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Totallee case for Apple iPhone 12: Subtle scratch protection

Apple released the iPhone 12 with new color options and instead of covering it up with a case, you can add some basic protection with an ultra thin Totallee case.

Aftermath: software delivery now laser-focused on supporting 'contactless enterprises'

Digital transformation, DevOps and delivery mechanisms now front and center for software teams. And unexpected effect: bursts in productivity.

Apple iPhone 12 first take: Perfect size, 5G coverage, and lovely design are compelling

I've only had 24 hours with the new Apple iPhone 12, but there are several aspects of it that may finally keep one in my hands for longer than a month.

United and American just got a chilling reality check (from a big flyer)

Airlines have been making quiet mutterings about business travel improving and loud noises about Zoom's inadequacies. Suddenly, a brutal truth from a powerful figure.

Facebook demands NYU Ad Observatory stop collecting data on site’s political ads, says WSJ

Facebook said an effort by NYU to track who is shown what political ads violates Facebook's rules against bulk data collection.

RIAA blitz takes down 18 GitHub projects used for downloading YouTube videos

Main target of the takedown was the youtube-dl project, a Python library that had amassed more than 72k stars on GitHub and was used in many YouTube video ripping tools and services.

Microsoft announces tech training partnership with Brazilian government

The expectation is to train 5,5 million people in areas such as data science, cloud and artificial intelligence until 2023.

US Treasury sanctions Russian research institute behind Triton malware

US imposes sanctions against Russia's Central Scientific Research Institute of Chemistry and Mechanics (CNIIHM).

DARPA awards Xerox's PARC another Oceans of Things contract

PARC's contract calls for up to 10,000 more compact drifters to compile data about oceans and environmental and human impacts.

The best iPad: Which iPad model should you buy?

Apple recently updated some of its iPad models. Follow along as we break Apple's tablet lineup down.

Military takes over Brazil's National Data Protection Authority

Members of the Armed Forces form the majority of the board of the body responsible for enforcing the data protection rules.

AI security: This project aims to spot attacks against critical systems before they happen

Microsoft has unveiled a new open-source "matrix" that hopes to identify all the existing attacks that threaten the security of machine learning applications.
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