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Column: An 800% markup for blood work? It's time to standardize medical test prices

A cancer patient paid about $200 for blood tests at a doctor's office and nearly $2,000 for the same tests at a Los Angeles hospital. This is nuts.

Shake-up at Triller. TikTok rival replaces CEO and buys AI firm

Triller's parent company on Wednesday appointed a new CEO, Mahi de Silva, after acquiring his company, Amplify.ai for an undisclosed price.

Column: Why spend billions for Ancestry's DNA data if you don't plan to use it?

Investment firm Blackstone acquired the genealogical site Ancestry for $4.7 billion. It says it has no plans to mine people's DNA data for profit.

Column: Facebook and Health Net hacks drive home the need for a national privacy law

Data breaches involving Facebook and Health Net highlight Americans' vulnerability to hackers — and our lack of a national privacy law.

This is what happens when ICE asks Google for your user information

If you want to stop Google from providing your personal information to authorities who have issued an administrative subpoena, you need to act fast.

California's net neutrality law just cost AT&T wireless customers a free streaming perk. That's a good thing

AT&T's sponsored data service might have looked like a benefit for customers, but it carried an unacceptable price to competition and innovation.

Column: AT&T's new arbitration clause isn't doing you any favors

AT&T says its revised arbitration clause will help customers. Don't be fooled. All such provisions favor companies, not consumers, experts say.

$69 million for digital art? The NFT craze, explained

The technology behind Thursday's $69-million digital painting sale may be a bubble, or it may be the wave of the future in art and media. Maybe both.

Clearview AI uses your online photos to instantly ID you. That's a problem, lawsuit says

By scraping the web for photos and extracting unique biometric information, Clearview AI violates privacy and chills protected political speech, a lawsuit says.

This L.A. start-up is building tiny injectable robots to attack tumors

Chemotherapy and radiation can cause too much collateral damage to treat some brain tumors. Crumb-sized robots could be the solution.

How the creator of 'Final Fantasy' challenges himself: A game made with 150 dioramas

Game designer Hironobu Sakaguchi is thinking big, but the look is small for 'Fantasian,' coming later this year exclusively to Apple Arcade game service.

Column: Privacy or planet — the tough choice of doing away with paper receipts

Switching to digital-only receipts for transactions would be good for the environment. But it would be another nail in the coffin of your privacy.

How the debate over holding internet platforms accountable is changing under Biden

Section 230 has been a 'brick wall' for anyone seeking to sue internet companies over user-generated content, but bills and legal strategies under consideration could represent an opportunity to change that.

Why are people spending hours on Clubhouse? It's not (usually) the money

Influencers of all stripes are racing to build up their followings on Clubhouse, spending hours a day on the audio app. Why are people doing this?
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