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Get the Apple Watch Series 3 for £152 with this unmissable deal

The limited-time offer on the renewed Apple Watch Series 3 is set to end on 30 November, so be quick.

M1 MacBook beaten by MacBook Pro with eGPU

New M1 Macs offer a fast graphics card, but they cannot keep up with a powerful external graphics card

MacKeeper 'gets Apple security clearance'

Notoriously hard-to-uninstall security program gets permission from Apple to place itself deep in your system

Mac mini M1 has problems with Bluetooth

The Mac mini has broken away from the Intel legacy, but not entirely. The familiar Bluetooth problems also plague the new model

Get 20% Off Parallels Desktop 16, the best virtual machine for Mac

The best virtual machine software, Parallels Desktop 16, now has 20% off for Black Friday – and up to 60% off for students

iFixit takes apart the iPhone 12 Pro Max

iFixIt details what's different, what's the same and just how easy to repair the new iPhone is (or rather isn't)

HomePod mini owners complain of Wi-Fi problems

Apple's new smart speaker seems to be suffering from growing pains, as HomePod mini owners report their devices disconnect from the internet for no apparent reason

New iPhone 13 release date, price & specs rumours

iPhone 13 rumours are already building. We look ahead at the design changes, tech specs and new features to expect in late 2021

Just gift cards from Apple again this Black Friday

Apple joins in with the Black Friday deals bonanza, but you'll find better offers on Apple products elsewhere

Apple announces Black Friday sale 2020

Apple just confirmed its Black Friday 2020 shopping event plans. Here's what we know about Apple's four-day Black Friday sale.

M1 MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac mini models disassembled

From the outside the M1 Macs look the same as before, but inside there are some surprising differences - and parallels with iPad

Best iPhone SE (2020) deals: Black Friday offers

With the Black Friday bargains coming thick and fast, we've tracked down the lowest prices and cheapest tariffs for an iPhone SE (2020), whether you want to buy on contract or SIM-free
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