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FinOps Foundation Lays Out Cloud Spending Leadership Roadmap

Education and information sharing among peers may help the market be more fiscally efficient about cloud migration.

AI's Purpose Should be to Build a More Human Experience

Using new technologies and building products with a clear purpose in mind can help organizations connect with users in a way that is more human and more useful.

Who's Responsible When IT Goes Awry?

Headline news just hit, customers are livid, lawsuits are imminent. Whom should be held responsible when an IT error disrupts business?

Lead with Purpose: Data, Analytics Cultural Challenges

Analytics, and AI offer great potential, but concerns over privacy, AI replacing humans, and negative consequences have cast a pall. Now, lead with purpose.

Empowering Women in the Workplace 365 Days a Year

In celebrating the progress companies have made with inclusion and diversity the has to be ongoing change to create a level playing field and a culture where all colleagues feel included and heard.

Lessons We Can All Learn from the Sharing Economy

Companies in the sharing economy are creating superior experiences for their customers with the aid of massive databases engineered on a global scale.

Why Your Company's AI Strategy May Not Be Its Own

Nine big tech firms are deciding your company's fate and even the fate of humanity simply because they have the most control over AI.

The Enterprise Prepares for IoT

IoT isn't quite mainstream yet, but analysts and consultants agree that the opportunity is huge, and it's time for enterprises to get ready.

There's No Tech Silver Bullet for Digital Transformation

There are four common traits of executives and organizations that will be successful with digital transformation.

15 Best Places to Work in Tech for 2019

Several familiar companies joined the list for 2019, and some of the less-familiar names from 2018 are no longer as popular as they once were.

Weighing Opinions on Going Multicloud versus Vendor Lock-In

Advantages and limitations separate these two camps when it comes to choosing a strategy for cloud transformation.

RSA Show Underscores Need for Security Focus in App Dev

Speakers and exhibitors at last week's RSA Conference outlined why DevSecOps need to be implemented throughout the software development cycle.

How to Find a Qualified Developer in a Hurry

When a deadline looms and talent is scarce the pressure builds to find developers who can hit the ground running.
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