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Aranet launches new medical grade thermometer for hospitals battling COVID-19

Wireless IoT sensor manufacturer Aranet releases a new medical-grade human body temperature sensor especially for healthcare professionals battling COVID-19.

IBM employees produce protective face visors for hospitals

IBM staff with 3D printers are volunteering to turn their devices and skills to help alleviate the shortage of protective face visors for hospitals. Within just the first few days of a rallying call for help, a shipment of 20 visors was created and sent to a grateful University Hospital Southampton.

To ‘keep the lights on,’ doctors and hospitals ask for advance Medicare payments

Darrin Menard, a family physician in Lafayette, Louisiana, has spent the past month easing patients' anxieties about the coronavirus that has killed 10 people in his parish so far.

Seven sustainable steps to resist temptation during Easter and lockdown

Easter is the ideal excuse to indulge your sweet tooth - combined with staying at home it could also be the perfect recipe to overindulge.

A Colorado ski community planned to test everyone for COVID-19. Here’s what happened.

In late March, residents of the Colorado town of Telluride and surrounding San Miguel County stood in line, along marked spots spaced 6 feet apart, to have their blood drawn by medical technicians wearing Tyvek suits, face shields and gloves for a new COVID-19 test.

Effect of the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown on long-term health

Dr. Caitlin Notley speaks to News-Medical about her research into the effect of the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown on long-term health.

Low-cost anti-coronavirus face shield made using clear plastic file

When dealing with coronavirus disease, it is essential for healthcare personnel to wear appropriate personal protective equipment.

Mayo Clinic highlights the impact of false-negative COVID-19 test results

As COVID-19 testing becomes more widely available, it's vital that health care providers and public health officials understand its limits and the impact false results can have on efforts to curb the pandemic.

New guidance on treating COVID-19 patients with heart attack signs

Much remains unknown about COVID-19, but many studies already have indicated that people with cardiovascular disease are at greater risk of COVID-19.
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