathering data.

Lessons I've Learned From My Career in Technology

After more than 30 years as an IT professional, I find it interesting that while a lot has changed, some things remain the same. Here's some advice I'd like to offer to those starting out in their careers.

Demystifying Quantum Computing: Road Ahead for Commercialization

In the coming years, quantum computers will likely far exceed the performance of today's supercomputers and as such, will open entirely new opportunities for organizations.

Why SMC Leveraged Dell Technologies to Go Hybrid Cloud

Global manufacturer opts for a unifying platform rather than a 'Frankenstein' approach to its digital transformation.

How Data is Transforming Healthcare for Patients, Providers and Payers

Data-driven digital health technologies are starting to bring seismic changes to the healthcare sector, delivering improved outcomes, increased efficiency, and lower costs.
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