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Cisco directs high priority patches for IP phone security exposures

Cisco this week advised customers using its 7800 and 8800 series IP phones they should patch a variety of high-priority vulnerabilities that could lead to denial of service and other security problems. The company issued five security advisories, four for the 8800 and one for both the 8800 and 7800 series of IP phones. The 8800 is a high-end business desktop device that features high-definition...

Nvidia launches new hardware and software for on-prem and cloud providers

Nvidia used its GPU Technology Conference in San Jose to introduce new blade servers for on-premises use and announce new cloud AI acceleration. The RTX Blade Server packs up to 40 Turing-generation GPUs into an 8U enclosure, and multiple enclosures can be combined into a "pod" with up to 1,280 GPUs working as a single system and using Mellanox technology as the storage and networking interconn...

Quantum computing will break your encryption in a few years

Modern public-key encryption is currently good enough to meet enterprise requirements, according to experts. Most cyberattacks target different parts of the security stack these days – unwary users in particular. Yet this stalwart building block of present-day computing is about to be eroded by the advent of quantum computing within the next decade, according to experts. “About 99% of online en...

Data center fiber to jump to 800 gigabits in 2019

The upper limits on fiber capacity haven't been reached just yet. Two announcements made around an optical-fiber conference and trade show in San Diego recently indicate continued progress in squeezing more data into fiber. In the first announcement, researchers say they’ve obtained 26.2 terabits per second over the roughly 4,000 mile-long trans-Atlantic MAREA cable, in an experiment; and in th...

Startups introduce new liquid cooling designs

With the increase in compute density making air cooling less and less feasible, liquid cooling is going mainstream. For data centers. Overclockers have been doing it for years. For the most part, liquid cooling involves piping in cooled water to a heat sink attached to the CPU. The water then cools the heat sink, and is pumped away to be circulated and cooled down. But there are some cases wher...

Printing from the Linux command line

Printing from the Linux command line is easy. You use the lp command to request a print, and lpq to see what print jobs are in the queue, but things get a little more complicated when you want to print double-sided or use portrait mode. And there are lots of other things you might want to do — such as printing multiple copies of a document or canceling a print job. Let's check out some options ...

Network issues are causing more data-center outages

Power failures are a common cause of data-center outages, but they’re not the only culprit. As enterprise computing environments grow more complex, IT system and network failures are bringing down data centers in greater numbers. To read this article in full, please click here (Insider Story)

Cisco spreads AI across WebEx meetings

Cisco WebEx has rolled out a package of AI-based features that brings together recently acquired technologies it says will make business meetings more efficient and intuitive. The WebEx conferencing tool enhancements, which include faster meeting startup, a better way to know the people attending a meeting and facial-recognition improvements will help customers more effectively collaborate from...

IDG Contributor Network: Software-defined perimeter: Identity-centric enforced network perimeter

With the introduction of cloud, BYOD, IoT and virtual offices scattered around the globe, the traditional architectures not only hold us back in terms of productivity but also create security flaws that leave gaps for compromise. The network and security architectures that are commonly deployed today are not fit for today's digital world. They were designed for another time, a time of the past....

BrandPost: Deploying highly secure, easy to deploy and cost-effective Micro Data Centers

Industry trends such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and content distribution networks (CDNs) are driving the need for edge computing. That’s because these solutions often require low latency, high bandwidth, greater reliability, and strong security. It’s a tall order meant for Micro Data Centers (MDCs) to fulfill. An MDC is a self-contained data center architecture that offers complete IT infr...

DoE plans world's fastest supercomputer

The U.S. Department of Energy says it is working on a supercomputer that will break the target of exaFLOP computation – a quintillion (10 18 ) floating-point computations per second – in order to handle high-performance computing and artificial intelligence. Being built in conjunction with Intel and Cray Computing, the Aurora supercomputer will cost more than half a billion dollars and be turne...

3 companies developing wearable tech for the enterprise

Earlier this month, I wrote that “even as smartwatch shipments continue to grow, significant industrial and business use cases for these internet-connected devices have yet to appear .” And then a few days later, as if on cue, International Data Corporation ( IDC ) put out a press release about the latest edition of the Worldwide Quarterly Wearable Device Tracker . The release quoted Ramon T. L...

BrandPost: SD-WAN Without WAN Optimization is Like Peanut Butter Without Jelly

SD-WAN vs. WAN Optimization Optimization of applications and data traffic has been an integral part of the WAN since its inception. WAN optimization accelerates application traffic by overcoming latency and reducing the amount of data traversing the WAN by applying techniques like protocol acceleration, deduplication, compression, reduced latency and caching to dramatically increase the amount ...

Exec: How SDN, SD-WAN, security fit in VMware's strategy

It has been just 10 months since Tom Gillis became VMware 's senior vice president and general manager of its networking and security business, and in that time he has overseen some major changes in the company’s core products. Most recent is a milestone release of the company’s NSX-T Data Center software, making it VMware’s primary networking platform for organizations looking to support multi...

How did Facebook go down despite multiple data centers?

The Mercury retrograde kicked in big time on Wednesday as Facebook suffered an eight hour-outage that also affected Instagram and Facebook Messenger. No one was believed to be harmed; a few might have even had offline interactions with other human beings. Facebook said it wasn’t an attack, like a Denial of Service attack, and has since issued a statement attributing it to a configuration error....
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