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Expert consensus and guidance for integrating discussions of racism in pediatric care

Extensive research shows the link between exposure to racism during childhood and adolescence and increased risks of depression and metabolic health issues, such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Super Bowl parade shooting survivors await promised donations while bills pile up

Abigail Arellano keeps her son Samuel's medical bills in a blue folder in a cabinet above the microwave. Even now, four months after the 11-year-old was shot at the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl parade, the bills keep coming.

How micro- and nanoplastics may worsen non-communicable diseases

Researchers review and assess the potential exacerbation of non-communicable diseases by micro- and nanoplastics.

Semaglutide weight loss results linked to diabetes severity

Researchers investigate the weight loss outcomes of semaglutide treatment in obese patients with type 2 diabetes.

SuperAnimal: A deep learning model for automated animal behavior analysis

Behavioral analysis can provide a lot of information about the health status or motivations of a living being.

Using deep learning to design synthetic soluble versions of cell membrane proteins

Many drug and antibody discovery pathways focus on intricately folded cell membrane proteins: when molecules of a drug candidate bind to these proteins, like a key going into a lock, they trigger chemical cascades that alter cellular behavior.

Human fleas found to be a culprit in plague outbreaks

The plague might be most commonly associated with the devastating European pandemic of the 1300s known as the "Black Death".

Study links gut health and brain function in resilient individuals

A new UCLA Health study has found that resilient people exhibit neural activity in the brain regions associated with improved cognition and regulating of emotions, and were more mindful and better at describing their feelings.
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