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This 'little slice of hell' could be yours for about $600K

This five-bedroom home comes complete with a smelly meat freezer, a crumbling back deck and obscenities spray-painted on the walls.

Couple was told to take down pride flag. They responded with rainbow light display

After their HOA made a rule banning all flags except the American flag, the gay couple found a creative way to still show off their pride this June.

How to remove pet stains from carpets, clothing and furniture

Here's what to do when your cat or dog has an accident, makes a mess or sheds hair everywhere, according to cleaning experts.

TODAY’s 2021 A to Z stain removal guide

From avocado to ziti with red sauce, here’s how to remove every stain from your clothing, furniture and carpets.

Your 2021 spring-cleaning checklist

Give your regular spring-cleaning routine a makeover. Here’s how to quickly and efficiently clean every room in your house — the right way.

How to clean bath toys

Even bath toys can get dirty (and moldy), but these expert tips can help you keep rubber ducks and other tub toys squeaky clean.

How to clean a humidifier

Taking your humidifier apart and cleaning it weekly can help prevent the growth of molds and bacteria that could be harmful to your health.

Have you cleaned your gutters yet this spring?

The gutters should be on your spring-cleaning list. Keeping them clear of debris will not only help protect your house but save you money. Here's how.

How to start saving for a home down payment: 9 tips that'll help

Here are a few simple and proven strategies that will help you take the first step on the path toward homeownership.

How to use a steam cleaner on rugs, upholstery and more

Lifting carpet stains, polishing tile grout, de-griming the kitchen counters — here are the smartest ways to put steam cleaners to work, according to experts.
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