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Get 3 Years of NordVPN Service for Just $2.99 Per Month - Deal Alert

NordVPN promises a private and fast path through the public internet, with no logs, unmetered access for 6 simultaneous devices and access to 5,232 servers worldwide. They are currently running a promotion, but you'll have to use this link to find it. Its typical price has been discounted for 3 years of service -- a good deal at just $2.99 per month. See the $2.99/month NordVPN deal here . To r...

ECMAScript roadmap: New JavaScript features for 2019

ECMAScript 2019, the planned next version of the specification serving as the basis of JavaScript, is moving forward. The first two proposals havw reached the “finished” stage thus far. To read this article in full, please click here (Insider Story)

Thinking about blockchain? Do it in the cloud

According to figures provided to CoinDesk from jobs site, searches for roles involving bitcoin, blockchain , and cryptocurrency dropped by 3.06 percent from October 2017 to October 2018. Why? My experience is that enterprises are dealing something that turned out to be much more complex than the hype led them to believe. So, many enterprises have shelved blockchain efforts, opting in...

What’s new in Rust 1.32

Version 1.32 of the Rust systems programming language is now available. To read this article in full, please click here (Insider Story)

Hook Up Your Business with Award-Winning Video Conferencing For As Little As $19.99/mo

If you’re still using a business landline, you’re likely not doing much business in 2018. Video conferencing is as commonplace as sending an email, and remote team members are increasing by the minute, making internet-based communication systems essential for any rising company. So if you’re finally looking to get your office set up with a state-of-the-art communications system, look no further...

Oracle Java Card updated for IoT applications

Oracle’s Java Card platform, which provides security for smart card and limited-memory device applications, increases support for the internet of things in Version 3.1. Java Card is a software technology providing isolation between secure hardware and software services. Typical hardware platforms that use Java Card include embedded secure elements, smart card chips, and secure systems with a ge...

JavaScript tutorial: Create a watercolor edge with P5.js

Last week we created a textured paper canvas and got a healthy dose of the P5 API and JavaScript’s Math.random() function. This week, we’re going to look at a specific element of watercolor to see if we can emulate it on our canvas: the edge color. To read this article in full, please click here (Insider Story)

Cloud management: What you need to know

When it comes to cloud services, many organizations are thinking in multiples—deploying several cloud offerings to meet a variety of business needs. To read this article in full, please click here (Insider Story)

What’s new in Google’s Android Studio 3.3

Android Studio 3.3, the latest version of Google’s IDE for building Android applications, is now available, aligning with an effort called Project Marble, to solidify fundamental IDE capabilities and polish user-facing features by reducing the number of crashes, hangs, memory leaks, and user-impacting bugs. To read this article in full, please click here (Insider Story)

MariaDB Platform X3 combines transaction processing and analytics

MariaDB Corporation, maintainers of the MariaDB open-source fork of MySQL, have announced a new open source database—a fusion of two of its existing products—that processes both transactional and analytical workloads on the same dataset. “One database, any workload” is how the company is pitching MariaDB Platform X3 . The new offering combines two products formerly marketed separately, MariaDB ...

19 tools to tame Kubernetes deployments

Kubernetes has become a standard way—many would say the standard way — to deploy containerized applications at scale. But if Kubernetes helps us to tame sprawling and complex container deployments, what’s available to help us tame Kubernetes? It too can be complex, messy, and difficult to manage. To read this article in full, please click here (Insider Story)

Mozilla launches CSS Flexbox inspector

Mozilla’s FirefoxDevTools group has built a tool for examining CSS Flexbox layouts, called Flexbox Inspector. The tool helps developers understand the sizing, positioning, and nesting of Flexbox elements CSS Flexbox Layouts, or CSS Flexible Box Layout, is a CSS module defining a CSS box model optimized for user interface design, with the layout in one dimension. It is growing in popularity for ...

What you must know about moving ERP to the cloud

Nearly 70 percent of enterprise organizations are currently migrating data for enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications to the cloud, according to a report from the Cloud Security Alliance. Almost 90 percent of those surveyed said these business-critical ERP apps (SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics) lead to many migration challenges and concerns. The top cloud migration concerns among t...

How to work with Azure’s managed MariaDB

If Microsoft is to succeed in making Azure its future, it needs to bring developers to its cloud platform. That would be easy if we were back in the early days of the PC, when it was still possible to build and lock in an ecosystem. But we live in a world were developers have choice, and where they choose the appropriate tools for the tasks at hand, mixing and matching proprietary and open sour...
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