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Abandoned 25-foot long boat washes up on Southern California coast

Beachgoers walking by stopped to watch and snapped photos as investigators combed the boat; no one was found aboard.

DC statehood measure clears House, Senate fight awaits

D.C. has long chafed under its relationship with Congress, which has the power to essentially veto or alter any local laws. Its population is larger than that of Wyoming or Vermont and its estimated 712,000 residents pay federal taxes, vote for president and serve in the armed forces, but they have no voting representation in Congress.

Real estate: Investors grab big Berkeley building, eye life science hub

Oxford Properties Group and City Center Realty Partners have teamed up to buy Foundry31, a former factory located at 3100 San Pablo Ave. in Berkeley.

Tesla Model Y drives without anyone in driver’s seat, Consumer Reports says

"The system not only failed to make sure the driver was paying attention, but it also couldn't tell if there was a driver there at all."

Cyberattack targets VTA, unclear if personal information breached

Buses and light rail are still running, but many of the agency's computer systems have been shutdown.

Fake COVID vaccine cards targeted by California attorney general

"Allowing users of your platform to market and sell fake vaccine cards is a threat to residents of our states," says the letter.

‘He was guilty.’ Alternate juror agrees with Derek Chauvin conviction

An alternate juror at the trial of Derek Chauvin said she agreed with the jury's decision to convict him in George Floyd's death, saying she saw Chauvin as the leader of officers at the scene and that he brushed off warnings by bystanders that Floyd was in danger.
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