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Why are some Native Americans fighting efforts to decriminalize peyote?

Some Native Americans are deeply offended by a movement to decriminalize peyote along with other psychedelic plants.

Ports and dockworkers seek delay on ship pollution cuts, citing coronavirus

Already hit by a coronavirus slowdown, California port workers are asking to delay new rules intended to reduce air pollution from cargo ships.

Whales are dying, but numbers are unknown. Coronavirus has stalled scientific fieldwork

Stay-at-home requirements have upended the field work of researchers, including that of scientists and volunteers who track migrating gray whales.

Garden Calendar: What you can still do during this coronavirus crisis

Garden Calendar: Virtual edition! Yes, there is still plenty to see during this time of coronavirus.

Citing coronavirus, EPA suspends enforcement of environmental laws

Citing coronavirus safety concerns, the EPA has temporarily suspended enforcement of environmental laws.

'This is my Vitamin C — community': The meaning of public spaces amid social distancing

Even as people are told to stay home, many in Southern California seek out public spaces — beaches, hiking trails, sidewalks, parks — for relief.

Review: Ellen Page's documentary examines 'environmental racism' in her home province

In "There's Something in the Water," the Oscar-nominated actress interviews women of color on the front lines of environmental activism in their communities.

California approves climate change target that critics say is far too weak

The slower pace to reduce emissions comes as construction of solar and wind farms could be slowed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here's what a coronavirus-like response to the climate crisis would look like

We asked eight experts if the global mobilization to slow the pandemic might pave the way for climate action.

L.A. County just strengthened its 'safer at home' coronavirus health order. Here's what it says

The new county order largely matches the stronger stay-at-home order issued for the City of Los Angeles Thursday night, just moments before the statewide order was announced.

Does air pollution make you more susceptible to coronavirus? California won't like the answer

Does Southern California air pollution increase the risk of getting coronavirus? Probably, experts say.

Environmental groups urge Americans to eat more fish while hunkering down against virus

Environmental groups are urging the nation to eat more seafood during the COVID-19 pandemic to help support American fishing operations
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