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Hamas goes back on helping poor, will give Qatari funds to its members

Clashes between Hamas ruled Gaza Strip and the West Bank lead to a disagreement over the usage of funds.

Netanyahu administration asks court for Khan al Ahmar extension

The Bedouin West Bank herding village of Khan al-Ahmar will not be evacuated at least until the next elections are over, court rules.

MK Rabbi Rafi Peretz appointed education minister, Smotrich gets transport

MK Betzalel Smotrich, who heads the hardline national-religious National Union party, was made interim Transport Minister.

Netanyahu: World must sanction Iran if it enriches more uranium than allowed

“Israel is standing on the same front with the United States, moderate Arab states, and with other countries in its opposition to Iranian aggression,” Netanyhau said.

Rape of 7-year-old Jewish child shocks the nation, Palestinian suspected

The Military Advocate General said on Monday that there is no indication the act was motivated by nationalistic ideology, yet right-wing politicians claim that it was.

Frej and Raz back Zandberg in Meretz leadership race

Zandberg: We have made partnership, equality a banner, Right has made hatred for the Left and Arabs theirs.

The Nazi guide to finding the proper spouse

These “10 commandments” for building a good relationship were found in a pamphlet distributed to all students graduating from a trade school under the Nazi regime.

Gantz, Liberman condemn the transfer of Qatari funds to the Gaza Strip

The Israeli government conveyed a message to the Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip last week saying that it would be transferring Qatari funds, Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar said on Friday.

Six arrested under suspicion of smuggling Georgian citizens into Israel

The Israel Securities Authority and Israel Police anti-corruption Lahav 433 Unit conducted the investigations and traced members of the network.

Tel Aviv to impose limits on shared scooters, bikes from August

New licensing regulations for operators of shared electric scooter and bicycle companies were published by Tel Aviv Municipality on Monday,

Violent clashes between police and residents of Bedouin village in Negev

"Police came to search, when they found nothing. They began to accuse people of attacking policemen and attacking people, children and women."

Jim Jefferies returning to Israel this year

Jefferies is known for his outlandish and vulgar comedy style, and being an equal-opportunity offender.
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