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Sackler family gets opioid immunity with $6B payout

California AG Rob Bonta: "The victims of this crisis deserve justice and they should have the option to take Purdue to court for it.”

Indigenous groups protest Brazil bill that limits land recognition

Protestors could be seen burning tires, firing arrows and throwing objects at the riot and military police, who arrived at the scene soon after the start of the protest, using water cannons and tear gas to disperse the small crowd.

Facing backlash, McCarthy hunts for GOP votes for debt limit deal in time to prevent US default

Under fire from conservatives, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is hunting votes from fellow Republicans for the debt ceiling deal. The Republican speaker urged GOP skeptics Tuesday to look at “the victories” in the package he negotiated with President Joe Biden.

Four-bedroom home sells for $1.6 million in Oakland

The property located in the 5100 block of Parkridge Drive in Oakland was sold on April 28, 2023 for $1,600,000, or $802 per square foot. The house, built in 1968, has an interior space of 1,996 square feet.

CDC: Sick workers tied to 40% of restaurant food poisonings

About 48 million people a year in the U.S. are sickened by foodborne illness, including 128,000 who are hospitalized and 3,000 who die, according to the CDC.

Santa Clara County DA found “no evidence” former Cupertino mayor violated the law

An independent investigation previously found former Mayor Darcy Paul had tried to dictate hiring and firing decisions.

Explainer: Why do Serbia-Kosovo tensions persist?

Kosovo's independence has been recognized by about 100 countries, including the United States. Russia, China and five EU countries, most of them with separatist regions of their own, have sided with Serbia. The deadlock has kept tensions simmering and prevented full stabilization of the Balkan region after the bloody wars in the 1990s.

Iowa apartment collapse leaves residents missing, rubble too dangerous to search

An Iowa mayor says five Davenport residents are missing including two people who could still be in the wreckage of a partly collapsed apartment building. Davenport Mayor Mike Matson and the police chief confirmed the numbers at a news conference on Tuesday. Critics have accused the city of moving too quickly toward demolishing the building after it partially collapsed Sunday afternoon. Before the…
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