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Biden is 'fit for duty' after annual physical, works out five days a week, doctor says

This year's physical comes as Biden, a Democrat, and former Republican President Donald Trump, 77, prepare to face off in a likely rematch in the Nov. 5 presidential election.

Prime Minister Netanyahu 'has gone up' in American allies' estimation

Attempts to find “technocratic” leaders in Gaza, unaffiliated with Hamas or other terrorist entities, are doomed to fail.

You may breathe in more nanoparticles from gas stove than from car exhaust - study

Adults and children could be breathing in 10 to 100 times more nanocluster aerosol from cooking on a gas stove indoors than they would from car exhaust.

Iran's Khamenei: Western culture and Gaza 'genocide' killed Aaron Bushnell

Bushnell set himself on fire outside the Israeli Embassy in Washington DC on Sunday in protest against Israel's war against Hamas in Gaza.

IDF continues to operate in southern Gaza Strip, eliminates terrorists and rocket launch pits

IDF soldiers continue to operate throughout the Gaza Strip, finding weapons and destroying tunnel shafts, the IDF Spokesperson's Unit reports.

The chase continues: IDF arrives at 'Room 6,' where Sinwar left evidence and quickly escaped

Military sources said that Sinwar had planned to fight from an underground fortified base called "Room 6" - a place equipped for a long stay, with military personnel and communications lines.

Netanyahu, police wait until last minute for Ramadan Temple Mount decision

Two weeks before Ramadan, and the concern over fermenting unrest due to intentions to limit the ascent of Israeli Arabs to the Temple Mount is preoccupying security authorities.

Ukraine's Zelensky holds talks with Saudi prince to push for peace plan with Russia

Zelensky has presented a 10-point peace formula that seeks the expulsion of all Russian forces from Ukraine and accountability for war crimes, as well as the return of prisoners of war and deportees

IDF, Hamas exchange fire on Lebanon border; IDF to open new PTSD center

In recent days, the IDF and Hezbollah exchanges of fire have intensified and reached deeper into each side’s territory, but this was the first Hamas rocket attack on Israel from Lebanon in weeks.

Comedian Richard Lewis, dark prince of Jewish neurosis, dies at 76

Lewis had been in ill health for a number of years and last April announced that he had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease two years earlier.

When the US supported Zionist territorial claims

One could ask Blinken whether “old” settlements are legal or whether it is only “any expansion” of Jewish communities that would be illegal.

Birthright parents: How I learned to stop worrying and embrace my kid’s wartime trip to Israel

Many Birthright participants say that the elements of their trips connected to Israel’s current situation are what they’ve found most meaningful and uplifting.

Pro-Palestinian activist arrested for kidnapping, assaulting man for working for Jewish employer

A non-Jewish man was reportedly assaulted and kidnapped by a pro-Palestinian activist for working for a Jewish employer.

All eyes are on Russia as a mediator between Hamas and Fatah

Russia’s role as the host and mediator of these talks is particularly noteworthy. Moscow appears to be leveraging its perceived victories in Ukraine to expand its influence in the Middle East.

Online antisemitism has increased and become more violent since October 7

From September to October antisemitism quadrupled with all platforms except for YouTube seeing a massive increase.
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