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A broken supply chain isn't a problem for the logistics industry. It's a moneymaking opportunity

The logjam at the ports and larger supply chain disruptions have led to record-setting profits for big companies in the logistics business.

Is your Christmas present spying on you? How to assess gifts' privacy risks

As more products come with sensors, microphones and internet connections, the privacy risks grow. Look for these red flags in gifts you buy this holiday season.

Commentary: Activision Blizzard will be forever stained if current leadership stays in place

Activision Blizzard's board seems to be giving CEO Bobby Kotick a pass despite reports that he allowed a toxic workplace culture to fester for years.

Column: At long last, Apple will let you repair your iPhone, but it didn't go far enough

After years of refusing its customers' demands, Apple says you can now repair your own iPhones — but there are limits

Want to glimpse our metaverse future? Theme parks are already on the case

At Disneyland and Universal Studios Japan, AR and video game tech projects show the metaverse won't be limited to VR goggles. How physical and digital worlds may merge.

Podcast: Social media's Latino misinformation problem

Meta, Google and other online giants know that disinformation plagues Latinos — so what will they do about it?

Goodbye, Staples Center. Hello, Crypto.com Arena

The Staples Center will become known as Crypto.com Arena as part of a new 20-year deal between the Singapore cryptocurrency exchange and AEG, owner of the home arena of the Los Angeles Lakers, Clippers, Kings and Sparks.

Column: She was billed $809 for a boot for her broken foot. Amazon charges $80

A UCLA-affiliated clinic charged more than $800 for a boot to treat a broken foot. The same exact boot can be found on Amazon for about $80.

Facebook struggled with disinformation targeted at Latinos, leaked documents show

Facebook has long emphasized the strength of its efforts to contain misinformation targeted at Latinos and Spanish speakers. A whistleblower's leaks show employees raising alarms about the problem.

California orders Amazon to pay $500,000 for concealing COVID cases among workers

Atty. Gen. Rob Bonta ordered Amazon to pay $500,000 and to better comply with state laws regulating the reporting of COVID-19 cases.

Strike at Kaiser Permanente averted two days before deadline

Kaiser Permanente workers won their top priority — scrapping a two-tier pay system — in the settlement reached Saturday, averting a strike.

Column: Your ISP says it cares about your privacy. Not so much, actually, says FTC

The FTC says leading internet service providers don't live up to claims they care about users' privacy, often saying one thing and doing another.

Tech workers are no longer afraid to go public. Here's how they found their voices

Silicon Valley long had a keep-it-in-the-family ethos. But recent episodes at Facebook and Netflix suggest employees seeking change from the inside face daunting obstacles — unless they're willing to go public.

Why captions are everywhere on TikTok: 'Glasses for your ears'

The written word is making a comeback in an unlikely place: TikTok. The reasons for that include accessibility concerns and changes in the way Americans consume media.

Fed up with TikTok, Black creators are moving on

Many Black TikTok creators say the platform exploits their content while suppressing their voices. For some, the only solution is to pick up and move to other platforms.
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