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Ethiopian-Israel activists threaten new protests over ‘empty promises’

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, MK Yevarkan made election promise to bring remainder of Falash Mura community to Israel but there has been little progress since elections.

Sara Netanyahu calls herself a 'battered woman,' receives backlash

"I feel like I've gone through sexual assault," Sara Netanyahu said and added that she's "going through a difficult time."

Defense Establishment thwarts cyberattack targeting Israeli companies

The attempted cyberattack was conducted by an international cyber group called "Lazarus” - an organization that is backed by a foreign country.

Israeli researcher wins grant for first ever COVID-19 cost-effective model

‘We might say we are willing to do anything to stop the pandemic”, Dr. Ronen Arbel told 'The Jerusalem Post,' “but in reality, the public does not act like that.”

Oil giant makes aliyah: Noble or ignoble?

One of the world’s biggest oil companies, Chevron, is acquiring Noble Energy for $5 billion. How will that affect Israel's natural gas finds?

Timora: Providing an alternative to high-risk religious teens

The Timora organization was founded 20 years ago to respond to the needs of teenagers from the national-religious sector who dropped out of yeshiva high schools.

Ashmoret reaches out to Arab teachers in Israel

Arab-sector teachers are instrumental in working, hand in hand with the law enforcement officers, to curb rising violence.

Ethiopian Community Center is embroidering dreams

Few programs have taken into account the social and culture reality of the adult men among Ethiopian immigrants. A new program tries to change that.

Knesset rejects bill that would stop Netanyahu from running

During the debate on the bill, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Opposition Leader Yair Lapid faced off against each other.

Municipality-run pool sign: There's a 'non-Jewish male lifeguard' on duty

The sign replaced one that read "today there is a (gentile) male lifeguard, not a female lifeguard."

NGO sets up crowdfunding campaign to support victims of Beirut blast

The campaign has two goals, according to IFA CEO Gal Lusky: The first being solidarity with the people of Lebanon and the second is to gather the means to provide aid to the victims.

Budget delay bill passes hurdle

The bill is being advanced because Likud and Blue and White disagree on whether to pass one two-year budget or two one-year budgets.

Israel to examine Russia's COVID-19 vaccine, minister says

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday his was the first country to grant regulatory approval to a COVID-19 vaccine, after less than two months of human testing.
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