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Netflix's teaser for anime series 'Eden' shows a future where robots rule the world

Netflix is going all in on its anime content. Following the recent announcement of five new anime projects during the livestreamed Netflix Anime Festival 2020 event, the streaming giant has dropped a new teaser for one of the projects it already has in development: Eden , an original series directed by Yasuhiro Irie, set thousands of years in the future on a robot-ruled earth. The teaser shows ...

Unseen 'Borat' clip shows Sacha Baron Cohen fleeing gun rally

Playing Borat can be a dangerous business. During an interview with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show on Monday, Sacha Baron Cohen relived the moment when he was recognised in a costume within a costume during a gun rally in Washington state — and had to make a hasty getaway as the crowd stormed the stage. Baron Cohen was playing Borat in disguise as a country singer, Country Steve, at the event...

What Prime Day tells us about Black Friday

We already knew Black Friday was going to be weird this year thanks to COVID-19, but now that Prime Day has come and gone, we have some actual insight into what Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be like. In years past, Prime Day has taken place in mid-summer, months before Black Friday, so it wasn’t truly an indication of what the late fall shopping holidays would hold. But because it happened...

Avoid public restrooms with a portable toilet on sale

TL;DR: Take a portable bathroom on the go with the Alpcour Portable Toilet , on sale for $180 as of Oct. 27. Love the idea of camping, hiking, or fishing, but cringe at the thought of not being able to use the bathroom? You're not alone in your worry. You can grab your very own portable toilet to take with you on these adventures, so you'll never be stranded without a place to go. The Alpcour P...

Learn a new language with this well-reviewed app on sale

TL;DR: Get a lifetime subscription to Memrise Language Learning for $99.99, a 28% savings as of Oct. 26. You already learned to make bread, became an at-home bartender and barista, and created your own world with Animal Crossing . Now, it's time to do something to enhance your brain — like learn a new language. And you're in luck, because a lifetime subscription to the Memrise Language Learning...

Save $30 on a 360-degree home security camera

TL;DR: Keep your home safe and secure with the Crorzar Indoor 360 Security Camera , on sale for $69.99 as of Oct. 27. Missed Prime Day deals on security cameras? No worries. The Crorzar Indoor 360 Security Camera features smart tracking and 360-degree coverage, enabling you to get a complete view of your indoor space. Its 1080p HD resolution and 3.6mm professional lens deliver clear videos and ...

This Python course bundle includes 38 hours of content

TL;DR: Step into the world of AI with the Ultimate Python & Artificial Intelligence Certification bundle for $39.99, a 97% savings as of Oct. 27. If you're curious about Python and want to learn more — including about artificial intelligence in Python — consider this Ultimate Python and Artificial Intelligence Certification Bundle . This 38-hour training is the first step to understanding AI an...

This stacked cybersecurity bundle includes 22 online courses for under 50

TL;DR: The Complete InfoSec & Business Continuity Bundle is on sale for £45.22 as of Oct. 27, saving you 99% on list price. The internet is a scary place. Now that people spend more time online than ever, the world wide web has become even more dangerous. Cybercrime is alarmingly rampant, costing companies billions and compromising the privacy of millions of individuals. It is not surprising th...

Not even prison can keep John McAfee from shilling shady crypto

John McAfee is in a Spanish prison awaiting possible extradition to the U.S. on charges of tax evasion , but that hasn't stopped the one-time cybersecurity expert from pumping some sketchy altcoin . McAfee, known for his love of bath salts and allegedly being secretly paid to promote questionable cryptocurrencies to his unsuspecting acolytes, has long sung the praises of dubious investments. In...

The new LELO Soraya Wave is better than the original, but is it worth $250?

Soraya Wave $249 View Product The Good WaveMotion technology that mimics fingers for acute g-spot stimulation • Eight settings for different clit/g-spot stimulation combos • Sleek look The Bad The manual doesn't detail exactly what the settings are • High price point The Bottom Line The Soraya Wave is perfect for sex toy users who love simultaneous clit and g-spot stimulation — but its price ma...

Best gifts for people into self-care (so literally everyone)

Self-care looks different for everybody, which means it can be a little difficult to know how to shop for a self-care gift. As with any type of present, keep your recipient's specific priorities in mind as you search. If they're into art, you might get them an art kit or coloring book . Or maybe they're more focused on their home's atmosphere and would prefer an air purifier , essential oil dif...

Comedian's hilarious Trump impression compares 'Sex and the City' with 'Gilmore Girls'

Donald Trump's 60 Minutes interview drummed up major buzz last week when the president walked out of the interview early. Despite Trump subsequently posting "leaked" footage on his Facebook page , CBS wasn't deterred from airing the combative conversation between Trump and journalist Lesley Stahl. Comedian James Austin Johnson lampooned the footage, spending three minutes comparing characters o...

Prank friends and family with this 'bloody' bathroom decor - Future Blink

Bloody Bath Mat designed a curtain and mat that make blood stains when wet. Once dry, the "blood" stains disappear, so it's the perfect, easy prank for scaring your friends and family. Read more... More about Mashable Video , Prank , Spooky , Bathroom Tech , and Shower Curtain

SpaceX's Starlink will provide free satellite internet to families in Texas school district

To help close the digital divide , SpaceX will offer satellite internet to the education sector. The company’s Starlink satellite internet service is partnering with a school district in Texas to supply free broadband to dozens of families living in the surrounding rural area, starting in early 2021. It's the first time SpaceX has worked with a school district to harness Starlink, according to ...

Minecraft and Rock the Vote team up to show young users what it's like to vote

A new collaboration between Rock the Vote , a nonprofit focused on empowering young voters, and the popular video game Minecraft introduces young Americans to the voting process in a virtual bid to engage first-time and future voters. Announced eight days ahead of the presidential election, Build the Vote has created an online world featuring “voting houses” and a virtual election for intereste...
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