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SARS-CoV-2 Nový koronavirus způsobující onemocnění COVID-19

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Pompeo and Libby: China's COVID coverup and it's terrible costs demand accountability. US must step up

12:17 » FOXNews
China's COVID cover-up continues as do the mounting costs to Americans this past week surpassing 700,000 deaths.

Year after Nigeria's deadly protests, police still accused

10:21 » ABCNews.com
Joshua Samuel painfully recalls the day, one year ago, that Nigerian soldiers opened fire in Lagos while he and thousands of others were protesting police brutality

What Happens When the COVID-19 Vaccines Enter the Body – A Road Map for Kids and Grown-UPS

Vaccines are made to resemble invaders The post What Happens When the COVID-19 Vaccines Enter the Body – A Road Map for Kids and Grown-UPS appeared first on The Good Men Project .

Improper Z-RNA recognition contributes to pathogenesis of Aicardi-Goutières syndrome

Like DNA, RNA molecules contain information through unique combinations of four different nucleotides. However, through a molecular process called RNA editing, chemical changes can be made to adenosine nucleotides that convert them to a nucleotide...

Innovative method greatly simplifies the complexity of delivering vaccines

Future vaccine delivery may rely on everyday items like BBQ lighters and microneedles, thanks to the ingenuity of a team of Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University researchers.

People's eyes widen in response to interest and engagement, finds study

As busy people, we juggle many tasks, keep many balls in the air, and try to avoid letting anything drop. In class, instructors toss out ideas; sometimes they go over our heads, but other times we grasp them quickly.

New system aims to maximize protection, minimize costs while planning epidemic interventions

A team of researchers has created a software system designed to model epidemics, with the aim of maximizing public-health protections while minimizing economic and social costs.

Skeletal muscle in individuals with type 2 diabetes has a different circadian rhythm, research shows

Almost all cells regulate their biological processes over a 24-hour period, otherwise called a cell's circadian rhythm. To do so, cells use a biological clock that cycles different genes on and off throughout the day and night. Scientists already ...

Drug company pipelines are filling up with new molecules to help people lose weight

Drugs that promise to help people lose weight have had a checkered past, such as the infamous fen-phen that was pulled from the market in 1997 after reports of heart valve damage. But now, drug company pipelines are filling up with new molecules t...

Researchers challenge long-held assumption about ML trade-offs in public policy decisions

Carnegie Mellon University researchers are challenging a long-held assumption that there is a trade-off between accuracy and fairness when using machine learning to make public policy decisions.
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Miloš Zeman - Prezident ČR
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