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Trump expected to nominate Washington attorney as U.S. ambassador to Mexico

President Trump is expected to nominate a Washington attorney, Christopher Landau, to be the next United States ambassador to Mexico, the White House said in a statement Tuesday. Trump’s planned appointment comes at a time of tense relations between the U.S. and Mexico and nearly a year after the...

To confront a wild boar invasion, Hong Kong turns to birth control

Out of the darkness appeared a snout. “Fei zhu! Fat pig!” 8-year-old Shino Chen shouted to her younger brother as she jumped up and down and pointed at a wild boar. The hairy black pig, which must have weighed at least 150 pounds, grunted and snuffled through a flimsy, old fence along the sidewalk....

Australia’s #EggBoy may face charges, but he’s won global adulation for egging a senator

On Friday, he was just another Australian high school student. By the end of the weekend, 17-year-old Will Connolly was the international sensation #EggBoy, the prankster who launched a thousand (give or take) memes. Saturday was an eventful day for Connolly, who smashed an egg on the head of Australian...

The youngest known victim in New Zealand mosque massacre: 3 years old

He spent just three years on this Earth; but in some ways, a friend said, he seemed like an old soul. Before he became the youngest known victim of Christchurch's mass shooting, 3-year-old Mucad Ibrahim had possessed intelligence beyond his years, and an affinity for his elders. On Friday, when...

‘Not a white supremacist,’ aide says of Trump, who defends Fox News host accused of anti-Muslim bias

Two days after the New Zealand mosque massacre in which 50 people were slaughtered by a white nationalist targeting Muslims, President Trump’s acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney said the president is “not a white supremacist” – even as Trump took to Twitter on Sunday to praise a Fox News host...

Investing in resource-rich North Korea seems like a good idea — but businesses find there’s a catch

When an industrial park jointly run by the two Koreas was abruptly shuttered by South Korea’s government three years ago, the South Korean factory owners were so caught off guard that one of them left behind his wedding ring. Another was unable to retrieve a photo of his late mother. A third business...

White supremacism in Australia, long a virulent strain, is amplified by the Internet

Australia, the home of the suspected New Zealand mosque mass murderer, has long fostered a strain of race-based, anti-immigrant extremism. Settled as a white British outpost in Asia, originally as a convict prison, its government adopted what became known as the White Australia Policy to restrict...

Tots, teens, breadwinners and seniors among the victims of Christchurch massacre

The attack on two New Zealand mosques took the lives of 50 worshipers Friday and left dozens more wounded when a white supremacist opened fire and livestreamed the shootings. Here are the stories of some of those killed and wounded. THE DEAD SYED AREEB AHMED Ahmed had recently moved from his house...

The Christchurch manifesto praised China's values. That's sparking debate in China

In the manifesto that has been identified with the suspect in the mass shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand, the writer says he identifies most closely with China’s political and social values. That has caught people’s attention in China, sparking discussion of whether China’s ethnic policies...

In the chaos of the New Zealand mosque attacks, one hero’s action saved lives

Moments after dozens of people were shot dead at the Al Noor Mosque in New Zealand’s third-largest city, prayers were underway at another mosque to the east, just three miles away. Inside the Linwood Mosque, 30-year-old Faisal Sayed heard a banging sound. He and another worshiper broke prayer and...

‘Yellow vest’ protesters target symbols of luxury along Paris’ Champs-Elysees avenue

Large plumes of smoke rose above Paris’ landmark Champs-Elysees avenue as French yellow vest protesters set fires, smashed up luxury stores and clashed with police Saturday in a 18th straight weekend of demonstrations against President Emmanuel Macron. Police tried to contain the demonstrators...

Suspected New Zealand mosque shooter was a hate-filled, Internet-savvy white nationalist

Described as a 28-year-old white nationalist from Australia, the terrorist who went on a shooting rampage at two Christchurch, New Zealand, mosques on Friday left behind a vitriolic 74-page manifesto, a litany of internet evidence and a horrific string of 49 bodies to mark his twisted crime, authorities...

New Zealand attacks follow a trend in violence against houses of worship

As he prepared to give his sermon Friday, Omar Atia went over the parallels between his mosque in southwestern Indiana and the two in Christchurch, New Zealand, where dozens of Muslims died in a terrorist attack during communal prayers. “We’re a suburban minority community with kids of immigrants...

Pompeo dismisses North Korean threat to end nuclear talks

Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo sought to downplay a North Korean warning Friday that Kim Jong Un was considering breaking off nuclear talks with the Trump administration and resuming the country’s nuclear and missile tests. Pompeo said that during last month’s nuclear summit in Hanoi, Kim...

Terrorist attacks on two New Zealand mosques kill at least 49

At least 49 people were shot to death at two mosques during midday prayers Friday — most if not all of them gunned down by an immigrant-hating white supremacist who broadcast live video of the slaughter on Facebook. One man was arrested and charged with murder, and two other armed suspects were...
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