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Mexico pipeline fire kills at least 20 as people use buckets to collect the spilling gasoline

A huge fire exploded at a pipeline leaking fuel in central Mexico on Friday, killing at least 20 people and badly burning 60 others as locals collected the spilling gasoline in buckets, officials said. The leak was caused by fuel thieves illegally tapping the pipeline in a small town in the state...

After 21 die in a bombing, Colombians wonder if civil war has returned

Colombians had hoped that decades of civil conflict were behind them, but a massive explosion that left 21 people dead is renewing fears of a return to terrorist violence. The government on Friday announced that it had arrested a suspect affiliated with one of the country’s last remaining leftist...

First airlines, now Apple: China wants 66 more multinationals to state self-ruled Taiwan is part of its country

Chinese authorities are pressuring 66 multinational companies, including American icons Apple and Nike, to refer to self-ruled Taiwan as part of China, a demand expected to drive a new wedge between two governments that already struggle to get along. The change in wording would send a message to...

It’s election season in Israel and, yes, it’s already chaotic

Israel’s intense electoral season, which will culminate in a vote April 9 , started in earnest on Thursday, when the man most polls show to be Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s top rival finally spoke. After weeks of silence, Benny Gantz, 59, a former army chief of staff who announced months ago...

Singapore’s 'kiasu' culture makes FOMO look like child’s play

Long before Americans discovered FOMO — the fear of missing out —Singaporeans were fixated with its more excessive forebear, kiasu. Taken from the Chinese dialect Hokkien, kiasu translates to a fear of losing out, but encompasses any sort of competitive, stingy or selfish behavior commonly witnessed...

'El Chapo' Guzman's mistress tells of drug lord's naked tunnel escape

The former mistress of Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman testified about his naked run through a secret tunnel that started under his bathtub, having to trim the pant legs of the famously short drug kingpin, and her work for the Sinaloa cartel. The former Mexican lawmaker also spoke in court of her confused...

Latest migrant caravan begins arriving in southern Mexico

Hundreds of U.S.-bound migrants in the latest caravan of Central Americans have arrived in southern Mexico, where authorities were processing them in an orderly fashion for temporary immigration status. The migrants began reaching the Guatemalan-Mexican border late Wednesday, and by midday Thursday,...

Colombia police academy car bombing kills at least 8

In what Colombian President Ivan Duque termed a terrorist attack, an explosion at a police academy in the capital city of Bogota left at least eight people dead and 54 wounded Thursday. The explosion at the Francisco de Paula Santander Police Academy was caused by a car bomb that detonated near...

Colombia’s lesser known rebel group still delivers violence and wreaks havoc

The Colombian rebel group known as the National Liberation Army delivered an unwelcome new year message, exploding two bombs on the Caño Limon-to-Coveñas oil pipeline in the eastern province of Arauca. The Jan. 9 attacks disrupted delivery of crude to the Andean country’s major export harbor and...

Islamic State claims Syria bombing that killed 2 U.S. troops, 2 workers for Defense Department

An apparent suicide bombing in the northern Syrian city of Manbij on Wednesday killed two U.S. service members, a Defense Department contractor and a civilian Defense worker, according to the Pentagon. The attack, which Islamic State said had been carried out by one of its followers, also killed...

Theresa May faces no-confidence vote after huge Brexit defeat

British Prime Minister Theresa May faced a no-confidence vote Wednesday, a day after Parliament rejected her Brexit deal by a historic margin, unleashing a power struggle over control of Britain's planned exit from the European Union. May was battling to save her job after staking her political...

New migrant caravan leaves from Honduras

More than 1,000 Hondurans participating in the latest migrant caravan began heading by foot and in vehicles Tuesday toward neighboring Guatemala with the hope of eventually reaching the far-off U.S.-Mexico border. “You’ve got to take a risk once in your life,” said Maricela Nuñez, 27, who was among...

Former Mexican president took $100 milllion 'El Chapo' bribe, witness says

Former Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto accepted a $100-million bribe from drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman in 2012, according to testimony from a onetime Colombian drug trafficker. Alex Cifuentes, who testified this week that he’d spent nearly two years with Guzman at his various mountain...

Some potential scenarios for Britain and the European Union after Brexit plan's crushing defeat

It’s been a long 2 ½ years since Britons narrowly voted to leave the European Union – and to many, it feels like a short 2½ months before that momentous decision is to take effect, on March 29. Here are some scenarios going forward after Tuesday’s crushing parliamentary defeat for Prime Minister...

Brazil's new president loosens gun ownership laws

President Jair Bolsonaro signed an executive order Tuesday making it easier for Brazilians to own guns, swiftly fulfilling a campaign promise that he insists will help combat violent crime and reduce the number of homicides nationwide, which approached the 64,000 mark in 2017. “What I can say,...
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