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iPhone 12 production '1-2 months behind schedule'

Pessimistic report points to significant delays in this autumn's iPhone launch - which could be pushed back to 2021

macOS 11 Big Sur will install updates faster

No more waiting for hours while your Mac installs system updates! Big Sur will speed up operating system updates

Tim Cook agrees to be questioned by US politicians

Inquiry into suspected competition violations summons executives from Apple, Alphabet, Amazon and Facebook

Bad news for games developers as Apple Arcade changes strategy

In a reported change of strategy, Apple halted the development of several games in April to focus on others

New iMac 2020 release date and redesign news

The new iMac could soon be here with better processors and other improvements, but will there be a new design and a bigger screen?

Mac ransomware Evilquest could encrypt your Mac

Evilquest ransomeware spreading on the Mac via pirated copies of Little Snitch demanding $50 (but it doesn't work very well)

Big Sur brings us closer to a Mac/iPad hybrid... or does it?

macOS's unexpected design changes prompt new questions, such as when will Apple launch its first touchscreen Mac?

Apple Back To School Sale returns to US: Free AirPods or $159 credit

Apple US offering students free AirPods with Mac or iPad purchases from the Education Store. We're keeping tabs on when the sale will launch in the UK.

New iPhone 12 release date, price & specs rumours

We dissect the latest rumours about the new (but potentially delayed) iPhone 12 for autumn 2020, and guide you through the design changes, new features and tech specs you can expect when it's finally released
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