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Tech companies are making speech 'someone else's problem.' Here's how

Neither tech company CEOs nor politicians want to make the tough calls on internet speech. Now they may have an alternative

Inviting new people to make stories. How this VP is pushing Netflix to diversify

Netflix executive Vernā Myers shares how the streamer improved Black representation at the company and the efforts it is making to improve diversity on its shows and staff.

Column: Pandemic, not privacy, tops list of 2021 consumer trends. Let's change that

Market researcher Euromonitor predicts COVID will define 2021 consumer experiences. But their own report reveals a need for privacy safeguards.

Social media platforms are cracking down to prevent Inauguration Day violence

Ahead of Inauguration Day, tech platforms display a new willingness to take action against accounts spreading misinformation or advocating violence.

Facebook banned Trump. Leaders who say worse often go unpunished

Activists see a double standard in social media companies' response to the Capitol attack and their tolerance for violent rhetoric abroad.

The future of Section 230 and internet speech after Trump

President Trump made reforming Section 230, the law that lets internet companies censor content, into a signature cause. Will the tumultuous end of his presidency, including his own deplatforming, advance or undo that effort?

Prop. 22 faces first legal challenge as SEIU, ride-share drivers plan to file suit

Labor union SEIU and a handful of ride-share drivers plan to file a lawsuit challenging Prop. 22, which allows Uber, Lyft and other companies to treat workers as contractors.

Trump without Twitter: Will he move to the 'Trumpnet'?

Many of President Trump's most extreme followers are migrating to alternative social platforms. With Trump now permanently banned from Twitter, he may follow them.

Many couldn't afford a car in 2020. The rich went on a buying spree

New auto sales data shows a sharp divide between a surging market for luxury trucks and SUVs and soft sales for vehicles under $30,000.

The attack on the Capitol may pose a cybersecurity risk. Here's how

At least one laptop was missing from a congressional office after a pro-Trump mob stormed the Capitol on Wednesday, and other electronics may also have created vulnerabilities.

Facebook shuts down Trump's account through the end of his term

After the mob attack on the U.S. Capitol, Facebook suspends Trump's account through Jan. 20. 'The risks ... are simply too great,' says CEO Zuckerberg.

Twitter, Facebook lock down Trump after social media-fueled riot in D.C.

A number of prominent figures in the technology industry took to social media Wednesday to criticize the platforms' role as enablers of a tumultuous attempt to seize the U.S. Capitol.

Review: Online dating changes a Himalayan monk's life in the riveting 'Sing Me a Song'

The documentary "Sing Me a Song" follows a young Buddhist monk in Bhutan as he experiences romantic love and modern technology. Directed by Thomas Balmès.

Grubhub drivers say app change eats into tips, jeopardizing a usually generous season

Grubhub, alongside other gig worker platforms, has introduced changes to help pay for driver benefits required by Prop 22. Drivers say one of those policy shifts discourages tipping on the app and is sapping their earnings.
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