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Netanyahu: Judges appointed after reform won't deal with corruption trials

Prime minister must be involved as judicial reform goes beyond the scope of the legal arena, Netanyahu's legal team argued.

Saudi Arabia to invite Syria's Assad to Arab leaders summit, sources say

The rapprochement between Riyadh and Tehran is part of a major regional realignment, amid rising tensions between Iran and Israel.

Will Netanyahu torpedo national reconciliation?

MIDDLE ISRAEL: Throughout his career the Prime Minister did not appreciate the consensus as a national aim, and sometimes actively derailed it.

Is Israel’s ‘war between the wars’ entering new stage in Syria? - analysis

The increase in incidents appears to indicate that Israel’s “war between the wars” campaign, which is designed to prevent Iranian entrenchment and threats, may be reaching a new phase.

Russia's Medvedev describes Zelensky, Ukraine with Book of Revelations

Former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev has also compared Ukraine to Nazi Germany and referred to Volodymyr Zelensky as the "head Nazi in Kyiv."

Israel to form a ministerial committee on climate, environment

The formation of the committee comes just days after the PMO announced it had placed the promotion of alternative proteins as a "national goal" for Israel.

Israel's opposition politicians oppose Ben-Gvir's National Guard

MK Eiskenkot said that Israel needs a National Guard but it shouldn't be subordinate to the national security minister.

Archaeologists fine 12 severed hands from ancient Egypt

The hands may be part of a trophy-taking practice in which the people of Hyksos took the right hands of their enemies.

Shin Bet, Israel Police thwart terror attack in Jerusalem

Abedin participated in the activities of the Hamas-affiliated Islamic bloc student group at Birzeit University.

Netanyahu: Israel's inner turmoil won’t harm power to strike its enemies

He spoke just one day after Tehran accused Israel of executing a military strike outside of Damascus in Syria.

Many Russian troop deaths tied to alcohol, gun accidents, hypothermia -UK

Deaths linked to accidental firearm deaths have also been afflicting Kremlin forces invading Ukraine.

Egypt to allow Iranians entry to Sinai

Sinai is a popular vacation spot among Israelis, and hundreds of thousands are expected to go this summer.

Brittney Griner urges Biden to bring home reporter Gershkovich, accused of spying in Russia

Russia has not made public any evidence to support the charges, under which Gershkovich faces up to 20 years in jail.
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