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Next time you talk to your grandparents, hit record

How recording her estranged grandmother helped one writer build a deeper relationship with her family history.

An homage to the chocolate chip in 12 recipes

National Chocolate Chip Day is on May 15 — a great time to use chocolate chips beyond the tollhouse cookie.

A lighter, spicier spin on the summertime potato salad

Inspired by zhoug, a dressing of green chiles and spices flavors new potatoes, cucumbers and snap peas in this refreshing green potato salad.

Crunchy and Spicy Green Potato Salad

Loads of green chiles add heat to this fresh spring potato salad lightened with cucumbers and sugar snap peas.

Chef Lupe Liang and his trilingual menu embodied the spirit of Chinatown

Food writer Eddie Lin pays tribute to a chef who embraced the multiethnic mixture of L.A. after immigrating to Baja.

At two local IHOPs, Ramadan halal specials were so popular they're staying on the menu

Guests drove hours to get halal-certified food in Tujunga and Fullerton this Ramadan. Dave's Hot Chicken also carries halal products.

What to eat now: Yes, bathe the cheese in Champagne

Jenn Harris' favorite dishes of the week, including Champagne cheese, potato tacos, dim sum, dumplings and fried chicken.

Ukrainian refugees get a new start in a Paris bistro

Three Ukrainians have found refuge, and a way to share the recipes of their homeland, in a fancy Paris restaurant.

Beyond charcuterie boards, a new cookbook honors the art of meals made from snacks

Lukas Volger goes beyond crudités and dip to show you how to prep an arsenal of delicious snacks to keep on hand for last-minute meals.

He wanted Cantonese cuisine to be for all: Hop Woo owner Yening 'Lupe' Liang dies at 61

The Hop Woo BBQ & Seafood co-founder is survived by his wife and two daughters, and his Chinatown restaurant.
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