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How to inventory server storage with PowerShell

Making inventories of computer storage, particularly on severs, is complex due to the number of factors involved. There might be multiple physical media devices each of which contains multiple logical volumes. Volumes could span multiple disks with hardware or software-based RAID configurations. Each volume could be configured with its own drive letter, and folders throughout the file system could be shared on the network. Those inventories are important because gathering data on physical sto...

About that 'alarming' chip shortage — don't count on new fab plants to help quickly

A US Commerce Department report says the computer chip shortage is even worse than thought; at one point in 2021 there was just a five-day supply worldwide, and there's no sign the situation will improve anytime soon.

Hashing out the hash command on Linux

When you type “hash” on a Linux system, you could get one of two very different responses depending on the shell you are using. If you are using bash or a related shell such as ksh , you should see a list of the commands that you have used since your terminal session began, sometimes with a count of how many times each command was used. This can be more useful than using the history command if you just want to see your very recent command activity, but the hash command is not a single executa...

Meta plans the world’s fastest supercomputer for AI

Facebook’s parent company Meta said it is building the world's largest AI supercomputer to power machine-learning and natural language processing for building its metaverse project. The new machine, called the Research Super Computer (RSC), will contain 16,000 Nvidia A100 GPUs and 4,000 AMD Epyc Rome 7742 processors. It has 2,000 Nvidia DGX-A100 nodes, with eight GPU chips and two Epyc microprocessors per node. Meta expects to complete construction this year. RSC is already partially built, w...

Cisco weds collaboration and SD-WAN

Looking to offer branch offices and hybrid workers secure access to corporate collaboration, Cisco is melding its Webex software with a key component of its SD-WAN package. Webex collaboration software is being added to the applications supported by Cloud OnRamp--a key part of Cisco’s enterprise SD-WAN offering that links branch-offices or individual remote users to cloud applications. It includes application-aware firewalls, URL-filtering, intrusion detection/prevention, DNS -layer security,...

5G deployment near US airports slowed for now

5G deployments are proceeding around the country, albeit more slowly, after a partial agreement between the FCC and the FAA about the potential danger of 5G transmissions generated too strong and too close to airports on bandwidths adjacent to the spectrum used by airplane altimeters. President Biden announced that Verizon and AT&T had agreed to slow deployments of 5G around major airports after consultation with the Department of Transportation, in order to assuage concerns over air travel s...

Dell expands Apex cloud and on-prem storage options

Dell Technologies is charging ahead with its Apex consumption-based sales portfolio with a total of seven new launches, while also expanding its public cloud integration for a broader multi-cloud experience for its customers. Dell sees the writing on the wall and that the future is hybrid and multicloud. Today, 92% of organizations have a multi-cloud strategy in place or underway, and 82% of large enterprises have adopted a hybrid cloud infrastructure. And a new Forrester study commissioned b...

6G exploratory group to be led by wireless heavyweights

The FCC has named 44 people to a technological advisory council tasked with exploring the possibilities of 6G wireless connectivity, a large proportion of the council’s members being drawn from the ranks of the country’s biggest networking-technology corporations. The chair of the committee will be a former Qualcomm executive, Dean Brenner. Intel, Cisco, Comcast, Microsoft, Nokia, Ericsson, and all of the major mobile operators are also represented on the commission’s Technological Advisory C...

BrandPost: FedRAMP Helps Secure Federal and Other Networks as They Transition to Cloud

By: Dolan Sullivan, Vice President of Federal at Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company. Recently, it seems like you can’t go more than a few days without hearing about another significant cyberattack. From oil pipelines and meat producers to hospitals and city water supplies, no segment of our nation’s critical infrastructure is immune to hackers. As bad actors become more daring in their targets and more creative with their exploits, securing people, places, and things—wherever they ar...

BrandPost: Zero Trust Should Apply Everywhere

An old saying in sales is that "a confused mind does nothing." That truism certainly applies in the case of the zero-trust security model. Although a lot of people talk about zero trust, a far smaller percentage are actually doing anything about it. Because of the growing number of attacks, a philosophical shift from trusting everything on the network to not trusting anything (zero trust) makes sense. Zero-trust access ( ZTA ) operates on the assumption that threats both outside and inside th...

New Cisco switch brings more networking features to the edge

Cisco is expanding its Catalyst family of switches for enterprises that need to blend industrial and operational technology (OT) systems The the ruggedized Catalyst Industrial Ethernet 9300 1RU rack-mountable switch is based on the same programmable Unified Access Data Plane (UADP) ASIC found in other Catalyst 9000 and features 28 Gigabit Ethernet ports. Up to eight of the units can be stacked together and managed as one system. The 9300 runs the same IOS XE operating system as other Catalyst...

Edge computing in 2022: Double-digit growth

Worldwide spending on edge computing is expected to reach $176 billion in 2022, an increase of 14.8% over last year, according to new figures from analyst IDC. Edge computing started out rather modest in its use cases but has quickly expanded across industries and scope. Five years ago an edge network was a few mid-range servers in a ruggedized container. Now Nvidia and Lenovo are deploying GPU-based AI systems. “If we have learned anything over the last two years, the ability to quickly adap...

Cisco chases quantum tech

When it comes to hardcore quantum computing players Cisco might not be the first company you think of, but that could change a lot in 2022 and beyond. For starters, the company is investing in photonics development, which will enable quantum communications as well as other hardware and software technologies for quantum computing, networking, and cryptography. Developing quantum technologies was also one of the top predictions on the 2022 predictions list of Cisco’s executive vice president, g...

Backing up a database depends on how it’s delivered

How you back up your database depends three factors: how the database is delivered to you, the backup logistics of the database, and the recovery time objective (RTO) and the recovery point objective (RPO) you are attempting to meet. This article covers how the database is delivered. There are three ways databases can be delivered: as software on a server you own; as platform-as-a-service (PaaS); and as a serverless service. Let’s take a look at them. Traditional database software Until a few...

Intel sharpens focus on immersion cooling

Intel is collaborating with Green Revolution Cooling ( GRC ), a startup specializing in immersion cooling for server hardware, in an effort that seeks to take immersion cooling mainstream. The two companies announced a multi-year partnership that involves working with data center customers to develop and implement advanced immersion cooling techniques for future data centers. The two will look to test the safety and reliability of the technology for immersion-cooled racks running Intel Xeon S...
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