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Education Ministry launches plan to hand out laptops to Israel's students

When assuming his position as Education Minister, Gallant defined the technological gaps among Israel's students as one of the biggest challenges he intends to tackle.

Salt Harvest: Major infrastructure project launched at the Dead Sea

Many hotels and tourist attractions were built on these ponds' shores and utilize their production of salt for the local tourism industry.

Bar-Ilan doctoral student receives Google PhD Fellowship

Yanai Elazar's studies currently focus on common sense understand in human language and how that understanding can transfer over to AI systems.

Followers steal dead Druze Sheik from hospital to hold mass funeral

"The police stood crossing their arms a few meters from the rioters, and although it is their job - did not intervene and even allowed the scandal to occur," a source close to the incident told Walla

PLO official: US Jlm passport decision 'attempts to erase Palestinians'

In his press release, he says "The US administration is using all tools at its disposal to erase Palestine, physically, politically, culturally, and figuratively."

Registration for 'cheating' dating site jumps 250% in coronavirus lockdown

Of these new users, 41% are looking for a chance at "breaking free from their 24/7 cohabitation with their husbands."

Female combat soldiers to cross enemy lines, face Hezbollah in IDF first

Ten female soldiers from the IDF's field intelligence corps will make up a drone operating team within the previously all-male field intelligence battalion stationed on Israel's northern border.

Zivotofsky's 18 year quest for US passport stamped Jerusalem, Israel ends

“I am honored to receive this passport as a representative of the many American citizens who were born in Israel."

The chief justice, employees, employers and coronavirus

A ‘Magazine’ exclusive on Varda Wirth Livne, the woman attempting to hold the workplace world together

Border Police arrest three suspects with Molotov cocktails

A Border Police officer saw the suspects carrying Molotov cocktails. She ordered them to stop and alerted other officers from the base.

Cause of Israel's near nationwide blackout unknown

The Israel Electric Corporation confirmed the cause of the outages "was definitively not a cyberattack."
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