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Facebook touts free speech. In Vietnam, it's aiding in censorship

To protect its business in an important market, Facebook increasingly removes content that Vietnam's authoritarian government doesn't like.

Do we need a COVID-19 video game? How about 51 games? I think we might

51 video games. Made in two weeks. All of them about life in 2020. Trust me, it's better when it's a game.

What Prop. 22's defeat would mean for Uber and Lyft — and drivers

Gig companies have poured a historic amount of money into defeating a law to make workers employees. What happens if their effort fails?

With Prop. 24, California is trying to rewrite the rules of online privacy. Again.

The ballot measure is intended to strengthen California's landmark data privacy law — so why are privacy groups against it?

Ya-hoo! 'Mario Kart Live's' augmented reality tops 'Pokémon Go' and makes home a playground

Nothing has yet matched the augmented reality hit "Pokémon Go." But watch out, Pikachu! "Mario Kart Live" brings AR home. The wonders are in your living room.

The first lab-grown meat for sale could come from this Singapore startup that's re-creating shrimp

Shiok Meats is among a bevy of companies hoping to win the "edible space race" by making cell-cultured beef, chicken and even bluefin tuna and foie gras.

Are the best 'Star Wars' stories now in video games? 'Star Wars: Squadrons' makes the case

Some of the best "Star Wars" narratives are in video games. "Squadrons" is no exception. And in VR it almost replicates a theme park experience.

Tech companies step up to bring free Wi-Fi to L.A. public housing residents

A new partnership between the mayor's office, Microsoft, and the wireless internet service provider Starry is bringing fast internet to Jordan Downs, Nickerson Gardens, and other major public housing complexes in L.A. for the school year

Column: D&D nerds (like me) are donning virtual armor and venturing online amid pandemic

Online services such as Fantasy Grounds and Roll20 provide virtual tabletops for D&D gamers to meet online and stage adventures.

Amazon warehouses in Hawthorne and Eastvale are fined for coronavirus safety violations

California's workplace safety watchdog cited Amazon for failing to train workers in COVID-19 precautions at its Hawthorne delivery center and Eastvale warehouse, where nearly 100 workers have gotten sick

Uber, Lyft push Prop. 22 message where you can't escape it: your phone

Building support for a ballot measure that would create a new category of gig work, Uber and Lyft are resorting to a new form of advertising. Even if it passes legal muster, it threatens to turn off some customers.

Facebook institutes sweeping ban on QAnon. Will it work?

In its most sweeping content policy decision to date, Facebook has banished the QAnon conspiracy theory outright, saying its spread is associated with "real-world harm."

Trump's coronavirus test sparks online misinformation spree

After Trump's COVID-19 news, QAnon adherents were baselessly claiming it was all part of a conspiracy plan, forcing online platforms to react.

Making 'Fall Guys,' 2020's surprise hit game: How one of its zaniest levels was designed

Lost rabbits and a missing nighttime rave: An insider's look at how a "Fall Guys" course is made from start to finish with level designer Megan Ralph.

Column: When the phone company and the robocall scammer are one and the same

The FTC has settled with a phone company affiliated with a telemarketer that pitched "bogus credit card interest rate relief."
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