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Looking into Linux user logins with lslogins

One convenient way to list details about user logins on a Linux system is to use the lslogins command. You'll get a very useful and nicely formatted display that includes quite a few important details. On my system and likely most others, user accounts will start with UID 1000. To list just these accounts rather than include all of the service accounts like daemon, mail and syslog, add the -u option as shown in the example below. $ sudo lslogins -u UID USER PROC PWD-LOCK PWD-DENY LAST-LOGIN G...

Cisco coughs up another $1.9B to buy Acacia

After some saber-rattling , Cisco has sweetened the pot to acquire optical technology firm Acacia. The amended agreement calls for Cisco to pay $4.5 billion instead of the originally agreed upon $2.6 billion deal. The companies said the amended acquisition should close by the end of the first calendar quarter of 2021, but it is still subject to closing conditions, including Acacia stockholder approval. Upon completion of the acquisition, Acacia CEO Raj Shanmugaraj and company employees will j...

Cisco adds to its Nexus data-center-management software

Cisco has added support for traditional network environments to the company’s recently available data center -management console. Introduced in October, Cisco’s Nexus Dashboard melds a number of Cisco’s on-premises, cloud and hybrid fabric-management tools into a single interface to administer application lifecycles from provisioning to maintenance and optimization. The idea is that the dashboard provides a central platform for data center-operation applications to simplify the operation and ...

After Intel CEO Swan’s cleanup job, Gelsinger will move the company forward

Pat Gelsinger’s return to Intel after a 12-year absence has been greeted positively, with the stock jumping 8% on the news Wednesday, analysts lauding it, and apparently even Intel staff approving, indicating he remained popular there despite leaving the firm in 2009. Replacing outgoing CEO Bob Swan with VMware CEO Gelsinger, isn’t a sign of failure on the part of Swan, who took over in early 2018. Intel is expected to meet or exceed Q1 revenue and income projections when it reports earnings ...

VMware loses CEO Gelsinger to Intel

Intel said it will bring on current VMware leader Pat Gelsinger as its new chief executive officer, effective Feb. 15, 2021. The 40-year technology industry vet replaces Intel’s Bob Swan, who will remain CEO until that date. For VMware, the company said it was initiating a global executive search process to name a permanent chief and that Zane Rowe, current VMware CFO will become interim CEO. “Pat led the company in expanding our core virtualization footprint and broadening our capabilities t...

BrandPost: Adapting your Security Strategy to a Highly Distributed Workforce Long-term

In times like these, it's tempting for IT teams and company leadership to get caught up in the latest developments or next month's trends, especially when it comes to how and where work is done. But organizations that develop a long-term strategy for all scenarios—extended work-from-home, return to the office or hybrid models of any flavor—will come out stronger than ever after the pandemic. Any provider worth your investment should be able to ensure adaptability no matter your circumstances ...

BrandPost: Top 8 SD-WAN Predictions for 2021

As we embark upon 2021, we have an opportunity to put the challenges of the past year behind us and embrace a new normal that includes providing enterprises and their employees with the ability to connect to business applications from anywhere in a safe and secure manner. With Silver Peak now part of Aruba, our ability to help our enterprises to successfully transform their WAN and security architectures and advance digital transformation has never been greater. With so many exciting advancem...

Automating responses to scripts on Linux using expect and autoexpect

The Linux expect command takes script writing to an entirely new level. Instead of automating processes, it automates running and responding to other scripts. In other words, you can write a script that asks how you are and then create an expect script that both runs it and tells it that you're ok. Here's the bash script: #!/bin/bash echo "How are you doing?" read ans Here's the expect script that provides the response to the query: #!/usr/bin/expect set timeout -1 spawn ./ask # ask is name o...

You’re not imagining things, there is a serious chip shortage

If you’ve noticed components are hard to get these days, you are not alone. The supply of computing components can get a little tight around the end of the year but this year is especially bad, much of it due to Covid-19-related issues. Intel spent much of 2020 struggling with CPU shortages. In the latter half of the year it was hit with chipset shortages, with the B460 and H410 chipsets reportedly out of stock through the end of last year, and availability of the Z590 chipset is also constra...

IT specialist Atos makes bid for DXC

IT outsourcing giant Atos has put in a bid to acquire DXC Technology, which would give the French IT giant a big foot in the door to the U.S. market. The rumor first ran last week on Reuters, which put the purchase price at $10.1 billion. Atos issued a rather short statement confirming the talks, but did not confirm the rumored price. It said there was no certainty of an outcome and further announcements would be made “when appropriate.” For its part, DXC said it had indeed received an offer ...

How to prep for becoming an IoT leader

As the Internet of Things (IoT) explodes in enterprise settings, there's an opportunity for IT pros to step into new leadership roles. Often, IoT deployments are key to transformational initiatives, so having the skills to head up a significant IoT project can have a beneficial effect on career advancement. Companies are grappling with how to properly manage and secure their IoT deployments. They need people who can evaluate a wide range of IoT connectivity options, balance the requirements o...

What IT leadership looks like in 2021

As IT leaders meet the challenges of the COVID era, only one thing is assured – more change is coming sooner than you think.

Cisco fights to keep alive its planned $2.6B purchase of optical-tech vendor Acacia

Cisco’s planned acquisition of Acacia Communications took a litigious turn this week as the networking giant has gone to court to keep the optical technologies vendor from terminating the purchase. Cisco filed for a temporary restraining order in Delaware Chancery Court Jan. 8 to prevent Acacia from terminating its acquisition agreement with the company. The move followed an Acacia statement issued earlier on Jan. 8 that stated the company “has elected to terminate its merger agreement with C...

Spotlight on home-office connectivity intensifies in 2021

Now that it's clear remote work is here to stay, what are the technology priorities for IT departments charged with keeping the enterprise workforce productive and secure? In a December report, research firm Gartner said it expects 48% of employees will work from home, even after the pandemic, compared with 30% pre-pandemic. Forrester, too, expects the remote worker population to remain elevated. "While there is no clear end point to the pandemic yet, the number of employees working remotely ...

Disaster recovery lessons from an island struck by a hurricane

(A hurricane devastated an island that held two data centers controlling mission-critical systems for an American biotech company. They flew a backup expert with four decades of experience to the island on a corporate jet to save the day. This is the story of the challenges he faced and how he overcame them. He spoke on the condition of anonymity, so we call him Ron, the island Atlantis, his employer Initech, and we don’t name the vendors and service providers involved.) Initech had two data ...
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